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'Pretty Little Liars' finale recap: A car crash, a death and another round of lies


Well, I guess we can finally cross Ian off our list of A suspects. Or can we? The season finale of "Pretty Little Liars" managed to produce just as many questions as it solved. At this point, the storyboards for this show must look like a "Family Circus" trip crossed with the "Gossip Girl" hook-up chart. It could mean that we're headed for a completely genius second season, in which the Tolstoy-level complexity will all play out in interesting ways. Or it could mean that "Pretty Little Liars" is painting itself into a corner. 

It was a doozy of a conclusion, but I can't help but feel a tad disappointed. After all that buildup, we didn't learn that much. Ezra is moving on to work at Hollis, which at least means that he and Aria can finally break out of the loop of boring close calls they've been caught in this season. He'll be working with his ex-fiancee, which had Aria all in a huff, but I can't imagine that we've seen the end of them together. I was crossing my fingers for a Maya-Emily reunion this episode, but things were fairly tame on her front -- just, you know, her family moving to Texas and her involvement in an entrapment scheme. 

"Pretty Little Liars" started out with Aria as the leader of the Rosewood pack, but I think that the last part of the season has really shifted the focus to Spencer. Her relationship with Toby is easily the most rich and believable that's developed on the show, and living with Alison's suspected killer as her brother-in-law has created some of the best scenes of the season. This week, Spencer took a tip from "The Wire" and used a prepaid cellphone to have Ian meet her in the woods to buy back the flash drive. Now that we're pretty sure that Ian was "the boy next door who gets off on watching all the girls next door," Spencer's sure that she can get him to confess and throw him behind bars.

But while the other three were waiting to lure Ian into their web -- with, little do they know, the cop who happens to be Jenna's lover in tow -- Spencer was collecting her panicked sister from the church. The car accident they got into (which can't possibly have been an accident, could it?) brought out a side of sororal feeling from Spencer that we haven't seen in a while, and she seemed driven to find Melissa's phone in order to fix, in some small part, the wreck that their relationship has become. Of course, the girls in the woods met an Internet-hired patsy and Ian, revealing his inner sleazeball, found Spencer in the church.

In the ensuing scuffle, I couldn't tell if Ian was confessing to killing Alison, or just trying to make a plausible suicide cover-up for Spencer. In either case, the next time we saw him, he looked very dead -- thanks to the mysterious figure in black who pushed him at just the right moment. That must have been A, right? And if so, then it must be someone Ian knew -- his last words were: "What are you doing here?"

But of course, we can't be sure because after the police showed up his body had disappeared from the Belltower. Here's hoping there's something good coming up, and it's not just that someone has been slipping acid into the Rosewood water supply. And what was with the inexplicable return of Lucas, and his selfless mission to bring Caleb back? "Pretty Little Liars" fans, do you have any theories on how they're going to wrap this up? One thing I'll give this show: It sure knows how to pull off a cliffhanger. 

-- Margaret Eby


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Photo: The girls plot a way to trick Ian. Credit: ABC Family 

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For an ABC family show, they really have the most convoluted and bewildering storylines I've ever seen.

Hey-- there was one it seems you missed last night and its a big one! I believe it proves Ian was definitely not the killer. When he was telling Spencer about the suicide note he planted framing her for the death, he said something in her 'confession' about Allison hitting her head. Which Spencer then replied 'But Allie was killed by strangulation.' Wouldn't the true murder know exactly how Alison died and frame Spencer correctly? Ian is definitely not the killer! I think its Melissa, Spencer's sister-- she found out Ian's cheating with Allison and her blackmailing Ian-- so she took matters in to her own hands. And A is either Mona or Ally's brother.

This is my favorite show, and this is why. (^)

-A is prob a guy. Ian is most likely dead and his body must weigh a ton. Someone who took him down from the ropes must have it done it quickly and quietly and it would be easier for a guy to carry the body than a girl
-A was never Ian. Why would Ian send the girls a video of him killing Allison
-I think maybe alot of clues might be found in the barn where Ian and Melissa live. That is the only area where no one has been in yet.
-When Jason and Ian hung out, who is say that there weren't more people there like Garrent. Jason was stoned most of the time
-I am starting to think Jason is A by process of elimentation, Ian knows him, Jenna is friendly with him, A hates the girls but when things get really bad, A helps them out (saving Spencer, saving Aria's relationship)

I don't believe it started out with Aria in the lead at all. Spencer has always been the "leader" of the group if one must be chosen. Have you by any chance actually taken the time to read the books? if not do so and re write this...

And for ashleigh I'm corious. Who do you think pushed Ian? an inside man making Aria Emily Spencer and Hanna believe Ian is dead? Or do you honestly think he's dead?


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