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ABC cancels 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live'

susan lucci all my children
Two classic ABC soap operas will soon meet their demise: "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" will air their final episodes in September 2011 and January 2012, respectively, leaving only "General Hospital" to survive them. No word yet on whether they'll rise from the dead, like "One Life to Live"'s Elijah Clarke, after being snuffed out.

Since it premiered in 1970, "All My Children" has received more than 30 Emmy Awards and made history by airing daytime TV's first same-sex kiss between two women as well as its first lesbian wedding and the first coming-out story for a transgender character.

The Emmy Award-winning "One Live to Live" has been on the air since 1968 and was among the first in daytime television to cover interracial romance, gang violence and teen pregnancy. The show made national headlines when it introduced a gay teen character (played by Ryan Phillippe) and was later honored by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

In place of the two soaps will be two new series, "The Chew," a food show co-hosted by Mario Batali set to premiere in September 2011, and "The Revolution" (working title), a makeover show hosted by Tim Gunn that focuses on "health and lifestyle transformations" that will make its debut in January 2012.

"While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can't help but recognize how bittersweet the change is," said Brian Frons, president of daytime for Disney ABC/Television Group, in a statement.

Noting that the two new series were inspired by the success of "The View," Frons said, "We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions and focus on 'real life' takeaways."


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--Melissa Maerz

Photo: Susan Lucci, left, and Alicia Minshew appear in an episode of "All My Children." Credit: Virginia Sherwood / ABC

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Another food show! I am not interested, no thanks! Big mistake. Please reconsider. I have watched OLTL for years!!! I will not be watching either of the new shows. BORING!!!!!

I can't believe All My Children and One life to Live are cancelled. Do we really need more food and life style shows????

Please PLEASE send a message to "big media" abc by taking on the soaps All My Children and One Life to Live--these shows were my mainstay during a childhood battle with cancer over 20 years ago!! Now I am a stronger than ever survivor and I still remember how Erica, Kendal, Todd and Tea etc helped me ESCAPE from the fear, pain and depression I faced for nearly 2 years as a small child! Please don't let ABC erase the magic of these soaps...I know I am not alone in my cry to you--HELP!

It is so sad! All My Children and One Life To Live are the only two soaps i watch! How sad all of those people will loose their job! I wish they would re consider!!

unbelievable!!! how sad, we love one life to live. food show??? who cares, nobody cooks anymore, young or old. we are retired and loves to watch soaps. never miss one life to live. who on this earth is ABC polling? alians?
what a sad sad time for millions, viewers and stars. shame on ABC.

Wow how orginial, another food/talk show! The soaps can be sappy, but at least they were entertaining Taking the viewers out of own life's reality for awhile. Yeah thousands, if not tens of thousands viewers. But obviously we don't matter. Again it all come down to the buck. Shame on you ABC! Becareful, your replacable. There are other networks. But we will stay tune until that the final shows, then screen black...............

I will never watch whatever is in it's place...we do NOT need another food show. These are 2 of the best soaps on TV...reconsider please, you will be sorry!

Wow! How original another food/talk show. Really! Well it all comes down to the big bucks, or lack of. To hell with the viewers, loyal fans, I myself grew up on these shows. My Mom was watching them when I got home from school, thats how I got hooked, I am turn 60 this summer. Wow. I guest loyality only goes one way. We will continue to watch until the final shows, and then our ABC screen fads black....... But hey this will force us to check the networks, right. What a shame!

I disagree with the reason on why you are taking the soaps off the air. You need to tell the truth. I think you are just coming up with excuses. You have really upset the fans of AMC and One Life to Live. We are not up for more talk shows. I really believe they won't last and you have a hard lesson to learn. The viewer that are at home during the day are stay at home moms that love the drama and the years they have devoted to watching these soaps. And many record the soaps and watch them in the evening. I don't think they will even think twice about being excited to record your new talk shows nor look forward to coming home and watching it. We like the drama and the characters on our soaps.

This is completely insane!! Why would you take these 2 long-term running shows off the air? They are 2 of the best soaps we have left. I love GH too but I will NOT be one of those watching your stupid "Chew" or "Revolution" ! Do you people not realize how many food and make over channels there already are? YOu will be making the biggest mistake for ABC network.

I've watched All My Children and One Life to Live since they began,when I first had my children and later I taped the shows so that I could watch them at night after work. Recently I retired and now I can enjoy watching them. I still tape them every day in case I'm out running errands or watching my grandchildren. Does the audience really need another makeover show or food show. Come on . Soaps are made for us to get away from our rat race of a life or humdrum of a life. That's why we watch them , to get away from it all and enjoy the excitement of what happened to Kendell, or Erica or Zach or what has Clint or Bo done lately. Rachel Ray and Paula Dean allready show us how to cook, or how about the novelty of opening a cookbook? Do we really need another makeover show? Incidently when you watch a soap today it has an average of 8 to 10 commericals it seems like about every 7 or so minutes,about at least 15 minutes per one hour of a soap show. Years ago we saw a lot more show and a lot less advertisement. If you take all that away you are going to loose your advertisers. Please consider that there are a lot of soap viewers,that you are going to loose because we don't want to be made over and we don't need another Food program. We can always watch the Food Channel if we wanted to, but we want our soaps. Save our Soaps . How about this, my grandson knows grandma watches AMC and OLTL and he called me yesterday and he wanted to know if it was true or a rumor. My husband called me in last night to look at the news because he knew I would only think he was teasing when they said my favorite soaps were going off the air. I still hope that all of us soap fans can change your mind. Paula Z.

This is absolutely one of the biggest mistakes that ABC could ever make. My friends and I will not watch any of those shows.

i can not beleave that two classics are getting the axe has abc lost there minds.i watch the show everyday with my teenage daughter i heard through the grapevine that young people do not watch and thats one reson for canceling well that is not true my daughter is 16 and never miss's an episode we are devestated by the news and wondering is there anything we can do to STOP this crazy mistake from taking place i will never watch the shows that are replacing them i hope the rest of the world will join me.i have been watching both of these shows for over 25 years and cant even imagin not being able to watch any more they are like family members and im thinking about boycoting abc all together if they go threw with this!!!!!!!!!!

That's okay ABC!!! I am sure NBC, CBS, or even FOX would love to have them. Just so you know I WILL NOT be watching these two new programs. Sometimes change is not the best thing especially these soaps that has been watched for generations. These soaps helps us average people to go to a place for a hr a day that makes us relax from day to day problems. It even gives us hope and dreams for a better life.

I think that really stinks!!!!! I've watched AMC since the beginning. It was my escape. Since I have always worked full time, I recorded it. Now I am retiring and will be stuck with more cooking or variety shows? I never liked those anyway and certainly don't want to watch them now.

I am just devastated about One Life to Live going off the air.

Do NOT take One Life To Life away. Hopefully some outher network will have enough since to keep it on TV.

im not ever watching those cooking shows,in my book they can never come remotely close to replacing one life to live im so upset about this...im going to truly miss all my children ana one life to live...smh

I have watched All My Children for the last 31 years. It lets me lose myself in some else's life (i know its just tv) for 1 hour and chill.
It's been like an ongoing book.
Don't end it! I will not watch the new shows either as to they
are not what I want to see anyway!

I have rarely missed an episode of "One Life To Live" since the early 1970's. It is the only "soap" I watch, and my day hinges around the hour it is on. I know thousands of others say the same, and I know you will "feel the loss" but you can bet your bottom dollar I will never watch ABC again once this show is taken off the air! My life is painful with several health issues, I am 73 years old and have lost both my parents in the last few years. I have ended up living in a very small town that I am not happy in. "One Life To Live" has become MY LIFE!! I love the actors and their characters. I love acting, I have acted in small community theater for many years. This is such a painful thing for you to end this wonderful show. It may sound funny to you, but all I can think of to say at this moment is SHAME ON YOU!

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