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Like Charlie Sheen, Chuck Lorre can't be reined in either


"Two and a Half Men" co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre may not be talking publicly about Charlie Sheen, but he is still finding a way to get under the sitcom star's skin. Once again Lorre is using his vanity card -- the little billboard that runs with the end credits of shows he produces -- to take jabs at Sheen.

The latest swipe came Monday night at the end of Lorre's sitcom "Mike and Molly." Lorre wrote that he is "under a lot of pressure to respond to certain statements made about me recently" and offered what he described as his "uncensored thoughts."

In a nutshell, Lorre said he believes "consciousness creates the illusion of individuation" and that is the "prime motivating force for the neurotic compulsion to blot out consciousness." Lorre goes on to say that this "explains the paradox of our culture, which celebrates the ego while simultaneously promoting its evisceration with drugs and alcohol." Reading between the lines, it seems safe to say he is referring to Sheen and his habits.

The vanity cards, which appear in small type for only a second or two, are a source of pride for Lorre and a cause of headaches for Warner Bros., which makes "Two and a Half Men" and CBS, which airs it.

In previous cards, Lorre has talked of his need to attend an Al-Anon meeting and bemoaned the idea of Sheen outliving him.

Sheen has said in recent interviews that he has endured being the butt of lots of Lorre's cracks without responding and when he finally did last week, production on the show was stopped.

"Chuck needs to be put in his place," Sheen told Stern Tuesday morning.

Given all the tension surrounding Sheen, Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros., it is interesting that Lorre was able to get his vanity card on the air. A case could be made that for the moment it might be best to avoid giving Sheen's camp any more ammunition. Warner Bros. and CBS declined to comment on the card and a spokesperson for Lorre could not immediately be reached for comment.

In his "Today" show interview, Sheen picked up a copy of the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" and quoted from a section about acceptance and suggested that Lorre needs to accept him. It appears that Lorre is opting to go with another hallmark of AA -- the Serenity Prayer -- and is looking for the "courage to change" the things he can.


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-- Joe Flint

Photo: Chuck Lorre, left, and Charlie Sheen in 2005. Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


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Actually CBS can and has in the passed rejected his vanity cards because they were deemed inappropriate. They could have absolutely done the same thing to this one, so the fact that this made air makes it pretty clear they're hardly worried that Lorre needs to be "reined in".

I totally love Charlie Sheen. He is what has kept Two and a Half Men going all these years. I know some of the interviews he has given lately have been a little bizzare but I think Chuck Lorre is adding fuel to the fire with his equally bizzare vanity cards. I thought the vanity card he wrote that at the end said he would really pissed off if Charlie Sheen outlived him was inappropriate and in bad taste. If people take the time to read his vanity cards, I think most of them are in bad taste. I'm suprised that Warner Bros. and the network would allow them or a least censor them. I really want to see Charlie Sheen get back to Two and a Half Men. There's not a show that I can remember enjoying has much as this one. Good luck Charlie.

ROCK ON!!! Charlie Sheen ! without Charlie Sheen, 2-1/2 men is just another faded icon of sitcoms. Just like the show about Jerry Seinfeld. Gone with the wind........

Chuck hit the nail on the head. Sheen has almost past the point of no return. only GOD is able to redeem Sheen's life. His family, friends and society need to be protected from his life of self destruction!

Chuck should "kill off" Charlie in the show (shot by a jealous husband or killed in a drunk driving accident would be very believable) and have Alan inherit the wealth and status of Charlie. Then Herb could break up and move in with Alan and start the 2 1/2 men anew. A fresh new beginning for all and Charlie is free to pursue other adventures elsewhere.

Ego clashes can be deadly. And when egos of the immense size of Lorre's and Sheen's try to occupy overlapping space, it's like matter and antimatter coming together to create a new Big Bang. Sheen is obviously quite full of himself, as, it seems, is Lorre. This is like 2, huge bull moose clashing their antlers; fighting for supremacy, and you can hear the loud clacking of the antlers through the ever-eager media. Unfortunately for Sheen, he is the smaller moose - he is, after all, the employee, and Lorre is the boss. It's a business world, these days, and bosses can get away with being dirtbags, it seems. Enough to drive a guy like Sheen crazy, and I think it has, actually.


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