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Tweeter's Digest: The week in TV tweets, Charlie Sheen edition

Sheen2 In Tweeter's Digest, we look at the events of the week as seen through the eyes -- or more specifically, the Twitter feeds -- of TV personalities. In between the self-promotion and the fan-love, celebs sometimes come together on an important subject. This week the name that brought everyone together? Charlie Sheen. 

Pushing aside other timely topics (disastrous Oscar hosts, conflict in Wisconsin and the Middle East), the Twitterati jumped into the Sheen fray. 

TV folks from Neil Patrick Harris (@actuallyNPH) to Christina Applegate (@1capplegate), legendary TV creator James L. Brooks (@canyonjim) to Vinny from "Jersey Shore" (@VINNYGUADAGNINO) all added something to the week's "winning" conversation. Even Sheen's own "Young Guns" co-star Lou Diamond Phillips (@LouDPhillips) joined in.

And then, of course, Sheen himself joined Twitter and showed all the other celebs that a little (or, uh, lot) of gnarly behavior will nab you a million followers. And counting. 



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Charlie needs to get off his high horse and remember that it is the fans who put him on top,and it will be the fans who decide if and when he falls.

Winning! Duh! What a line, no pun intended. It makes me sick to realise this talentless, ungrateful hedonist in denial thinks that people are following him because they love him! I am watching all of this Mr.Bizzaroland show to see him burn as well as to see the exes winning for his abuse against them. No I am not special nor am I ugly, trollish or stupid. Get real little man. Yes we all work and we make our bosses money. That doesnt mean I get ALL the money, thats called the real world and the little silver spoon punk that he is could Never handle it. Go to hell Charlie! O I forgot you are there! Burn man.

i think Matt leblanc from friends would be a good replacement for Charlie


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