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Is Rush Limbaugh mocking refugees in Japan or Diane Sawyer ... or both?


In these days of political incorrectness, it's becoming harder and harder to rate the offensive remarks being made about the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Or in the case of shock jock Rush Limbaugh, maybe it's just tough to decipher what the heck he's mocking now. Is it the Japanese refugees themselves? Or is it ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer and her on-the-ground interviews with survivors? Does Limbaugh really think it's funny that an environmentally advanced country such as Japan has been hit with a natural disaster of epic proportions?

"What is Gaia [Mother Nature] trying to tell us here?" he said on his show Tuesday. "What is the mother of environmentalism trying to say with this hit?"

No, Rush, what you are trying to say?

If you figure it out, Show Tracker readers, would you let us know?


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-- T.L. Stanley

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Would Rush mock a classic dim-bulb media type coo'ing "oh, look, recycling?" in the midst of tremendous human suffering?

No. He must have been mocking the refugees. Surprised you had to ask. You must have a degree in journalism.

Its almost like you're using the Limbaugh name to troll for hits.

Very sad,if you cannot show compassion at a time like this then say nothing..!

Who still sponsors this cretin's babblespew? "Gay-a?" "What is the mother of environmentalism trying to say with this hit?" Turn this rotturd off once and for all. Don't quote him. It's not worth it.

Only the ignorant left would would try to flip his comments the way you have. They're are 3 nuclear facility's at risk, 1000's dead, families displaced, homes destroyed, acres upon acres of distruction and Sawyer makes a point of recycle bins? Thats the best you can do? I bet you were in Madison, WI, all week too, running around with your tie die and telling glory days storys about picketing this and picking that and just found out about the devistation in Japan.....

Limbaugh completely missed the point of the Japanese citizens recycling after the devastation.
In times of tragedy , adhering to the usual routines is a coping mechanism.
This simple activity has apparently outraged Limbaugh for two days .
Diane Sawyer was obviously rattled by the overwhelming tragedy she was witnessing .
If there was criticism to be leveled , it might have been at Sawyer's
very emotional reporting.
Something David Muir and the other correspondents did not exhibit.
Limbaugh has repeatedly referred to this tragedy as
occurring on the Andy Richter scale .
He obviously finds the tragedy to be hilarious.
Or he's competing with Gilbert Gottfried to see who can act like the bigger fool.
Gottfried has recognized his error in judgement and apologized.
Limbaugh has instead doubled down on the childish mocking
of the Japanese people trying to
deal as best they can with this horrific tragedy.
Limbaugh's silly mocking might be forgiven if it came a from a 6 year old who didn't know any better.
Limbaugh is 60 years old and that makes his blatant and purposeful insensitivity incredibly creepy.
Or maybe a serious indication of a deteriorating mental capacity.
Either way, this is not normal and appropriate behavior for an adult.

His rage is understandable. Japans whaling practices have killed countless members of Limbaughs family tree.

As Senator al Franken once wrote, "Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot." And I might add, a pillhead.

What can you say about this person. All he is, is a overweight, pillpopping junkie. He and Charlie Sheen should compare the medications they are taking. With a mind out of control, anything can and will be said. Feel pity for him.

Just because he has the big bucks he too should be taken off the air, stick a fork in him please.

What else could we expect from the maggot filled pus bag than kicking a people when they are in misery? His hatred and bigotry are phenominal. Why does any one with half a brain listen to or watch this immoral creep?

This drug-addled, morally bankrupt hypocrite is not worth the publicity. He is souless, unpleasant human beng -- and I find it so amusing and sad how his admirers on this forum try to defend his despicable, childish comments.
Psssst ... Rush: Why don't actually spend less time mocking people who have more humanity in their little finger than you do in your ungainly, large body and spend some time with your trophy wife?
Or, better yet: Take a vacation in the Domican Republic, complete with lots of Viagra. And don't come back.

We become increasingly astonished, yea amazed and bedazzled, by the depth of ignorance that some are willing to display for posterity (or so long as the Internet exists, anyway).

First, Rush Limbaugh. He ascended - descended, more appropriately - to a new depth even for him, with his mocking reaction to what seems a "staged" question about the Japanese engaged in recycling despite the absolute horror in their midst.

Diane Sawyer is neither the most lucid nor astute interviewer, but Limbaugh's mocking is clearly not targeting her. As he sees it, it's the irony and hilarity of Gaia targeting revenge upon these tree-hugger Japanese environmentalists who show (have shown) a modicum of concern and care for a planet that provides them - all mankind - with everything(!) needed for physical life. A comfortable, technology-enhanced life.

"Gaia levels them! ... What kind of payback is this?" muses The Rush. "In fact, where Gaia blew up [blew up? If so, there'd be no Golden Microphone, no audience, no himself] is right where they [the Japanese] make all these electric cars! It's like Gaia hit the Prius. ... What is the Mother of Environmentalism trying to say with this hit?"

Limbaugh unmistakably implies that Mother Earth - Gaia - willfully destroyed Sendai because it was the site for manufacturing - and exporting to the world - that detestable, wicked, vile, petroleum-alternative automobile called Prius. It's payback to Toyota! To the nation of Japan who designed it, made it, marketed it, profited from it! OMG.

And what sin(s) did the people of Christchurch commit that caused Gaia to punish them earlier this year? And the 100s of 1000s of people whose lives and livelihoods were ended by earthquakes and tsunamis along the Sunda Trench and across the Indian Ocean in 1883, 1861, 2004, and 2005?

Tomorrow, Mr. Limbaugh will undoubtedly opine that he is misconstrued; that critics missed - misinterpreted? - his clever, sly, subtle humor. Right! Limbaugh wasn't about being funny; he isn't being funny. He is, as is his faux jocularity and twisted rationale, vile. Shameless. Loathsome. Abhorrent. Ugly. And ignorant. Which bring this posting to ...

Second, the comments. Daniel has it right, eloquently so; so do some other posters.

Tim, conversely, ascribes any criticism of Rush Talent-On-Loan-From-God Limbaugh to the "ignorant left." Let's see where truly lies the ignorance, Tim. Content aside, your 4 short sentences contain no less than 8 errors of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Gads! On top of that is a grievous error of fact: the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility has 6 reactors - not 3 - that are all in various stages of unfolding disaster - "risk" as you prefer to label it. Double Gads! That's the best YOU can do?? And you expect/convey credibility? Don't expect it from this reader, nor from any other who grasps the horrific devastation - "devistation" as you spell it - that is spreading through northern Japan and, soon, beyond.

No doubt, in turn, Tim or someone comparable will slam this post, yea perchance "flip" this viewpoint into something they can ridicule, as does so often Mr. Limbaugh. And this poster - who warned the ASLB way back in the 1970s about nuclear plants' vulnerability to earthquakes/tsunamis and who stood outside Three Mile Island on the morning of March 28, 1979, to hear power plant officials tell the world TMI-2 would be "back on-line in a few days" (yeah right!) - will continue to be astonished, yea amazed and bedazzled ... but not surprised.

Rush was initially making fun of Dianne Sawyer who seemed to loose the overwhelmingly important events in Japan in favor of talking about their recycling efforts. Then, his age did start to show as he continued to be lost in his own forest long beyond when it was time to move on. This isn't really a great reason to bash Limbaugh. At least in this clip he didn't do or say anything insulting to the Japanese and no one really cares that he insulted Dianne.

Good grief. He's not making fun of the refugees at all. He's saying how Diane Sawyer seemed more concerned about the recycling than the suffering people. Really, while I'm not a huge fan of Rush myself, you need to think a little bit before you throw accusations everywhere.

I wonder why a person with supposedly your intelligence level would try to insinuate that mother nature or Gaia would hit Japan for a reason as idiotic as you are implying. Your ignorance is almost comical, your listeners are degenerates, and I hope that you travel to an isolated remote island that while you are there, gets hit by mother nature. That way I will never have to hear of any unenlightened, uninformed, inexperienced comments from your fat, hideous, sloppy self again.

I hope you, Rush, travel to a remote island that gets hit by Gaia, and then I can sit and twiddle my thumbs wondering why such a travesty happened... Maybe because of all the intelligent, experienced, worldly comments that come out of that whole in your head. Just hoping...

Limbaugh and his ilk are only for people who have to be told what to think anyway.

Rush Limbaugh
you, SOB!

Rush, Beck, and Palin have gotten to the point where they've run out of dumb remarks that are even mildly coherent and have now resorted to vague sarcastic-sounding empty statements.

I watched the clip you provided

IMHO, when Ms. Sawyer "giggled" when she mentioned the recycling, rather than amusement, I thought she sounded incredulous, or amazed even, that in the infant stages of this disaster, any group of people would have the frame of mind to think of recycling. Ms. Sawyer didn't sound like she was making "fun" of the survivors, IMO.

However, it was the telephone caller to Mr. Limbaugh's show who raised the specter of Gaia and amusement. However, Mr. Limbaugh in his summation of the sound byte from Ms. Sawyer, and his caller's remarks, muddied the waters with his comments.

I think Mr. Limbaugh likes to hear the sound of his own voice - content doesn't appear to matter.

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