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About (Late) Last Night: Why Bill Maher is convinced Donald Trump will run for president [Video]


Will he or won't he? For the last month, the media has obsessed over the possibility of a Donald Trump candidacy in 2012. There are two schools of thought on the subject: Trump's alliance with the "birther" fringe is either a cynical ploy to drum up ratings for "Celebrity Apprentice" or a cynical ploy to drum up support for a presidential run.

On Monday night's "Late Show," Bill Maher and David Letterman both weighed in on the subject. Letterman believes Trump is waging a "pretend campaign," but Maher does not. 

"I disagree with your premise, but I will say this. I don't know why we are taking him so seriously," he said. "Why are we listening to this curiosity from the '80s? Right? It's like opening up the paper and finding out John Wayne Bobbitt's severed penis is the ambassador to France."

"I remember when that happened," Letterman quipped.

"But he is really running," Maher assured his host.  As evidence, he cited Trump's advanced age, his "giant ego," and his recent claim of being a regular churchgoer

Maher believes it's a sign that Trump is now courting the religious right. "He is now sucking up to evangelicals because he has to run in Iowa. The Republicans in Iowa -- as I call them, 'the children of the corn' -- they are the most conservative, and you have to win Iowa."

Who do you think is right: Letterman or Maher?

-- Meredith Blake


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People forget that Obama sucked up to the christian right to get elected and that was the turning point for Obama.So now we see he is any thing but a christian,political liars.

I think that Maher is right. Why would The Donald be wasting his time - and reputation- on this rhetoric if he wasn't serious? He is very bright, has loads of money already, loves the States and is distraught about the way other countries have taken advantage of America's 'big heart'. He is nobody's fool, and at least makes good sense when he talks with the conviction of his beliefs. He doesn't babble on inanely like so many other politicians , and has a strong business sense which I've always believed the US has been lacking in its leaders . FDR saw the way, in spite of all opposition , and proved to be right. Trump -given a chance- will cut to the chase and make serious progress in getting America out of this hole it finds itself in.

This is laughable; the Donald will never be President of this America (run or not). This is nothing but a new show for him and some pathetic, brain-dead Americans are cheering this fake on, unfortunately.

I'm not sure if he will run or if this is a publicity stunt for his show or business but I just spit water all over my computer monitor after reading the article. JWB-P Ambassador to France. LOL

Donald Trump has proven that he is nothing but a jerk, a RACIST, and an empty suite! It is absolutely outrageous for him to think that the American people are so shallow as to vote for him simply because he has money and for him to think that we are not aware of his business failings is ridiculous. His comments about our President are based on jealousy and racism. He cannot accept the fact that this Black Man is smarter than he his and smarter than a lot of other people as well. Based on his race based comments and lies about Barack Obama, it's clear that Donald Trump will stop at nothing...his words encourage hatred, bigotry, and division and place the President and his family in a dangerous position...SHAME ON YOU donald trump. I encourage the remaining Black contestants on the "Apprentice" to take a stance and show him their disapproval by walking off the show and that the others walk with them in solidarity! I'm sure all of their charities would be proud!

Yes, he will run and if nominated, he will win.

What I like about Donald Trump is that he stands up to phony people like President Obama.

The press has covered up so much about President Obama including his past racist church, Rev. Wright and now this new racist church he is going to.

Donald Trump will not let the press get away with this type of crap and that's why they are coming down hard on him.

The American press is so left-wing that it is scary.

Go Trump!

I never believed Trump ever wanted to run for the Presidency. He, to me, is a grown man who didn't have enough toys growing up. He loves the attention, and using the birther thing he gains the admiration of the right wing and somehow tricks the church who would willingly close it's eyes to his infidelities and everything else that are contrary to Christian values just to secure an influential candidate to remove a black man from the office. If anything, the utterances of the church lately points out clearly that morality has almost completely departed from the church.
Donald Trump capitalizes on the sentiments from the right and each step he takes is not completely because he intended to, but rather because be sees an open canvas waiting to be exploited. That's the mind of a brutal capitalist for you. How far he goes depends on how far reasonable people can stop the emergence of a modern day Hitler in America.

I seriously mean this- if Obama loses to racists, I leave this country. Racism is bad enough, but half the people are not only despicable but brain-dead, as evidenced by a few of the comments here.

Bill- I know comedians are supposed to find all of this funny, but it's hard to laugh when you're losing control of your bowels, gagging, and throwing up in your mouth. As well as developing an insatiable desire to spit on Trump and his ilk. (Like idiots who call themselves "Cat.")

@Cat: Not that I think your mind can be fixed, but are you aware that Reagan and many other presidents attended the same church that Fox is now blasting Obama for attending? You won't hear that on Fox or other pertinent facts relating to current events that aren't first tainted. They are on a mission to twist the facts and sadly they have managed to find a group of viewers who value propoganda more than the truth. You would be amazed if you followed up on what they said by fact-checking their info. I don't understand why you people aren't angry at being lied to and made into fools for believing them. Trump is far too arrogant and full of himself to even care about the country. The fact that you support him for the office of president doesn't say too much for you, either.

The Donald will not run because it requires submitting his financials. He is NOT going to divulge to America how much money he has...or doesn't have. I'll bet his wives don't know how much money he has or doesn't have. I doubt the "fans" of Donald are going to contribute a dime to his campaign. "Donald is rich, he has his own money, he doesn't need campaign contributions." How much are you going to contribute to the Donald to help him to become president?

Bill Maher is a real guy. His astute political analysis and comedic take on the political scene makes him much more believable than Letterman. One point I would like to make... Is it not disrespectful to chide a guest on your show that you invited and I am sure Bill had to be inspected by Letterman's dress police? Letterman lost me right there with that first statement. He is loopy making those crazy faces and acting weird when his guests are talking . I give Bill Maher full marks for taking him on and appearing on his show. Bill did not waver from his 'keep it real' approach and he made Trump's run sound like the real deal. I go with Bill on this one Trump is just warming up to the footlights and the sparklers.

OMG. Does our government collect enough taxes to pay for that much hairspray?

Only that 1 to 4 percent of the neanderthal genome string would seriously entertain ferret face Trump.

Can we remember we're grown up now?

I don't think Donald Trump is running. He is just using this opportunity to relaunch his brand so that he can continue getting higher ratings for Celebrity Apprentice and maybe he will write another crappy book.

His resume is marred with 3 bankruptcies, lawsuits of misleading investors , wives from other countries, inflated ego, misrepresentation of his finances, ..

thats a lot of dirt to clean up

Donald Trump is a legend in his own mind!


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