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'American Idol' results: Stefano Langone eliminated


Proving that you can only elude the inevitable for so long, Stefano Langone was eliminated from "American Idol" Thursday night -- as the top seven shrank to the top six.

Toward the end -- after the cheesy-again group numbers, the more-interesting-than-usual Ford music video, and the disparate performances by Season 7 "Idol" winner David Cook and Katy Perry (with Kanye West) -- it was down to only two on the stools of doom: Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone. (Haley Reinhart barely had time to take her perch in the bottom three before Ryan Seacrest stage-whispered her to safety, satisfying Jennifer Lopez's fervent desire that Thursday's eliminated contestant not be female.)

Jacob, who had been condemned to purgatory early in the show, looked glum about, if not surprised by, his predicament. Stefano, however, had lived to laugh at doom many times before, and appeared to regard elimination with equanimity.

Backstage, Ryan asked both endangered singers what the competition meant to them.

Jacob said it was "everything" and that he was happy to have had the chance to show his "gift" to the American people. He gave us his best, he said, and he thinks we got that.

Stefano, meanwhile, said that, ultimately, he'd been true to himself, and that "if it's the end of the road, it’s the end of the road" and that he'd keep pushing in his career.

Back onstage, the judges gave both contestants some encouraging words about how hard they've worked, how much they have ahead of them and how many fans they'll take with them when they leave.

"None of them deserve to be standing there," Steven Tyler said, sweetly. "I love them all. They all sing their butts off." He reminded whoever was to leave that "a lot of love" is "going to be coming your way real soon."

Then Ryan delivered the blow: "After 52 million votes, the person who's going to be leaving us tonight is … Stefano."

Stefano's pal James Durbin, in the safe zone, looked stricken, hiding his head in his hands. But Stefano appeared, if anything, kind of pumped. After having stood next to so many other contestants who were heading out of the " 'Idol' bubble," as Ryan called it, and off to capitalize on their fame and launch their careers, it almost felt like the moment he'd been waiting for.

As if he needed to, Ryan reminded us how far Stefano had come –- a guy who overcame a "life-threatening accident" and a "wild card pick," he was a hard worker and a survivor. Stefano said he was "blessed" to have made it as far as he did and that he really wanted to sing.

So Ryan let him, and Stefano put his all into his swan song, "Lately," emphasizing in particular, it seemed to me, the word "goodbye."

On the very last note, he was nearly tackled by James, making me realize that, indeed, Stefano had acquired a few valuable skills during his time on "Idol": He might not have seen that hug coming –- but at least he finally learned to keep his eyes open when he sang.

What do you think? Are you sad to see Stefano go?

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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: The final seven, clockwise from left: Haley Reinhart, James Durbin, Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Casey Abrams. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox.

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Glad to see Cook out with new music again -- great band too!

Not sorry to see Stefano go although I wouldn't have minded if Jacob went. Maybe he can go next week. Great song by David Cook, can't get it out of my head. On another note haven't we all seen enough of Kanye for this lifetime?

I was again surprised that Halley was safe. Stefano did not deserve to leave. He did a wonderfull job till the end. Jacob is not shining as he was at the beginning of the competition. Hopefully he'll step it up and remain in the competition. Stefano, you shined!

Sad, indeed. Stefano may not be the most talented artist, but he is a hard-working singer. He really seemed to use lessons learned from previous weeks to improve. It would have been nice to see more dance moves and piano-playing from Stefano. Oh well... Hard to see anyone from this group go.

I am really surprized Stefano lasted as long as he did. There were others that were more talented and were eliminated.
As for Jacob, he is VERY talented, and I would love to see him in the Top 3 with James.

I agree with Chris - Stefano definitely needed to go. I think Jacob will go next, then Haley. It will be tough when it gets to the last 4. Most of the winners have been from the Southern States, so Scotty may take it all, even though I would prefer one of the other three.

I'm so sorry that Stefano had to go ... I think his voice is so clear and amazing, plus he certainly has charisma. His stage presence and performance style have been improving every week, because he seriously takes the advice of the various mentors he has worked with. I believe he is a young man with a big talent who will continue to grow and become successful in the music industry. I could certainly see him performing on Broadway, with that big voice and charming personality. I wish him well and look forward to buying his first album.

This is wrong Stefano should remain in the competition one of the best singer compare to Casey and Jacob . Again Stefano you are a great singer !!!

I am amazed that some people cannot see past their Haley hate to see the leaps and bounds she has taken since the beginning.

I've followed maybe two full past seasons (7 &9) and this is the first time I've noticed the trajectory of each Idol's experience. Probably obvious to those that have followed more seasons, but my point in bringing it up has to do with the trajectory Haley's experience has taken.

I didn't even notice her at the beginning, hard to see her with the initial impacts of a Lauren vocal, or a Pia Stunner. But week by week this girl has got stronger and stronger. I really pulled for Lauren at the beginning but she appears to be shrinking as the pressure mounts, everybody has a weakness, unfortunately for Lauren it's her youth.

Think about the genres Haley has attempted, much more diverse than almost all the others. If you go on Youtube, she plays in a small band sings...Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Sublime and we know about the Beatles. She does not only do Jazz. My very favorite video is of an 18 yr old Haley singing, Just Like a Star. It is sweet and sexy at the same time, and infinitely beautiful.

I know she will be gone soon, unlikely she wins it all, but I promised myself if she ever comes around here, I would love to hear that voice live.

I LOVED Stefano, sad to see him go. In comparison to all the other Idol contestants, he has the full package ready to jump out of the gate at a full sprint: great voice, incredible performance energy, sincere and inspiring enthusiasm, and dance moves and stage movement! I hope he has a wide-reaching career -- and I don't usually like the type of music he sings, but I'd watch if it were him.

Stefano is one performer who will be remembered as one with outstanding stage presence with a superior voice. Exuding confidence and a desire to entertain, it is not difficult to imagine seeing him in the future to succeed better than some of the remaining finalists. There's life after American Idol, Stefano.

If votes had been based on wednesday nights performances, then Scotty should have at least been in the bottom three; my dog can howl better than that. Jacob Lusk at times appears as if he doesn't want to be there, and that's unfortunate because he is a potentially great singer.. and most of the American Idol voters realize this by keeping him in the competition.

Wanted see Haley eliminated for weeks already. Sucks like that.

Stefano is good and he will undoubtedly go far in the music industry. it was time for him to go. He was good, but not that good. He has the determination
to continue, and having seen adversity and triumphed, he will again succeed.

Stefano was a surprise,he is cute but really tiny,Jacob ,Please send this screech owl home next week!....then,Haley,then the other girl and then Scotty..My prediction it will be between James and Casey and James is the WINNER!

Yes, I am sorry to see Stefano go. I will miss his looks and his songs

was hoping jacob would go ahead of him. at least, he left with a memorable swan song and with a positive attutude. i believe he'll do well as a professional singer.

Well this was a bit of a shock. I thought for sure it would be Jacob. What happened to all the young girls sending votes in for the heartthrob Stefano? Back to voting goofs again. Stefano deserved to be in the top three. He has such a great voice, easy to look at and yeah, I'll buy his songs old lady that I am. Haley is getting better and very entertaining but Yawn! Jacob needs to say goodbye even though he had a great run. So who is going to win this Idol? I will bet it will be down to Casey and James. My vote is on James. He rocked Uprising. Better than the original.

Stefano's elimination neither surprises nor saddens me. He isn't much better than a lounge/saloon singer -- maybe a very good lounge/saloon, but nevertheless only that. I'll admit he has improved some both vocally and as a performer since the show first arrived in Hollywood, but not enough to win a competition like this.

I still think James and Casey should be the last two standing, but I've been way wrong before.

ugh, I wish Jacob would have went. He is boring. Every song he sings sounds like a gospel funeral. As for Stefano, he was going home this week or next week - so why not get it over with. I can only hope that Jacob is next.

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