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Sarah Palin to Kathy Griffin: 'Come up to Alaska and pick on me'

Ever since Sarah Palin came into the media spotlight, she has been fodder for comedians. But Kathy Griffin has apparently pushed too far, and Palin is firing back.

The also controversial  comedian -- who, perhaps not coincidentally, will  be playing the role of a Sarah Palin-like conservative politician on an upcoming episode of "Glee" -- has been particularly biting in her snark about Palin and her family. The most recent swipe was at Palin's daughter Bristol and her apparent weight gain while on "Dancing with the Stars." Griffin called her "White Precious."

"Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me," Palin said in an interview Saturday with Fox News host Jeanine Piro, herself a former Republican politician in New York.

"She’s a 50-year-old adult bully, really is what she is, kind of a has-been comedienne."

Meanwhile, Jane Lynch described Griffin's role on "Glee" to "Access Hollywood": "She wears this very Sarah Palin outfit and she’s very righteous… She’s pretty amazing in it!" Lynch continued, "I don’t think anyone can out-Tina Tina Fey in the Sarah Palin department. But Kathy Griffin puts her stamp on her own Sarah Palin character, so it’s great.”

In the Fox interview, Palin dared Griffin to come up to Alaska. "Come up to Alaska and pick on me," Palin said. "But leave my kids alone."


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-- Rick Rojas


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this is funny, somebody uses the same tactics that the Quitting Governor Pailin deploys and she in turn calls her newest adversary a bully.....nice. Funny how you can throw stones from Alaska, a state you tout and defend-yet you quit as Governor, but when the tables are turned Pailin recoils and brings back her beloved Alaska. Palin, your cliches and bullet points referring to momma bears, and other are just bad..I mean really bad. They are lame, sad and you defend a family that is at best dysfunctional. But you continue to tout how you these magical ideas to help America recover and to live better lives. Please take care of yours first before you tell America how to lead its life.

How this ignorant, whiny, self righteous, quitter is still relevant today, I have no idea. Please leave and return to whatever hole you came from.

Kathy Griffin has a revolting horseface to match her hideous inner person. She only plays to self-hating homosexuals because only freaks like them would accept someone as disgusting as her. She's a complete contrast to the delightful and very beautiful Sarah Palin, who is a good mother and hopefully one day soon President of the United States. Drill, baby, drill!

I can't believe that cow from Alaska is still tooting her own horn. Like after she lost the election, she's still in that confetti strewn room tooting her party horn. It's sad to think Ms. Palin doesn't get it. Her five minutes are over. I suppose it helps Carlton to have a wannabe politician pretty enough for him to post her picture in his garage, making him worldly and "political". Move on, Carlton West. She's married.

Can someone confirm that these backwoods that these Palin supporters come from have tv and actually get the main channels without tinfoil on the antennas? Because apparently, they didn't see the Katie Couric interview of Ms. Palin and how stupid and uninformed she came off...at least to the educated majority of the country. Btw, just 'cause she's purdee in Alaska don't mean she knows lickety split 'bout governin' a country. You Palin supporters are what's wrong with this country. Embarrassing.

Palin needs to put her big girl pants on. Her family values are a JOKE she goes on and on about "family values" with a grandkid out of wedlock and I think most REAL GOOD MOMS would take care of that poor child of hers with downs syndrome. Palin acts like she is still in high school and has no CLUE about world issues and it seems she doesn't care or have a reasonable response. ALL presidents are fodder for comedy, sometimes their families get caught in the crossfire.

I'm no kathy griffin fan, but i'd pay to see this go down. Sarah Palin and her daughter chose to be public figures, now they can pay the price just as how they dish it out to the president and his family.

Ah yes a possible pres candidate wanting to fist fight a comedian.I just did'nt think she could get any dumber,I was wrong

Griffin HAS been to Alaska...$arah wouldn't open the door!

BTW Sarah, YOU are older then Griffin, pushing 50, & MORE of a bully

oh hey! WHAT ELSE can $ARAH comment on??? Foreign policy? HA! HA! HA! HA! That's where $arah is the comedienne!

Don't want your kid to be made fun of then don't drag her around as an example of "abstinence only" sex ed and let her boyfriend spend nights in her room.

Only Palin would play the victim over her own bad parenting skills.

"FORMER Gov. Sarah Palin (remember she quit in the middle of her term?) is whiny, ignorant and loves to be a victim. " This.

Also, Mrs. Palin, if your children choose to put themselves into the spotlight by being on television--and a reality show, no less, which are always the #1 gossip fodder target when it comes to TV--why are you still complaining that people are talking about your kid? You have the right to privacy, but you can't have it both ways--either you're in the public eye (and apparently benefiting richly from it), or you're very private, make up your mind.

Mrs. Sarah Palin, You are such a farce. Your daughters are nasty and now have a false sense of entitlement and freely texting to spew hatred and intolerance. Kathy Griffin is more than you will ever be as a person. All these comments should prove the only way we can stomach YOU is when we can laugh about you, rather than the scary thought that you think you have something to contribute, we all know you are a quitter at governing and a loser at entertaining.

Sarah Palin calling Kathy Griffin a bully? Pot meet Kettle!

I think Mrs. Palin is annoyed that she can't pull her "Mama Grizzly" act and expect Kathy to back down. Two of reality TV's worst offenders.

P.S. Kathy Griffin DID go to Alaska last year and even knocked on SP's door, but there was no answer.

Kathy Griffin is a comedienne--Sarah Palin and her family are the Circus and just a big joke. Sarah gives Kathy material every time she opens her mouth. Both are bullies. Both are entertainers. Sarah Palin is an entertainer wannabee--when she stops selling pictures and stories about her kids to the tabloids, maybe then Palin can tell people her children are off limits. Even her Dad and brother want to cash in on the big bucks that Sarah makes--they are now hawking their comments.

@Scott...sounds to me as if you don't have a rational argument, and your use of words that are anything but civil (not to mention your interesting spelling and grammar usage) tells that maybe YOU should read before you post.
Sarah Palin has done nothing for two years but whine, complain about the President, parade her family around like a circus act, and then whine some more that the 'media' won't leave her (and them) alone. If she had anything worthwhile to add to a discussion, maybe we could focus on her ideas instead of her personal life. As it is, she has nothing positive to say, and when she does talk, it's a word salad even trained journalists can't decipher. I'd also suggest that she keep her kids at home, in school, and off the covers of magazines. Bristol and her fake makeup with Levi for a $100,000 paycheck was disgusting.

I think Kathy Griffin is a complete no-talent.

That said, she is 100 times more qualified to be President, or even a school board member,than Sarah Palin-the ignorant, uneducated, unprepared and completely self-satisfied loser.

She is a loser as a Governor, as a VP candidate, as a parent and as a talking head.

I will NEVER forgive John McCain for unleashing this Pandora's Box of an idiot on the nation.

How could Griffin go to Alaska to see Palin? Sarah's too busy doing book tours and media spots to ever even go back to Alaska! That's why she quit! They did that show about "her" Alaska so that she can continue to use that hokey accent long after she moves to New York City.
She wanted to do it by green screen in a Hollywood sound studio, but they coughed up the extra million bucks for her to go back "home".

Palin is an idiot and so are the people that admire her. Every time she opens her mouth it's like a comedian's dream. She is ridiculous. She sounds like some ghetto goon, "Come up to Alaska and pick on me". Whatever.

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