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About (Late) Last Night: Lawrence O' Donnell says 'NBC has created a monster and it is called Donald Trump' [Video]

In the wake of President Obama's news conference in conjunction with the release of his birth certificate Thursday, most commentators took the opportunity to blast Donald Trump, the quasi-presidential candidate and "Celebrity Apprentice" star who's taken up the mantle of birtherism. But MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell took a different tack.

On his show "The Last Word," O'Donnell blasted Trump's employers -- and his own corporate cousins -- at NBC. "NBC has created a monster, and it is called Donald Trump," he began.

Like many others, O'Donnell is convinced that Trump's flirtation with a presidential run is nothing but a shameless grab for publicity. "Trump needs media attention the way the rest of us need air to breathe. He will obviously say and do anything to get media attention."

Once Trump announces he's not running -- which O'Donnell accepts as a given -- "He will be forced to retake his place at the bottom of the celebrity pile with Snooki and the Situation."

In his own Wednesday morning news conference in New Hampshire, Trump said he could not announce his candidacy until "Celebrity Apprentice" winds down May 22. O'Donnell debunked this claim as well, arguing that Trump was not subject to equal-time claims because he hosts an entertainment show, and because simply announcing a candidacy is not the same thing as becoming a legally qualified one.

His conclusion? "Trump is now hiding behind NBC when asked the single most important question in front of him ... and NBC is allowing him to hide behind NBC."

O'Donnell urged his peers in the media to call NBC and ask what the network's plans were for next season with regards to Trump, whom he also called the "most deranged egomaniac" in the network's history. "Those NBC executives should not be allowed to survive another day of involuntary entanglement in the Trump hatred campaign without being asked everything they know about Donald Trump's professional commitments and performance obligations to NBC," he said.

The network announces its fall line-up on May 16, but O'Donnell says the time is now for NBC to distance itself. "NBC has created a monster who is using his NBC fame to spew hatred reeking with racist overtones and undertones about the president of the United States. NBC can no longer stand idly by, not for one more day."

Do you agree?

-- Meredith Blake


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Well done Mr O'Donnell, you're one of the few people with the guts to call Trump out.

Yes, NBC should release or "accidentally leak" Trumps deal for next year. Enough already.

What's baffling is NBC thought Keith Olbermann was to difficult so they canned him, yet they keep a buffon like Trump...And Keith's show was by far the highest rated on MSNBC as well...

Donald Trump is a racist hate monger and bully , Mr O'Donnell well done -love you honesty and your show

Yes, I agree totally.... this man is a joke and this nation should be ashamed for providing him with a forum for spewing his hate-filled rascist bile.

Although a fair criticism, and as much as I disdain the Trumpster, NBC is in the business of entertainment. They would not be "all aboard" on the Trump tour if there was no market for it. NBC has been struggling for a while and appears to be using the throw anything at the wall to see what sticks programming strategy. Just like many organic, noxious and repulsive substances, Trump has the tackiness to stick to said wall.

NBC would be in a better position for moral high ground if they weren't so deep in the pits.

If NBC continue to support Donald Trump we as African Americans will not support NBC. We will BOYCOTT NBC the APPRENTICE and any sponsors that is affiliated with Donald Trump ,NBC and the APPRENTICE. Enough and NBC should fire DONALD TRUMP and fire him now. DONALD TRUMP is a racist in the worst kind of way. Fire him now!!

WE love MSNBC and we miss Keith Olberman in the worst way. Donald Tump need Keith on his case. If they could fire Keith Olberman with the love and support he had and not fire Donald Trump who has no support or love then that says very little about NBC.

We love you Odonnell.

O'Donnell really looked a fool last night. The long form birth certificate released 4-27-11 is yet another forgery and proof once again Obama should now be impeached and charged with fraud! Where is our congress in this matter?

One question for O'Donnell and all the other libtards, and you do do not have to know anything about Photoshop to get this:

If Obama was born in 1961, and Kenya became a country in 1963, how could his father be from KENYA?!?! Doah! ROFL!

Ultimately Trump's harangue, self inflated ego, and attacks on President Obama are an attack on the Presidency itself. There may a difference in politics that can be strong and argued, but Mr. Trump has no arguments so he attacks the man, a man born of a white mother and an African man on a level that is simply racist, and for those that cannot see that, well there is a reason and they need to look in a mirror.

NBC needs to fire Mr. Trump. Then Fox can pick up his show. As for anything with a Trump on it, I for one will not go near it. It is a tarnished brand. And he claims he is such a good business man. And if thinks that the evangelical herd that is part of the Republican core is going to vote for a man whose life is based gambling and a personal life marked by multiple marriages he needs to understand that they do have values that he does not exhibit.

You calling out NBC intertainment was very brave and your cutting off Ms. Taitz was great. Someone needs to ask why a women from Russia would start the birther movement. To me it gives leverage to those in Russia (KGB) who still see the US in cold war terms. Would not it be brillant to plant someone to start something to bring out the worse charactertic of America -RACISM. Thus trying to hinder the President from doing his job and telling developing countries and the rest of the world - look at America, they believe you are inferior because of your race. Look at what they will do to their own President because he is Afro-American. The Republicans who support the birther nonsense and the tea party would prefer to support a women from Russia because she is white rather than their democratically elected President. So what is Taitz real purpose. I quess those in Russia who see America as a competitor in the global economy understand how easily parts of America can be manipulated.

Mr. O'Donnell
Your comments last night (Wednesday, 27th) were unflinching and on the mark. I watch your show every night because I know that whatever I see and hear there I can rely on being eye-opening and true (except the advertisements, of course, which are too many and too painful!).
Your skewering of Donald Trump was a masterpiece. Your shutting down the Birther woman (whose name escapes me) was just what she needed. You rightly shut up one who wouldn't shut up! Your challenge to NBC's entertainment section was as pointed as it was fearless.
My only bit of advice, which I probably don't need to give you, is Keep up the good work. With my sincere thanks,
Joseph Wiesenfarth

By not speaking out, NBC has become complicit in the racist language, accusations, coded messages and innuendo that is being spewed and propogated by Donald Trump.

I am boycotting NBC and hope all Americans of good conscience will join me, until NBC fulfills what O'Donnell rightfully called NBC's moral obligation.

Lawrence O'Donnell is such an honest man and so passionate in his beliefs.

To all of the posters, You all make me proud to be an American.

Lawrence O'Donnell you are fearless and I admire you beyond just this moment, but for many moments shared with you in the past. Thank you. You are a welcome breath of fresh air and long overdue. You quiet the noise we call "news".

Way to go Lawrence!!! I am still waiting for NBC to respond. If they don't fire Trump, then it proves that they are as RACIST as he is. I love your show and watch it EVERY night.

Mr. O'Donnell a tip of my hat. I love the fact that you t..a..l..k s..l..o..w..l..y so these racist ignorant idiots can understand you. No if fact to refer to trump or anyone who even entertains these ideas( honestly or tactfully) idiots, is a insult to idiots everywhere

I agree completely. Let him run in 2012 with Sarah as his running mate. He'll be destroyed.

In a word YES!

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