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Shawn Ryan has no love for 'The Bachelor,' calling the show 'racist'

Bachelor Shawn Ryan, one of TV's top producers of dramatic fare, is handing a thorny rose to ABC's "The Bachelor" franchise.

Ryan, the creator of "The Shield" and Fox' "The Chicago Code," is blasting the producers of the dating relationship series for comments regarding the show's lack of cultural diversity. Creator Mike Fleiss said recently that the reason why a person of color has not been cast in the main role of bachelor or bachelorette is because minorites have not "come forward."

Ryan tweeted that the explanation was nonsense and that the show was guilty of "straight up racism."

To see more about "The Bachelor" and Ryan's criticism, read here.

— Greg Braxton

Photo: Brad Womack proposes to Emily Maynard on the season finale of "The Bachelor."

Credit: ABC/Mark Wessels.

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People should stop looking at craigs list for dating, seriously common people check out reputable websites like match, lightning dating, harmony etc even if it is speed dating

Mostly white cast= racism

Mostly minority cast= Tyler Perry movie

If a producer belonging to the white skin worshipping Fox network says that the Bachelor and Bachelorette show is racist, I am finally convinced, it must be really RACIST!

People, let's be for real - does everything have to be about racism????? Who cares... the show is boring no matter what color the bachelor or bachelorette is...

I think a good idea for this show would have been to select both Ashleys! pegging two "good friends" against each other for the affection of 25 guys! Would make for some great TV! Let the cat fight begin! MEOW>


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