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About (Late) Last Night: Alec Baldwin on the difference between the House and the Senate [Video]

April 12, 2011 |  8:10 am


On Monday night, "30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin paid a visit to the "Late Show." He was there to talk about his support of Americans for the Arts, a nonprofit group that advocates for arts funding and education. He recently paid a trip to Washington to testify on behalf of the organization, and although the hearing was canceled due to the pending government shutdown, Baldwin took the opportunity to meet with several lawmakers.

The experience left quite an impression on the actor.

"The difference between the Senate and the House is really amazing," he told David Letterman.

"You go and you testify and you lobby the House everybody's tired and they've got bloodshot eyes and they've got wrinkled suits and they've been up all night. And it's really kind of a jungle in there, very partisan," he said, knocking his fists together.

"Then you go to the Senate and it's like being at the poshest golf club you've ever been in in your life."

Baldwin, a wonderful mimic, adopted the air of exceedingly genial Southern senator.

"They're all like: 'Alec Baldwin, it's so nice to see you. Come on in,' and you're thinking this guy is a U.S. senator, maybe he's got like one or two minutes to see you and half an hour later, you're like, 'Do we need to wrap this up?' 'No, no. Sit down, boy. Muriel, bring some more coffee in here for Alex Baldwin.'" 

He paused, then continued. "Would you like a sun lamp, Alex, while you're here?'"

In the past, the liberal actor has expressed his interest in running for the House as well as the Senate.

Any bets as to which Baldwin will choose?

--Meredith Blake