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About (Late) Last Night: Jon Stewart bids farewell to Glenn Beck

April 8, 2011 |  8:59 am


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Intro - Jon Tells the Truth While Wearing Glasses
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No one, it seems, is more upset about Glenn Beck's impending departure from Fox News than "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart. Beck's increasingly unhinged, conspiracy-prone show has provided plenty of fodder for "The Daily Show" over the past few years. As evidenced by last night's lengthy farewell, Stewart clearly delights in spoofing the conservative host -- perhaps a little too much.  The segment began on a strong note, with Stewart perfectly capturing Beck's absurd theatrics: The faux-serious glasses, the moody lighting, the chalkboard covered in cryptic and seemingly unconnected symbols (the croissant was a nice touch). But after about the 4-minute mark, the bit started to feel tiresome. If anything, Stewart's impersonation was too accurate. One Glenn Beck was already more than enough.

What do you think?

-- Meredith Blake