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Spandex, bustier, spike heels: Wonder Woman shows her new getup

Wonderwoman There's big news in the superhero universe ... because of an outfit. Not just any getup, mind you, but the new Wonder Woman red, blue and gold regalia, complete with Lasso of Truth and spike heels.

NBC and Warner Bros. Television have released the first photo of Adrianne Palicki as the iconic feminist crime fighter at the center of the David E. Kelley-produced remake. The show is contending for a spot on the fall schedule.

The outfit itself -- shiny spandex pants, bullet-deflecting wrist cuffs and eagle-emblazoned bustier -- is drawing plenty of comments from comic fans, fashionistas and anyone else who feels like weighing in. Tim Gunn? What say you? Those who remember the original series may notice that the bottom half of this look shows less skin than when Lynda Carter played Diana Prince in the late 1970s. Is that a good thing?

Head over to our brother blog, Hero Complex, to voice your opinion on whether the skin-tight ensemble is fit for an Amazon princess or works only as a tacky Halloween costume.

No one so far has taken issue with the curve-hugging dress that Elizabeth Hurley was wearing this week as she filmed a scene as villainess Veronica Cale in the pilot, now in production on the streets of Los Angeles. Hurley sported a turquoise "bandage" frock, as seen in OK Magazine.

Meanwhile, she tweeted about the experience. "In LA for Wonder Woman," she wrote on Monday. "Love putting my toe back in the water." The following day: "First scene in the can. Phew."

For those who'd like a little Wonder Woman in their lives right now, Warner Bros. and MAC cosmetics have teamed up for a new line of nail polishes, eye shadows and lipsticks (the shades have names like "Valiant" and "Defiant") pegged to the classic DC Comics character. Displays at Bloomingdale's, Macy's and other retailers tout a utility belt full of makeup brushes and aim to keep the property top of mind as Kelley's TV project wends its way through pilot season.

If an early script was correct, Prince's day job as a corporate leader has her overseeing, among other things, the production of Wonder Woman merchandise. Product placement opportunities!

Let us know, Show Trackers, how much you're anticipating this potential new series or if yet another remake leaves you cold.

-- T.L. Stanley

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Not a fan of the new costume...looks a bit ebay-ish for me but I am absolutely willing to see the new show. I am a comic book fan of WW and can't wait to see it on the small screen.

I do not like the costume. Too much blue and the strapless top needs to go along with the shiny material used to make it. At least add some spaghetti straps and do something about her boobs looking like two moons orbiting her chest. This actor cannot be a believable crime fighter if it looks like her assets are going to make a guest appearance at any moment.

I have been an absolute Wonder Woman fan since Linda Carter agreed to grace the costume and I would absolutely love it if a new show were to succeed. However, please do not try to make this show about a woman dressed in skintight clothing pretending to be a superhero when she is just a sex symbol in costume, which is exactly what she looks like.

When Linda Carter wore the costume, she made the halter-top and underwear look, seem classy not trashy. Please continue this tradition because Linda Carter not only made Wonder Woman come to life as a superhero she also became a role model that young girls could admire, even to this day. As a child, I learned to believe in myself and follow my dreams because of Linda carter’s portrayal.

From just the looks of this Adrianne Palicki, I will be watching the season premiere of this TV show with trepidation. I may not speak for everyone but I believe I do speak for some when I say PLEASE modify the costume. In addition, I hope that Linda Carter is on board to do a cameo in some form or fashion, like playing the princesses mom or sister warrior for instance. Thank you.

Horrible picture of Palicki. She is gorgeous and this photo doesn't do her face justice. (I guess no one's looking at the fact). Or maybe she just makes a better blonde.

This is an abomination. This actress (who I have never heard of) looks like a powerful Amazonian princess about as much as I do. Sheesh. Is it too much to ask for a female superhero to not look like a cheap Sunset Blvd. working girl in a Party City "Sexy Superhero" costume? Gag.

The costume is OK but not great!
The script will be the more important factor as to whether the show will be good. I watched Cathy Lee Crosby, I watched Linda Carter. Before the shows I read the comic books as a kid.
Make the shows good and the fans will watch!!

The outfit looks pretty cheap, wish the design team can redo this outfit, I think some modern jeans and jean jacket and dark red blouse would've worked better than this outfit, with some Dark red heels or some other type of Boots than these boots. Very cheap~

Wonder Woman is way too iconic to make these kind of changes to. Corporate leader? Cheap Batman Forever type costume? This is worse than when Will Smith messed up The Karate Kid. Hollywood seems to be out of touch with fans. Get a clue!

Looks like a hooker.... from the 70's cop shows --- Chips anyone??? Lose the spandex - lose the lipstick - gain some weight - workout and look like an Amazon. You creators need to think more Lucy Lawless, less Brittany Spears. Geez - will anyone get the superhero female right???? Best so far - is Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men... can't think of anyone else that has done superheroines justice on the big screen.... Linda Carter and Lindsay Wagner were great on TV. Even Electra-Woman & DynaGirl looked more believable than this chick.

Being an avid comic reader, especially DC, I've seen Wonder Woman go through many phases. The one thing that always stood out was her strength. Both her physicality and her character. I'm not entirely upset by the wardrobe choice here. Could they have done better? Certainly. But my issue isn't with the actress or the outfit. My issue is with the "Sneak peek" at the script. Corporate leader? Okay. I can turn a blind eye, suck it up, and keep my nerd-rage at bay. "Selling Wonder Woman merchandise"? This is 100% against her character. This has more in common with what you'd expect from Booster Gold or Plastic Man than what I'd expect from an Amazonian princess. In an age where super heroes are finally becoming part of the mainstream with at least 1 movie a year, and comic books are finally getting the credit they deserve as a medium for telling stories on par with any novel or movie, the least they could do is tone down campy antics like this. Wonder Woman's an icon. it's not like there's a shortage of source material. If there's a shortage of anything, it's a shortage of TV writers, producers, and directors willing to stay true to it and give it the credit it deserves. Wonder Woman in the comics? Total role model potential. In the new TV show? We'll have to wait and see.

Lose the pants or die in a fire. Don't insult the legend.

I don't like it. Forget about the costume, the physical attributes are incorrect. Her skin is white as snow. I had a huge problem finding dolls or television shows as a child that encouraged my self esteem and personal self worth.
It is only by God's Grace that I have been able to conquer these impressions. My journey might have been easier if the media's image of beauty encompassed my own. I'm not a racist by any means, but I have been a victim of it for my entire life. It's time for the Lasso of Truth. Love it or hate it... We all come from the same place. Diversify these subliminal images. Do not enable. Be Bold, that's what you all expect from me. Right? Team Effort!
How is she possibly fighting crime???... she doesn't even tan!

It's insulting to me, and I've earned the right to say that.


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