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'The Bachelor': Ashley knew she was a goner after Emily's date

Ashley-hebert-picture_232x354After being sent home on this week’s episode of “The Bachelor,” it’s clear that Ashley Hebert won’t be moving to Austin, Texas, with Brad Womack. But the 26-year-old knows exactly where she wants to head next: right back to the Los Angeles mansion where the next season of the show's sister program will be filmed. On a call with journalists Thursday, the fourth-year dental student made no bones about the fact that she wants to be the next “Bachelorette.”

“Despite what I think most people think, I’m actually a really confident, secure person. I think I have a lot to offer,” Hebert said of her qualifications. “If they do want me to do it, I think I would have a really good time with it, and they would be really happy with the result.”

During the conversation, Hebert also revealed what she thinks went wrong between her and Brad, what went down in the fantasy suite, and who she thinks will end up with “The Bachelor” at the end. An edited version of the question-and-answer session follows:

Do you think you and Brad could have ever worked out, since you’re at such different places in your lives?

A lot of people think we were in very different places, but in my mind, we were actually right at the same spot. He thought my career was just beginning. … I never really saw it as being at different points in our life. I thought we were really on track. I’ll never quite agree with that, but I think we just wanted different things out of life.

Why do you think you were sent home?

I actually really do feel that Brad went through it the first time, and people gave him a hard time for dragging girls along. Once he made his decision, he wasn’t going to string me along. He was very clear that he had a lot of questions and wasn’t trying to pretend everything was OK when it wasn’t. I think he fell in love with somebody else. I clearly see it with Emily. That day before, he fell in love with somebody else, and he didn’t want to string me along, and I completely respect that.

What did you do in the fantasy suite?

We had the opportunity to talk about the more serious things and we opted to take the light way out, I guess. … In the end, we ran out of time, and that was the demise of our relationship.

Do you feel as though Brad’s a hypocrite because he said his relationship with you was a two-way street, but when you weren’t enthusiastic about moving to Austin, he sent you home?

You know what’s really funny? I would have been really happy to move to Austin. If I were to tell you very honestly what I felt, I think that him kind of coming down on me that night had nothing to do with me moving to Austin. He just felt strongly about someone else, and wanted to highlight the reasons why we wouldn’t have worked out.

Where didn't you two line up?

I think that Brad was looking for somebody — and I say this in the most respectful way — to fit into his life in Austin and not skip a beat. And for me, I’m looking for somebody to create a life with. I’m not looking for anybody to fit into my life. I want to start a new life with somebody. I want somebody who’s open to trying a new location. I’m still young. I’m looking for a little bit of excitement, and for him, he’s been through everything I’ve been through, and he wants to settle into his life. I want to settle up into mine.

When you watched Brad say on the show that he thought you were going to be in the final two from the beginning, did that make you feel better or worse?

It absolutely made me feel worse. When I left, the one question I had was, "Will he regret this, or is this something he’s really confident in?" To hear him say that from the beginning he thought I was gonna be one of the two people — it’s harder to live with the regret of being so closed off.

Do you think he’ll end up with Chantal or Emily?

You know, it changes from week to week. I thought Chantal O. until last episode, and now I’m a little more apt to say that he’s falling in love with Emily. So in terms of what I think Brad wants out of life and in a relationship, I think Emily’s probably a better match. But I love him and Chantal together. They complement each other well and bring out this playfulness that I really like to see.

Why have you changed your vote to Emily?

It wasn’t really about Emily, it was more about Brad’s reaction to Emily. I think that watching the last episode, seeing how she opened up and said she was falling in love with him and knowing what I know of him, just told me so much. I think he fell in love with her at that point. Her confirming it for him just made him fall harder.


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-- Amy Kaufman


Photo: Ashley Hebert was the third finalist on this season of "The Bachelor." Credit: ABC.

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After reading the interview with Ashley, I have new found respect for this young lady. She is too good for Brad. Can't quite figure out what Brad wants in life. He says not to be alone, with a family. Okay! This interview told me something else. If Ashley was going to be one of the final two, and he had already set eyes on the poor child Emily; then the most compatible one that has stated she is in love with him (the way true love really is ....self sacrificing with some good common sense thrown in) was not even in the running. If the spoilers are right and I believe they are. He chooses Emily. That tells me a lot about Brad. HE IS NOT SERIOUS ABOUT A LONG LASTING LIFETIME RELATIONSHIP. You would think someone that's 38 would know better. I love Emily, but she is a bad choice for a ton of reasons and he knows it. Needs his life coach right about now.

This is show is not real life experience. This guy not picking any of the women the first time around was the best move possible. This show doesn't have a good track record of people getting married. Why? Because it's a TV show first. Not picking any of them was more honorable than dragging out a made by TV relationship.

He picks Chantal, and Emily will be the next Bachelorette. Just check "Reality Steve", he has been right on every show. There is a leak somewhere in The Bachelor/Bachelorette show.

Brad doesn't want to try to be a father to the legacy of the Hendricks empire. Chantal is immature and her family has money, and she can live anywhere as long as Daddy is paying the bill. Emily can't pick up and move leaving little Rickis deceased fathers family behind.

To jos: RS has backed down on his original prediction. He is now saying that Emily is F1, says he now has the proof and that Ashley is the next Bachelorette. It's been almost two weeks since he's changed his tune and has claimed that some of his "treasured sources" either lied to him or they were lied to.

Nice interview! I thought her answer about the fantasy suite was hilarious. I think "taking the light way out" is code for had sex. I do not want Ashley to be the next Bachelorette, I think she's awful for television. She couldn't articulate herself, or even form a coherent sentence. And why would 30 guys want to compete for her?

As a side note, I wish this bog wouldn't approve comments with spoilers. It's rude, some people just want to watch the show each week not knowing what will happen. Please show some consideration.

Don't fret young lady. This man is still undecided and it would not surprise me at all if he rejects both Emily and Chantall and calls you back. If and when he does, please kick him to the curb!

iam happy who every he marry she is the good for him iam happy lol....................................!

I think he picks Emily, which is not a good choice. She is very reserved and their personalities don't match at all. Now Chantal, I just love her and Brad together. They are very similiar. As for Ashley, hmmm what can I say. I don't think she should be a bachelorette. I too agree with another on here, she doesn't come across very articulate when speaking, and I don't know why but she just rubbed me the wrong way. I think Michelle should be the next bachelorette, now there was one funny woman. Thanks Michelle for a great season.


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