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'American Idol' shocker: Pia Toscano eliminated

MB1_3215 The "American Idol" voters have spoken, shockingly eliminating the incredibly talented (and widely perceived front-runner) Pia Toscano to turn the top 9 into the top 8, and I think it's probably the saddest night of "Idol" I've ever seen.

At the end of the show, after Pia sang -- just because, it seemed, Ryan Seacrest, who looked a little shook-up by the results himself, wanted to hear one more song -- Ryan begged us to stay with the show for the rest of the season.

"We need you," he said, noting that the night proved that we really had to vote for our favorites to keep them in.

But I'm with Jennifer Lopez, who said, after Pia's name was announced, to resounding boos from the crowd (and Randy Jackson shaking his head and mouthing "No, no"), "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't even know what to say."

Even Randy, who rarely displays anything other than "in it to win it" enthusiasm and "dawg"-gone mild disappointment, confessed that the vote had left him "shocked" and "gutted." Though he was never really mad on the show, he said, "This makes me mad. What is going on?"

Steven Tyler contended that the vote showed an "unforgivable" lack of passion on the voters' part. "They're wrong. I don't know what happened with this," he said.

The credits rolled to shots of wet eyes and the sound of someone –- Pia, one assumes, but really, it could have been anyone -- sobbing.

Someone remind me that it's just a TV show ...

Pia not only had the most beautiful voice in this competition, but also showed one of the most admirable work ethics, and looked and sounded like a million bucks every time she walked out on that stage.

What do I know, but I really thought she had a chance to win it all.

And how brutal is it that, like Casey Abrams before her, she stood with the far-less-talented Stefano Langone in the bottom 2 and watched him be sent to safety as she was sent away.

Oh, cursed "Idol" gods! Is there no way to change the rules retroactively in order to give the judges just one more save and keep Pia around?

Must we really watch Scotty McCreery mug and point and Jacob Lusk preen and shimmy, Paul McDonald sing thinly and Stefano shmaltzily, and not have Pia around to set the stage on fire –- hitting those notes gorgeously full-on and holding them forever -- for the rest of the season?

Cruel, cruel "Idol" voters. I shake my fist at you and take comfort in the knowledge that, what the heck, Pia will have a long, successful career anyway, right? She'll get a record contract and make her way in the music world. Won't she? I mean ... won't she?

What do you think? Please, cheer me up by telling me that you, too, are very sad to see Pia go.

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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Pia Toscano performs on "American Idol" Wednesday. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox

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TOTALLY SICK at Pia getting booted tonight. I may never watch Idol again :0( SUCH an injustice!!!

American Idol, you have got to change the voting system!!!! I could not believe my eyes or ears when I heard that Pia was being sent home! Here she was standing on the side of Stefano who was in danger of leaving several times, and she leaves!!! I personally like Stefano's voice, but he doesn't sing nearly as well as Pia. He performs worse than she does. I am bummed that I won't hear her perform again! Please put an album out as soon as possible, Pia! Your voice is awesome! Don't feel bad. You have a lot of talent. Something is wrong with the voting system!!!

sorry pia i did't vote . you are the best singer idel ever had. they used the save to early what ware they thinking . i hope they can change the rules .

I am so shocked to see the best singer of all 8 to be sent home. I probably won't watch the rest of the season. I am heartbroken!

Pia your awesome!!!!

First time I'm going to mark my calender "to NOT watch/do something...I can't watch idol anymore!!! What a disgrace!!!!!

Very disappointed to see her go. I am not going to watch Idol now. It is over for me.


just lost afan wont watch again she was the best on the show by far

Maybe the show is la-get after all. So many say it is fixed but this tonight says otherwise. All the contestants are good in their own arina and style so to put one down because another did not go forward is also wrong. Every one of the contestants are giving thier best. So let it be as it is and move on to the next step. God has a plan for Pia and what ever His plan is will come about.

American Idol Not everyone has the money to make voting calls. I believe she could have won the competition and was taken out so someone else could win. JL Please Leave before you get burn by this program its not worth it. I can tell you right now I won't be watching anymore. Pia you are a great singer. God Bless You and Good Luck Nilda Amador

I have never once commented on anything like this before, but I have no second thoughts as to comment on this just to express my feelings on this, Pia was my only absolute favorite on any American idol season and I'm just so extremely dissapointed. And Ryan seacrest was wrong when saying "people don't vote for their facorite enough" how completely wrong he is. He is only reinforcing all of the over voting little girls who take up the largest portion of voters, to vote even more multiple times for their undeserved favorite!

Blame J-jo for pulling down the best contestant last night...

This was definitely WRONG! Sometimes I worry about the intelligence (at least the musical intelligence) of Americans. But what can we really expect when teeny-boppers can sit on their phones and call in multiple votes, over and over, for pretty boy Paul, who has the worst vocals of all the contestants? I'd feel even worse for Pia if I didn't know in my heart that she is going to get a contract with a major label and management and go on to have a longer and more successful career than most Idol winners. I'll buy anything she records!

So I'm in for Haley all the way now!

there are familiar lessons here from the previous seasons:
1. perceived frontfunners' supporters must not be complacent that their idols are safe and do not need their votes
2. AI is not really a singing contest but a performance and popularity contest
3. judges must not use the one save too early! (however talented casey is, pia more than deserve to be saved more than he)
4. the finalists are not necessarily the best or the most talented ... just the most popular
5. the eliminated contestants may end up winners in their post-idol careers.

A terrible disappointment. I know that there are thousands of exclamations from fans that they will never watch Idol again and of course they always go back, but for this fan, it's true.

The Idol winner will, once again, like Kris Allen or Lee DeWyze, be a vanilla tweeny guy who can't sing much but thrills the young girls.

I have better things to do on two weeknights than to observe the procession.

Wow , what were voters thinking?? Put out a great record Pia, you deserve better!!!!


Im shocked too. I know of two that should go over her.

Crazy!!! I can't understand what the heck the American Idol viewers were thinking. I mean, come on. Pia should have won this year hands down. I'm not so sure I will keep watching. Ryan should be worried, because something really went wrong this year with the votes. I demand a recount!!!

Pia was boring and she dressed like her grandma. She has a pretty voice but i would not buy her cd. In the end that is what it boils down too.

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