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'American Idol' shocker: Pia Toscano eliminated

MB1_3215 The "American Idol" voters have spoken, shockingly eliminating the incredibly talented (and widely perceived front-runner) Pia Toscano to turn the top 9 into the top 8, and I think it's probably the saddest night of "Idol" I've ever seen.

At the end of the show, after Pia sang -- just because, it seemed, Ryan Seacrest, who looked a little shook-up by the results himself, wanted to hear one more song -- Ryan begged us to stay with the show for the rest of the season.

"We need you," he said, noting that the night proved that we really had to vote for our favorites to keep them in.

But I'm with Jennifer Lopez, who said, after Pia's name was announced, to resounding boos from the crowd (and Randy Jackson shaking his head and mouthing "No, no"), "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't even know what to say."

Even Randy, who rarely displays anything other than "in it to win it" enthusiasm and "dawg"-gone mild disappointment, confessed that the vote had left him "shocked" and "gutted." Though he was never really mad on the show, he said, "This makes me mad. What is going on?"

Steven Tyler contended that the vote showed an "unforgivable" lack of passion on the voters' part. "They're wrong. I don't know what happened with this," he said.

The credits rolled to shots of wet eyes and the sound of someone –- Pia, one assumes, but really, it could have been anyone -- sobbing.

Someone remind me that it's just a TV show ...

Pia not only had the most beautiful voice in this competition, but also showed one of the most admirable work ethics, and looked and sounded like a million bucks every time she walked out on that stage.

What do I know, but I really thought she had a chance to win it all.

And how brutal is it that, like Casey Abrams before her, she stood with the far-less-talented Stefano Langone in the bottom 2 and watched him be sent to safety as she was sent away.

Oh, cursed "Idol" gods! Is there no way to change the rules retroactively in order to give the judges just one more save and keep Pia around?

Must we really watch Scotty McCreery mug and point and Jacob Lusk preen and shimmy, Paul McDonald sing thinly and Stefano shmaltzily, and not have Pia around to set the stage on fire –- hitting those notes gorgeously full-on and holding them forever -- for the rest of the season?

Cruel, cruel "Idol" voters. I shake my fist at you and take comfort in the knowledge that, what the heck, Pia will have a long, successful career anyway, right? She'll get a record contract and make her way in the music world. Won't she? I mean ... won't she?

What do you think? Please, cheer me up by telling me that you, too, are very sad to see Pia go.

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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Pia Toscano performs on "American Idol" Wednesday. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox

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To Whom it Concerns:
I was shocked on how unprofessional the judges acted.
Yes, Pia has an beautiful voice, and she is obviously a beautiful woman. But honestly everyone I know was COMPLETELY BORED WHEN SHE PERFORMED. We fast forward her only after a few minutes of listening to her
I am one of the American votes, I am truly offended by comments that I voted wrong. I would never vote for her to stay.
That;s my opinion and by the obvious votes, that voted her off, many others.
Thanks CJ

UNBELIEVABLE that Pia was eliminated from the American Idol competition on Thursday night. Not only was she the best and most talented singer on the show, but it was apparent from the very beginning that she was going to make it all the way, to at least the top 5. I agree that the public has to vote in order for our favorite person to stay in contention, however, i am not the only one to say this: "Even though it is no longer in the judges hands to keep a person on the show, it does matter to the public what the judges DO SAY". I am APPALLED that in the last 3-4 shows, with the exception of Steven Tyler, that Randy and Jennifer said they would like to see "MORE" from the talented Pia. REALLY.... How could you possibly need to see anything "MORE" from the most talented one on the show??? Randy: and I quote: "Ballad, Ballad, Ballad". Scotty McCreery and Jacob Lusk have been singing the same songs with the same themes EVERY WEEK and you didnt hear a word coming out of anyone's mouth about that. Now, to get to the most important statistic of the night: If you only have ONE save for the whole season, why wouldnt you use it for the person MOST likely to be an American Idol?????? After saving Casey most everyone seemed to be happy with the decision. How about now???? I personally have been upset with the American Idol shows in the past, despite how many times I voted. Since we are making "NEW RULES" this year, how about SAVING PIA??? That would be worth it and might just save your show for the rest of the season. As for me, i will not watch this show for the rest of the season and probably not ever again.

I was so disappointed Pia was voted out -- I thought for sure she would be in the top 2 or 3. I totally agree with you -- it will be so, so hard to watch the rest of the season without seeing Pia!! I know it is only a show, but it is very sad. I thought she was so beautiful and talented -- goes to show that I think America doesn't know real talent when they see it.

Pia had the looks and the voice but she lacked an emotional connection with viewers....She was too self-contained....That is why she was eliminated...I would have been really shocked if Jacob Lusk was the one eliminated since he radiates great warmth and an emotional connection to the audience....

I am absolutely in shock and so disappointed in America its not even funny! I dont even want to watch the rest of Amercian Idol....you took away the winner and therefore the show is over! Unless you give the judges another save or make a miracle happen and tell us that the count was wrong...you lost a viewer out of me! Im not saying that the rest aren't good but there are definately others that should have went before Pia! So do something fast to get Pia back or the ratings may just drop! I cried and cried tonight and it shouldn't have to be like that!

I know many people are surprised that Pia is gone. No one has better vocal abilities that Pia......an incredible singer for sure. However, there is great talent this season and there is more than just being a great singer. Personality for one and the ability to perform and deliver a song. Pia was great to listen to, to look at but she lacked the ability to connect with the audience. In a way, she was forgettable and sadly at that. I felt so bad for her leaving as I could see that winning was her great dream. I am confident though that now that she has proven that she can sing, someone out there will give her a well deserved contract to record. I know we will be hearing more of Pia........good luck to her.

I am actually glad that they saved Casey when they did. I liked Pia, but the truth is, she is very one-dimensional. At least Casey has multiple 'acts' and it is always surprising to see what he would come up with next. I wasn't happy with tonight's results, but I would rather watch Casey perform than listen to Pia sing. I am not saying that Casey is my face, tho, either. Stefano should have gone home, no doubt. He was to busy making eyes at Jennifer, and she at him! She's been pulling strings somewhere.

Its really not right kicking Pia off. Something is not right.Would someone do something to get her out? Pia
was the best singer up there and everyone loves her so
what happen? Something doesn't add up does it??
Its sad. Come on peoples we are talking about someone
that can really sing. It makes me not to want to watch
this any more because there is something wrong somewhere.

Pia was the best this year,she had the whole package ....i can not believe she got booted off,that was all wrong she should have been in the top 2....i hope she goes on to make records and concerts i would buy her stuff...........

I admit, I cried. I was never a huge fan of Toscano's, however, I never denied that the girl had talent. I personally never felt a connection with her while she performed. That being said, I expected her to sail through to the top 3, at least. When she ended up in the bottom three tonight, I figured it was for ratings. When she was announced as the person leaving, my jaw dropped open and I immediately teared up. There is no way she deserved to go home before Stefano McKibbon. I also fear that Casey will suffer the backlash from the judges early decision to use the save. How could anyone know that Pia Toscano would be in the exact same situation only two weeks later?

It is sometimes obvious that the judges have their own pet. Judges sometimes even give pieces of advice and suggestions for the benefit of only one or two contestants. Now they tasted their own pill. It only means that what the judges say is not always the truth or the correct one.

The American Idol System is broke. The 12 year old with no concept of talent can vote over and over again on line. I'm mid 40's, a vocalist and just to check into it, I voted twice last week... no problem. You have artists that are judges, go back to the old system and let the judges vote. Until you change the system, the crazy vote tonight will continue and you will lose me and other viewers.

I haven't watched it yet here on the West Coast but always read online before it airs here. I'm SHOCKED she went home! I think this goes to show that they (the judges) wasted their save card on that Casey Abrams. He may sing well but he doesn't appeal to a large crowd- if he wins he'll be another Rubin or Taylor Hicks. Or like last seasons winner, whatever his name was. I think it's time to boycott Idol and just wait till Simon returns in the fall.

This show must somehow have the judges carry more weight in the voting process. This is a singing competition not a popularity contest. I was shocked that the clear front runner and one of the best voices I have ever heard in these ten seasons is gone. Just shows you how much damage can be done when pre teens hold the shift key down when voting.

Worst elimination show in Idol history. I thought Pia would have taken the whole thing. And what's up with Iggy Pop looking like the dude from Silence of the Lambs, really creepy. I wish they could have eliminated tonight's show altogether,or at the very least just eliminated Iggy Pop.

im am in total disbelief!! never again will i watch american idol. pia outshined them all. maybe some jealousy played into this. but she will still go on and be one of the biggest stars ever.

pia should"nt been the one >>stefona should have been the one thank you

I too am greatly dissapointed and having not been an idol fan in the past i feel that i will now return to that place. I think that the talent this year was what made me watch the complete series up to now but alas I'm not a texting voter and feel adrift in this for I really wish I had found some other method of supporting my favorite. I will miss Pia terribly. She was and is a true pleasure to enjoy. Maybe they can have an american "none text" idol (something that allows a greater portion of the public to be involved i.e. older and busier) and then we can see if Pia would be so greviously dismissed.

i cant believe it pia.i really thought she could win.am the sadest person on earth now.she was extremely talented.i wish she could be saved from this painful elimination.but i know she will make it.i love pia.

While it could have been Stefano or Jacob that left, Pia was really quite boring as far as presence. I can't see how anyone could have a steady diet of listening to Celine Dion or Pia and still think that they are in tune with current American music.

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