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Did Paris Hilton say 'I can't stand black guys' in new book? [Updated]

Paris Paris Hilton has a new reality show this summer on Oxygen titled "The World According To Paris" and focusing on her daily whirlwind life. But Hilton sparks controversy, and a new book may turn the heat up.

"Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys Into Fame and Madness" by pop culture journalist Neil Strauss contains an encounter where Strauss quotes the heiresss as saying, "I can't stand black guys. I would never touch one. It's gross."

Portions of the interview, which Strauss said took place in 1999 when he was partying with Hilton, have been posted on several websites, including Gawker and LA Weekly.

Strauss said he was discussing several subjects with Hilton when she started talking about a guy she had been out with the previous evening.

Pointing to an unnamed actor in "Saving Private Ryan," Hilton was quoted as saying, "We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can't stand black guys. I would never touch one. It's gross."

When Strauss asked Hilton, "How black does a guy have to be?" he quotes her response, "One percent is enough for me."

Executives for Oxygen, which is owned by NBC-Universal, and representatives for Hilton were not immediately available for comment.

[Updated at 10:45 p.m.] Spokespersons for Paris Hilton said in a statement: "These allegations are absolutely untrue and ridiculous. We have sent these claims to Miss Hilton's lawyers to respond further. It's another example of someone making false claims for financial gain."

-- Greg Braxton

Photo: Paris Hilton. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

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Actually, hasn't she said something like this before? In a video or something like that that was leaked? I seem to remember something like that. Is anyone surprised by this? What's surprising is that the L.A. times mentions her at all.

I am a black male and I will be the first in line to protect her right to say such things. There are black people that told me the same thing about their feelings for white women or men. So PLEASE let us stop the insanity of making people out as bad for expressing their feelings. Paris Hilton and everyone else has the right to feel one way or the other about their attraction. I for one am attracted to some white women and some black women. I am NOT attracted to some black women and some white women. Some people go only one way, others go both ways. So I say more power to her. On the other hand if she said she would never employ a black person, that’s a different case. So to Paris Hilton and everyone else, please let people be. The media is sometimes responsible for creating bad blood in our country. So what if Paris Hilton is not attracted to black men. And for the black people who act as thought and desire police, get a life and stop the whining, aggression and playing the victim. It is uncool to always paint white people as racist - we have lots of racists in our community as well. So Paris, from a black man, have fun and be with whom you want be – it is cool with me and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. If you change your mind, I will be happy to take you out and show you some good time.

uuum yes she did kiss a black guy on the movie house of wax..

In our world of force fed media political correctness people can't even have racial preference in who they are intimate with. Welcome to the brave new world.

ANYONE that Paris Hilton dislikes should wear that as a badge of HONOR.

"My father is half black. Obviously, I am not a racist person, but I don't feel attracted to black men at all. Just like some people don't like blond, brunette or fat people, others don't like certain races. That doesn't make you a racist, is just your personal preference. I only feel attracted to light haired white men, and they love my dark eyes and wavy brunette hair contrasting my naturally "tan" skin."

Obviously? It's not obvious, and it's not a given that because you're 1/4 black that you can't be racist against blacks. You could very well be ashamed of it and hate black people. So nothing is obvious. Anyway, you don't have to be a genius to perceive a difference between not being attracted to a particular group, and saying you wouldn't touch one of them and that they are gross. The latter is RACIST. It's the very essence of racism.

TWELVE years ago she allegedly said that?

Why didn't Strauss write about it back then?

Come on, the dude is lying.

He is also lying when he claims that Paris Hilton had breast implants at age 14.

Oh, how I love all the allegedly "black" people on here rushing to this dingy bigots defense; downplaying her racist remarks, defending them as 'preference.' Doesn't read suspicious at all. I don't at all suspect that these people are anything *but* black. Ahhh the anonymity of the Internet. So easy for people to be cowardly and phony at the same time.

I 'm a black male and I love all women regardless of race. If your HOT I want you. Hey Paris, If you said I'm hurt. I have always been a fan. However , I still think your HOT .

Why does anyone care? Now I'm not a Paris Hilton fan, nor do I find her attractive. First thing though, she doesn't have to like black men. It is totally her choice. Second thing, this was all said supposedly 12 years ago when she was 18. Why bring this up now? Is Neil Strauss not making enough money from his PUA items, so now he's talking trash about Paris Hilton, who probably turned him down, to fan the flames for his book?

If she doesn't like black men then so what? She is allowed to have her preferences.

Tonya, you are the coolest....if everyone would take on your attitude, we would have a lot less race problems.......now given, there are some prejudice losers out there though

You're not to0 well thought of either, FYI! Poor moral are ruining this country and you're one of the poster children! White guy!

i hope she didnot say that stuff about "gross" but if she did, it just goes to show you cannot trust anyone! This guy wants to make some money so he is telling all, whether it is true or not...When you are a famous you have to be careful. Plain folks like us can say that tuff and get away with it. i am sure a lot of us have said un-kind words regarding white men to a friend. but it is just an opinion as far as i am conern...

Funny thing is that Vin Diesel, the guy she's talking about wouldn't even be considered "black" anywhere outside of the US. That guy is so light skinned he could probably pass for Italian more than he would black(like Derek Jeter). So if Paris Hilton recoiled in horror from him, she must be pretty darn racist. I know people have a right to have preferences, but sometimes these preferences are driven by hate as is obviously the case here. I'll never buy anything with the word "Hilton" on it.

I have never seen Paris Hilton other than photos I don t know her personally.
I am just and average guy working to feed my family. I am on the east coast.
Guss what I am a black man and I love Paris Hilton whith the depths of my soul not because of her beauty but because of the true love that she has for people. Paris has taught me how to love people freely. How in the World are you going to compare a 18 year mind set to a person that is 30 years old. I hope people are not that dumb to think that in these days a time you can remain the same in that span of time! What you are doing to this young lady proves that she is on the verge of greatness like the world has never seen. By the unction of the Holy Ghost the Lord has connected me to Paris. I pray for Paris and in thae Name of Jesus I decree that Paris Hilton and her family is blessed and not cursed because of your mouth. Paris has confessed the Lord Jesus Christ and is Part of the House Hold of Faith and the Kingdom of God. She still has a lot of growing to do but she is a new person now in Jesus Now. If you are going to do anything for her pray for her be fair with your statements don t try to damage her for a dollar for thus saith the Lord thou shalt reap a curse and swift destuction. Touch not mine anointed do my prophet no harm saith the Lord! The Spirit God is in control and will move how he will look a Japan the Spirit of Judgment and destuction has all ready started and will get much worst judge your own lives instead of others and recieve the Lord Jesus like Paris so you can be preserved during these last days.

I looked at the major cast on the movie and the only one percent black person was Vin Diesel could he have been the black actor she was refering?No it does not surprise me that she would say such a thing.

I am black and I don't care if black women don't like me so I sure don't care if a white woman doesn't like me. Who cares? That wasn't even newsworthy.

Does anyone really care what goes on in that little brain of her's? Come on! Now what I don't understand is the comments saying that "this is why Black men shouldn't date outside their race", or the comments saying that "all or most other races think that Black men are gross just like Paris thinks". It seems that people are fine with making broad generalizations as long as it's a point you agree with, but when other people make generalizations based on race that you find offensive, the first thing you want to say is NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE ALIKE and IT'S RACIST TO THINK SO. I find that very interesting. I'm a Black gay man and I see nothing wrong with dating whoever the hell you want. ALL of my friends (straight as well as gay) have dated inside and outside their race (I have as well). We're not attracted to someone's skin tone. I wish more people were like us. www.demonspencer.com

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