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KCET-TV is looking to sell its historic studio home to the Church of Scientology

Kcetbldg KCET-TV has had a rough time since leaving PBS at the start of the year. Ratings have plunged without fan favorites such as "Charlie Rose" and "NewsHour." Station officials have scrambled to develop a new programming lineup from scratch.

Now it looks as if the station is looking for a new home. KCET officials are in talks to sell the station's landmark Sunset Boulevard studio to the Church of Scientology, according to people who know about the pending deal.

KCET plans to move its operations to a smaller location, real estate brokers said. Station officials have been touring potential sites, brokers said.

Terms of the potential deal were unavailable, but the 4.5-acre property at 4401 W. Sunset Blvd. has an assessed value of $14.1 million, according to county records. Individuals inside the station and real estate consultants who were not authorized to speak publicly about the transaction confirmed the likely sale.

The expected sale comes as KCET has embarked on perhaps the most perilous journey in its 45-year history, under the leadership of President Al Jerome.


KCET's prime-time ratings plunge without PBS shows

PBS chief says KCET talks went down to the wire

-- Scott Collins (twitter.com/scottcollinsLAT) and Roger Vincent(twitter.com/rogervincent).

Photo: KCET-TV is in talks to sell its historic studio lot in Los Angeles. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times.




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There goes the rest of the city.

Will they have to exorcise the entheta left over by those merchants of chaos, those suppresive persons, the press? This shows that Scientology is expanding, either that or the loosening of the Swiss-banking laws is making David Miscavige repatriate some or all of the 300 million dollars, or more, that L Ron Hubbard smuggled out of the country before it gained non-profit status.

I'd imagine that Miscavige has a TON more than 300 million, what with scamming all his rich, brainwashed members and all. I mean it's not like they're putting any serious fraction of that money to use outside their "church", and these folks are just draining their bank accounts into the Scientology coffers in order to level up or whatever.

They probably buy new property constantly, just to make it look like they're growing. Regardless of whether they're growing or not.

Creativity, Art, Imagination, Culture vs Control.
The last vestige of a sovereign mind into the handbasket.


First, do you know where your towel is?

But, you're right; the cult uses building purchases as one of their key expansion stats, as they do with books sold. The funny thing is that both of those key stats can be achieved by throwing money at the problem, which they have plenty of. All those stats prove is that they're rich.

You know what would be a good measurement? Number of members. Of course, they don't track that. Can you believe that? They can tell you how many square feet they own, but not how many people use that space.

Great news! I have been in the Church in Los Angeles recently and they sure can use more space!

That would be really interesting if it's true that Scientology is buying the studio. They already have a huge studio at Golden Era Productions, and many properties in the Hollywood area. One thing they always do is go out of their way to restore the properties they purchase and make them absolutely beautiful. Over the past three months they've opened three new churches--one in Melbourne, one in Moscow and one in Tampa. I love the new look to Hollywood. The whole stretch from the W Hotel to Hollywood and Highland and down to Sunset Boulevard has totally come up over the past 10 years, and it will be very interesting to see what it looks like 10 years hence.

Lol, two scientologists; that's really ever the only group that makes such grand and positive claims.
What they don't mention is tha ALL unbiased studies show a huge and steady drop in members and the fact that many cities, and most countries try to keep the cult out. Scientology had to sue to gain even a foothold in Russia, and has had legal problems in France (fraud conviction), Canada (multiple convictions), Australia (multiple again) and the us, where a Scientology reverend was just convicted of degree murder, after he shot an employee three times in the head over money. The victim objected to the Scientology minister from embezzling money to give to Scientology. This US military between was on his way to his son's birthday party.
While not legally required to do so, the church has expressed no interest in helping the widow and fatherless children; but they have millions available to buy this facility.

This building has an interesting past. It was used for filming already in 1912, almost 100 years ago. I have good hopes that the Church of Scientology will heed the historic legacy of the facility, like they did with the other one down Hollywood Boulevard.


You seem to be quite certain of your statements. What are your sources?

This is garbage. Go around the country--google around the country. There are tons of buildings that Scientology has bought up and has simply let sit, unused, abandoned, in "renovated" status.


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