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Did Paris Hilton say 'I can't stand black guys' in new book? [Updated]

Paris Paris Hilton has a new reality show this summer on Oxygen titled "The World According To Paris" and focusing on her daily whirlwind life. But Hilton sparks controversy, and a new book may turn the heat up.

"Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys Into Fame and Madness" by pop culture journalist Neil Strauss contains an encounter where Strauss quotes the heiresss as saying, "I can't stand black guys. I would never touch one. It's gross."

Portions of the interview, which Strauss said took place in 1999 when he was partying with Hilton, have been posted on several websites, including Gawker and LA Weekly.

Strauss said he was discussing several subjects with Hilton when she started talking about a guy she had been out with the previous evening.

Pointing to an unnamed actor in "Saving Private Ryan," Hilton was quoted as saying, "We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can't stand black guys. I would never touch one. It's gross."

When Strauss asked Hilton, "How black does a guy have to be?" he quotes her response, "One percent is enough for me."

Executives for Oxygen, which is owned by NBC-Universal, and representatives for Hilton were not immediately available for comment.

[Updated at 10:45 p.m.] Spokespersons for Paris Hilton said in a statement: "These allegations are absolutely untrue and ridiculous. We have sent these claims to Miss Hilton's lawyers to respond further. It's another example of someone making false claims for financial gain."

-- Greg Braxton

Photo: Paris Hilton. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

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The Times l-o-v-e-s the racial tension. Even if it is imaginary or nonexistent. Keeps us from worrying over the Wall Street Thieves.

You expect this piece of useless and unredemable fluff, having no clue as to life outside the mansion doors; to have a social conscience? In other words, big deal we could expect nothing better. The only shocking part is that she was swapping spit with a person she didn't know or had a clue as to what he looked like. She could of been locking lips with an 80 year old guy who was dumpster diving, in the vacinity, if she was in such a bad way as to be totally ignorant of the man's black features.
Call me crazy but I don't think too many black men had to call the Suicide Crisis Center, after reading or hearing this report.
Maybe she should just hang out with "Greasy" Brandon Davis. His lack of even basic hygiene apparently isn't a problem for her.

Racism is a faulty thinking in much the same way as sexism, authoritarianism, etc. This woman is trapped in the wrong frame of mind with a bid to possess the world for herself only. There is nothing to read in her fair skinned flesh as it is nothing but flesh only. But there is a lot more to read in her insanely wrong mind. So goes the brain weighing: that remark is nothing but "thinking made in Hilton's little mind".

Thanks, Paris. ¿So you're saying that rather than patronize Hilton Hotels, we should look elsewhere? OK.

How did Paris Hilton didn't know the guy she was making out with was not black until she got some where where it was bright.That sounds strange to me.Let be fair let Paris resond to these allegations.But I wont be surprise if it's true.She just air head with money thats all.

Sorry Paris, but i'd have 2 tell u; you are not the least bit attractive to say such things about anyone; it's about time for you to get off your high horse and think about more important things like making a difference in today's society!!!

How can she states that she hates someone and doesn't know them? Sounds to me like she has a self-esteem problem going on. Me being a respectable African-American male, I have helped many non-African-American people and have touched them. I currently drive a gentleman, who is non-African American who is in a wheel chair to wherever he wants to go. It's called being there when you are needed by the less fortunate. I'm sure Ms. Hilton has a huge problem that she cannot deal with rationally.

@Joe et al. If that's what she said then she is racist. And if some black men refuse to date black women en masse then they are racist too.
However I think she is just dumb and ugly and that's not because she is white. It's just because she is dumb and ugly. I still remember her perp walk as when she left "prison", at the end of her recent detention. Ha ha

Don't worry about Paris, she's so 2010.

Kim Kardashian really does go (exclusively) for men of color - that's vindication from a genuine intellectual, and a trendsetter.

The kartrashians ain't gonna want to hear this!

Tanya Franks: Just curious Tanya, is there a reason why you capitalize the "w" in white but not the "b" in Black? Black people with your mindset are detrimental to our people. Wake up Tanya.

Paris Hilton needs to take a night jog in Barry Farms in S.E. Maybe that will give her a chance to really evaluate herself. I don't really believe she said that necessarily, I just don't like her anyway.

"Who cares? I am a black woman and I agree with Hilton. It's her choice to not deal with black men. I like whgite people but being with a White man is gross to me too! To each his own. she is entitled to her own opinion.

stop making it seem like she is racist! Get a life!"


Sounds like this was a private conversation between the two of them years ago, if it actually happened at all. Obviously Paris Hilton is not Mother Theresa, but even for her I think repeating an offhand comment made when she was a teen ager is pretty low. Besides, people say and think all kinds of things beneath the level of public discourse. We all know that. But we have done a reasonably good job of keeping a lid on things in recent decades by filtering that discourse. Strauss does a service for no one.

This is a successful thirty year old business woman who turned herself into a hugely wealthy celebutante with no visible talent. It would be truly stupid for her to say something that ugly to someone she knows would air it to the public (that's what his business is.) As vapid and distasteful as she appears, she ain't stupid.

The point is not that she is not attracted to Black men or her preference is not a Black Man. It is her saying that Black Men are gross and to add salt to the injury saying One percent is enough for her not to like one. That to me is more than not likely someone because they are not what you are attracted to. It's sounds like you are a racist towards the entire Black Race.

Big deal she said she don't like black guys that is her opinion, why force her to like to like someone God you people act like its a mortal sin that she don't like black guys hey
Joe public down the street from me don't like black guys either, so where is his piece in the paper. Just because Paris is popular you don't have to over react! everyone has a right to voice there opinion freedom of speech and press. I just don't understand why people make a mountain out of a mole hill about things. it happens. all I got to say be happy Paris we love ya baby.

Black men think that being with a white woman is a social advantage. Sistas get angry when they notice this phenomenon. White girls who flock to brothas do it because it's rebellious...and because of, uhhh, something BIG. Brothas complain that sistas are too domineering and overbearing in a relationship, hence brothas eschewing sistas if the brotha has chedda, e.g. superstar athletes.

Brothas with chedda shun their own sistas.

Watch Chris Rock's thing about Obama and Michelle: NO, WE!!!!

"Where da white women at?" -Blazing Saddles circa late 70s

Listen, Paris is entitled to her own opinion and while she may have sounded a bit childish saying the statement (if she did), it's still her right to say it. As a Black woman I have to agree with her...I don't care for Black Men either. It's my preference and there's nothing wrong with that. It's not "racist" (that word has almost lost all meaning as it's thrown about with abandon these days), but my choice. This author seems to be trying to make a name for himself and get free publicity for the book. Anything for a buck and his 15 minutes...


Wow!!! We have a pop culture journalist writing a book with unsubstantiated quotes from Paris Hilton when he partied with her in 1999. And look at how fast and furious we are to denigrate her. Come on! Don't you realize if it really happened someone would have at least mentioned it before now? Or did he keep it a secret. She isn't the scum. He is.

A story is written and look at the viciousness of the comments. I am not a Paris Hilton fan, but she at least deserves some level of fairness.

As black male, I am pissed off because this writer knew what to say to get the media buzz. And I am just as stupid for wasting my time reacting to this trash. That's exactly what he wanted.

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