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About (Late) Last Night: David Letterman calls Donald Trump 'racist' [Video]


On Thursday night, Dr. Phil stopped by "The Late Show" to promote his talk show, but David Letterman had only one thing on his mind: Donald Trump.

Apparently, Dr. Phil is friends with the incendiary real estate tycoon, and Letterman asked what he thought of Trump's recent behavior.  Dr. Phil tried to laugh it off, joking that maybe Trump was hoping to convert the White House into a condo. Letterman, who clearly had a bee in his bonnet, wasn't having it.

"It's all fun, it's all a circus, it's all a rodeo, until it starts to smack of racism. And then it's no longer fun," he said. Letterman was particularly troubled by Trump's latest line of inquiry -- how President Obama managed to transfer into Columbia, then gain acceptance at Harvard Law School. (For what it's worth, Trump also transferred into an Ivy League school, the University of Pennsylvania.) 

Letterman asked Dr. Phil, point-blank, "Do you consider him to be a racist?"

"I do not," he replied.

"Well how can you say things like that if you're not a racist?"

"I don't think he always thinks everything through," Dr. Phil said in a bit of an understatement. "I think sometimes he's a little from the hip. I don't think he has a racist bone in this body."

Letterman was not so ready to forgive. "If he comes back on this show, and I'm not sure we want him back under those circumstances, but he ought to be prepared to apologize just for that kind of behavior."

Trump has always been a divisive and easily ridiculed figure, but this week, he seems to have reached a new low. Will "The Donald" become a pariah?


Lawrence O'Donnell says: 'NBC has created a monster and it is called Donald Trump' [video]

--Meredith Blake


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Trumpie needs to take off that wig and take a good long walk in the woods, feel the grass under his feet and soak in a very cold lake in the mountains and maybe he'll think about how he was bailed out by the gov't he ridiculed "after the fact." This monkey has no sense of loyalty and is a complete circus act in the real world.

Letterman is pathetic ...just as his sick liberal racist slurs calling everyone racist that doesn't hold his Ideology

Letterman you are not a good person so stop judging others who are probably better then you.

And in my own tiny way, I will no longer watch the Celebrity Apprentice. The guy is proving himself over and over to be rather ignorant and a total tool. He was a silver spoon kid who grew into an adult with spoon firmly planted in delicate hate-filled mouth.

How does Letterman's personal opinion bring Trump to a new low? Dr. Phil personally knows Trump, so he's much better positioned to know if Trump's a racist. Quite frankly, it's illogical to conclude that someone is a racist because they challenge Obama's education, birth certificate, etc. It's perfectly possible to think a particular politician is deceitful without being a racist. Plenty of white politicians have been accused of worse.

"Will "The Donald" become a pariah?"

HE ALREADY HAS...when you've been dissed by Groupon, you know it's over.

Letterman does not define racism.. the language defines racism which is when one person tells another that these racial characteristic are better than those racial characteristics. Trump did none of those things.. get it Letterman, and Letterman owes Mr. Trump an apology for his assertion of racism.

I believe Obama is an elitist. He believes himself better than others for this reason or another. In fact, putting you birth certificate up for all to see is a simple and excellent American Tradition that came with the very serious and ugly political battles in earlier years. Obama didn't do that because he didn't feel he had to. .... he did have to put it up. There are circumstances about his background that are confusing. He did not. Not doing it was a very bad move. Trump was right. Apologize Letterman.

Trump is probably not racist. He is an amusing distraction. Though, his hairdresser should be rewarded for the 'bouffants'. Also, in most of Trump's photos, why does it look like he is asking for Tuna fish to be fed to him.
But seriously, he is not fit to be president.

Boycott "Apprentice."

The Combover Con Man is a longtime racist. Whining that the black guy got where he is only because of affirmative action is as plainly racist as screaming the n-word, and then there's also this:


@john hastings
use correct english first.. it's "than" not "then"
and Donald Trump is no better than Letterman. they are all same :)

It should also be pointed out that the only women The Combover Con Man hooks up with are blonde mail order brides from areas where there's practically no non-white population (and has never been), so they are pure White. American women won't do: even those who look white could be 1/64th Cherokee or something. That's at least as likely an explanation as his various sexual and character inadequacies. Both can of course apply...

"Letterman is pathetic ...just as his sick liberal racist slurs calling everyone racist that doesn't hold his Ideology."

First of all, saying something is racist is not a racist slur. Second, I have never heard Letterman call anyone racist before. Saying that he calls people who don't agree with him racists is just plain ignorant and untrue."Sick liberal?" Have you been under a rock? The republicans have the biggest ever bunch of borderline psychotics shooting their narcissistic, racists mouths off.

Donald Trump's father left he and his siblings 400 million to be split four ways. That's quite a bonus. His Dad also bailed him out during his Atlantic City debacle when he was getting a divorce from Ivana and fooling around with Marla. I hope they vet him and bring up all his dirty laundry like he does for other people.

Donald Trump is an racist but he is also the Republicans party, The Great White Hope, so they think !

Boycott "DrFeel!"

That's what they call a "secondary boycott", right?
Good idea anyway.

(Has that long-form been carbon dated?)

"It's all fun, it's all a circus, it's all a rodeo, until it starts to smack of racism,” TV host David Letterman scolded, speaking specifically of Trump. “And then it's no longer fun.” David Letterman.

Really? It's all fun? What is all fun? The conversation and debate regarding the direction our country is headed in is all fun? Unemployment and American jobs going overseas is fun? Dumping America's future in to Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac is fun? I don't really give a crap about racism. People have a right to have prejudices and I defy anyone to argue otherwise. Just look at Al Sharpton.

Maybe the fact that Obama's entire presidency smacks of Socialism, is anti-American and pro-Muslim Brotherhood doesn't bother Letterman. Apparently that's not serious enough for Mr. Letterman, but it obviously bothers a lot of Americans.

No, Mr. Letterman, it's not all fun, it's not all a circus and it's not all a rodeo. This is all serious business and the matter of whether or not there is racism is not the end-all for what determines the quality of the debate.

Mr. Letterman, you are a circus, you are a rodeo and you should stick to the foolishness and trivial things you seem to have spent your life focusing on. It's always a joy to see an adulterer preach to the masses about the evils of racism.

I am an American Indian, so I am far from neutral as the debate over racial matters is concerned. From my position, I have witnessed, from personal experience, that there is more racism exhibited and perpetuated by the black culture in this country than any other group of people.

Racism is serious, but Socialism is a far greater danger to the well being of this country. Our economy was healthy in the 80's when the CPI had the dollar's value at $1.00 and racism was present then. I guess to some people, racism is gone when all the black people in the country are millionaires, all of Congress is black, we have a black president and the white people, Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and any person whose ethnicity is not black has a black boss.

If you really want to see this country go down the drain, I suppose the scenario I just detailed would be Ideal. Just take a look at every country in the world that is run by black leaders. Does the name Laurent Gbagbo ring a bell? Do we really want black leadership to turn America into the next Ivory Coast? Do we really want Socialism to turn America in to the next France?

Racism never did and never will destroy America. Racism was present during the Great Depression and it was present when the economy bounced back and was at it's strongest. Socialism is a far greater danger to our country and will destroy America if it is not stopped. People will always have their prejudices, but that is not what is wrecking our economy and driving us deeper in to debt. It's Socialsim.

Think about it, Mr. Letterman.

Why does it take so long for comments to be posted? I posted an appropriate comment yesterday and it's still not here. Disturbing. I think Trumpn is a racist, plain and simple. Like Bill Maher, though, I believe Trump isn't aware of it.

It's quite funny watching all the right wingers slither out from under their rocks to attack Letterman. Then you realize why - he had the nerve to make fun of their precious Palin and her slutty daughter, so he is officially considered an enemy of real 'Muricans. But more amusing is watching them try to defend Trump and claim he's not a racist. We all know most tea party types are racist, so why would we listen to these clowns deny the racism of the short-fingered vulgarian that is Trump?

Good for Dave since out media is too lame to call it what it really is. If you're a birther then you're a racist as there is no other plausible explanation since birthers wouldn't ask a white guy the same questions. That and they accepted Trump's hospital issued ceritificate of birth which wasn't even an official birth certificate over Obama's real one.

Lame-ass media in this country thinks that even racist, wacko loons' points are as valid as someone with an education and the ability to deductively reason. Since when did conspiracy theories become valid anyway? You can't prove them and you can't prove a negative either and we've always considered them fringe until now.

Just goes to show you that the folks running our media outlets are getting just as stupid as the rest of America. God help us as we're going to need it.

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