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Sarah Palin to Kathy Griffin: 'Come up to Alaska and pick on me'

Ever since Sarah Palin came into the media spotlight, she has been fodder for comedians. But Kathy Griffin has apparently pushed too far, and Palin is firing back.

The also controversial  comedian -- who, perhaps not coincidentally, will  be playing the role of a Sarah Palin-like conservative politician on an upcoming episode of "Glee" -- has been particularly biting in her snark about Palin and her family. The most recent swipe was at Palin's daughter Bristol and her apparent weight gain while on "Dancing with the Stars." Griffin called her "White Precious."

"Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me," Palin said in an interview Saturday with Fox News host Jeanine Piro, herself a former Republican politician in New York.

"She’s a 50-year-old adult bully, really is what she is, kind of a has-been comedienne."

Meanwhile, Jane Lynch described Griffin's role on "Glee" to "Access Hollywood": "She wears this very Sarah Palin outfit and she’s very righteous… She’s pretty amazing in it!" Lynch continued, "I don’t think anyone can out-Tina Tina Fey in the Sarah Palin department. But Kathy Griffin puts her stamp on her own Sarah Palin character, so it’s great.”

In the Fox interview, Palin dared Griffin to come up to Alaska. "Come up to Alaska and pick on me," Palin said. "But leave my kids alone."


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-- Rick Rojas


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Kathy Griffin makes me puke. If I see her on my television, I change the channel!!!

I am DEEPLY PERPLEXED. WHY is this woman STILL in the media spotlight? WHAT has she done? WHAT IS HER RELEVANCE, other than QUITTING on her constituents in Alaska. McCain, what the hell have you done? You brought this egotistical maniac out of the woods and now we can't get rid of her. "Come on up to Alaska and pick on me". WTH? Will she draw a line in the sand? Yeah, THAT'S JUST WHO WE need running our country.

I really try to avoid hearing ANYTHING that woman has to say; it's just ULTIMATELY DIFFICULT getting past that shrill voice, then when I TRY to give her the benefit of the doubt, she doesn't make any sense. And to think I had empathy for her with the Katie Couric interview during the Presidential campaign. Palin looked SO IGNORANT in that interview that I FELT BAD FOR HER; REALLY BAD.

Maybe, just MAYBE she will go home (AND STAY) when all the conservatives have given her all their money, purchased all her books, bought her a mansion and put all her little ones through school.

Palin is a bigger stooge than W.
It says way too much about our country when such dunces are taken seriously.
Let's move on.

Sarah Palin is nothing but a hoosier. This story did it for me. Hoosier.

Them's fightin' words.

Palin is going after Griffin? What...will she put out target sights maps on comedians now? Or maybe Palin just like to go after women who have last names starting with the letter "G"

Palin is nothing but an air head. Her record and mouth prove it. Intelligent people do not threaten others with "a come to my house statement" She is trash. There is nothing important about this woman and her daughter who had an illigitimate child. Nothing.

Palin is a 50-year-old has-been politician.

What a screwed-up brain in that Sarah Palin thinks it is okay for her daughter Bristol to become pregnant as a teen and then make money as a paid speaker preaching sexual abstinence later. (I suddenly flashed on: Duh! Winning!) And following that bizarre logic right off the cliff she allows Bristol to use her celebrity to get on DANCING WITH THE STARS and then says no one should be allowed to treat her "kid" like a celebrity! Jeez, Bristol is 20 years old now and the mother of a baby boy!

Sarah Palin wants it both ways! Once a quitter from Alaska, always a whining, harping, crying, greedy, low-life quitter from Alaska.

I like some person making comments upon ms Sarah Palin,she is vry popular as of now,that means that nobody can't stop her roaring like thunder,Only God can stop and advance her to a woman of power.2012 is still very far,God can change everything,just watch and do not redicule her.What you you reap.If you hatred you sow damnation,but if you sow love and affection youreap a good harvest of may blessing. Amen,God bless us all.Amen!

Here's an idea for all the folks who say Sarah Palin deserves the hate...you're all a bunch of idiots. What makes you better. What makes your family functional. What makes you ugly. Why the hate? (don't answer otherwise you'll be proving my point.)

The nonsense that comes out of people's stupid mouth is fascinating. You're either mentally ill or have a perverse obession with items you know nothing about. It's lunancy. Sarah Palin deserves to be challenged for her statements and ideas but her family does not derserve it.

The same goes for this Jimmy Carter of a President. He is simply wasting my time because of his policy's. Enough said.

If you are confused because you simply don't understand what you type. Be sure to follow rule of reading before you post. It does take a little extra time.

YOU may be the same people I've run into where your kids are losers, smoke crack or geting high all day. No civil responsibilities. I might be wrong here but you might just be that statistic where you just need to stop driving through McDonald's 3-4 times a day.

If you post...try to have an intelligent argument. As my wife says to her students...Use your words. You only show your ignorance when you rant like a 2 year old. Maybe someone should visit you and knock on your front door and start poking you. You might not like it. Be civil and best of luck...you'll need it.

Palin can dish it out but cannot take it. Palin is a vindictive person and takes all her frustrations out on other people, she is petty.

these old girls could do wonders for each other. if they had their own reality show, costarring with charlie sheen, i might even watch once or twice. forget the bedroom, they could just stay in the kitchen, cooking show style, dispensing their folkie wisdom. instead of "two and a half men", they could title it "two many cooks." anybody up for soup???

but it's OK for Palin's kids to be on FACEBOOK and Twitter calling people
F A G S ???

"Gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin is chic, charming, charismatic, pretty, popular, and prominent. " These are qualifications for a beauty pageant, not running for government. Stunningly Stupidly Superficial.

Why would anyone pay attention to an entertainer, especially a comic. These aren't real people. It is shameful that some folks have so much time on their hands and so little to occupy their minds that they listen to this drivel.

Griffin is enjoying the hugest success of her career, so 'has-been' is hardly an accurate statement. But since Sarah Palin is a liar/hypocrite, this is simply more par for her hideous course. I say: Get that Alaskan piglet and her whole fascist family. And get them GOOD.

Kathy Griffin has my vote.

Picking on children is child abuse someone should inform K G. Pick on al Qaeda agents or sommmthin like that thar, leave the Palins alone or watch out for helicopters flying above ya.

Do it Kathy. I think you'll find, to Palin's dismay, that she doesn't have as much support in Alaska as she seems to think or presume.

Alaskans don't like quitters. They don't appreciate half-govs.

Ask Lisa Murkowski.

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