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Kate Winslet on helping Evan Rachel Wood get naked for 'Mildred Pierce'

Pierce Kate Winslet might play Evan Rachel Wood's mother in HBO's Depression-era miniseries "Mildred Pierce," but on set, she helped Wood do things that most mothers wouldn't. Like fully disrobing for the camera.

"She was very nervous actually," Winslet says. "I remember doing my first full-on nude scene when I was 19, and I was absolutely terrified, so I knew how she felt."

The scene comes at a crucial moment of the five-part series, which premieres Sunday on HBO. So Winslet encouraged Wood to think of getting naked as an acting challenge, testing herself to see if she could get the viewer to focus on what was happening with her character internally, rather than externally.

"By shying away from the scene, she was depriving herself of this great opportunity to be empowered by that moment," Winslet says. "So I said to Evan, 'You know what, here's the thing. People are going to be talking about this scene for years, and you're gonna be in it. And you're gonna look back in years to come and feel so happy that you did it."

Winslet laughs. "It doesn't matter how perfect a person's body might be," she says. "You’re still taking your clothes off."

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Review of "Mildred "Pierce"

--Melissa Maerz

Photo: Kate Winslet and Evan Rachel Wood in "Mildred Pierce." Credit: Andrew Schwartz / HBO

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That's just disgusting. I don't care how much money you're getting paid, women should not take off their clothes for any profession because when they do, it puts them in the same category as the strippers who strip in clubs, and the prostitutes who work the streets to look for someone to get in bed with for money. I am sick and tired of theses actors and singers calling their nude appearances in movies, music videos, live performances, etc. "a work of art". Taking off your clothes is NOT a work of art nor does it give your work more credibility. Honestly, I don't understand how these men and women go home to their husbands or wives after "work". I guess that's why divorce rates are so high in hollywood and not to mention this country. Isn't Kate Winslet divorced? Interesting...

This is highly stylizied nudity for an HBO Drama not a sexually explicit scene shot on a cheap video camera. She is not prostituting herself.

If nudity alone is prostitution, then nobody can take a shower in a locker room in front of other people without being a sinner and lawbreaker.

In fact, Physical Education classes in Middle School and High School would be better if the indoor portions were done all in the nude with both genders to get that body image and nudity awkwardness cloud out of the way.

If you do not like nudity then perhaps you should start a business selling full body suits that make the human body no longer look so disgusting.

Are you serious. I bet you never watched a movie that had some type of nudity in it. Hmmm. How interesting is that.

I can remember a time when movies and shows were based on talent, from the writers to the actors/actresses, not on nudity. If one wanted to see nudity, one went to see the porn (xxx) movies. Almost all now involved with film, the writers, the directors, the producers, and the actors/actresses, are all pushing their sexual ideology. An example, America's Sweethearts, a beautiful movie. However Billy Crystal had to put in a scene that showed his sexual ideology, a dog licking his genitals. These aforementioned people do it knowing people, especially the young, is going to copy their behavior. They can't say they didn't know they would copy their behavior, for look at the clothing industry. When people, especially the young, see the clothes actors/actresses wear they must have it. As such, they have a responsibility to the public, especially the young. The definition of a prostitute is the selling of sexual favor
(anything beyond lip to lip kissing, including french, like fondling of breasts or genitals, sodomy, masturbation, and oral sex) for money, goods, or services. There was a T.V. show on call Will and Grace starring Debra Messing. In this show Messing allowed two men to fondle her breasts for which she was paid. This act made her a prostitute, just like many actor/ actresses out there. One question is why there is such a high divorce rate in Hollywood. Just look at some of the scenes. Actor and actresses fully nude doing sex scenes. Who is to say they are only pretending. That when cut is called everybody has to wait till they finish. Even if this isn't so it throws open the door to temptation and marital dissatisfaction. Then too these actresses, like Kate Winslet, show they have no morals. They will do anything for money and attention, which makes them a poor marriage partner. Kate Winslet takes it even beyond this by flaunting it, and trying to make converts to her sexual immorality. If it wasn't for acting they would be walking the streets, or sitting in hotel room waiting for a john.

Funny, I don't remember a nude scene in the original Mildred Pierce.

Nada, seriously you're really over thinking this and really need to go take a laxative or something. It's not that deep, it's acting plain and simple. Get over yourself or not but please shut up.

Kate Winslet is a talentless hack all she going for her is sex, which is what she is always portraying, and now is trying to convince other actresses to follow suit. Let her go to her true calling, xxx movies.

only animals are permitted to go naked before the public.

First of all, Kate Winslett is a great actress. Secondly, she is hot. Thirdly, you stick in the muds complaining about nudity in film need to crawl back under your obviously boring and unfulfilling rock.

Movies come with ratings, and most reviews summarize potentially offensive behavior (nudity, language, violence, etc.). If something about a movie is going to offend you, simply don't watch or don't go. But stop trying to shove your morals upon the rest of us.

To those of you saying the Kate Winslet is trying to convert this girl to do a nude scene, you're simply nuts. From what I read above, Ms. Winslet is simply trying to help her be comfortable with doing it, since she has to do it for this film regardless of whether she wants to or not. If you don't like that there's a nude scene, blame the writer/producer/director or whoever it is that might be demanding there be one in the movie. But the least one to be blamed here is Winslet!

And in case you were unaware, sex and nudity are part of the human experience, and it is the human experience that actors portray. Me personally, I don't like to show my tears, and I don't like to see other people cry, but I don't grab a pitchfork and call the mob whenever someone cries or causes me to cry in a movie! Crying, laughing, anger, sex, murder, love, betrayal, kindness, cruelty, etc. etc. etc. are all parts of humanity - at its best and worst. Movies show all of these aspects... why shouldn't they show nudity/sex? I'd honestly rather see two people in a sexual situation than two people killing each other...but I don't whine about it in either case. People have a choice whether to watch a film or not, plain and simple. If you don't like the content, don't watch the film - but don't judge someone else who does, or those who create or perform in it.

the internet will reveal to hollywood executives, directors and the world exactly how women actually feel about the sexploitation these prurient, lascivious creeps put actresses through. The original story, Mildred Pierce, acted by Joan Crawford, had no nude scene, nor does it need one. Kate should never have posed nude for the Titanic, either. There was no need whatsoever for this to occur. The producers are pandering to male erotic desires and their own desire to sexually exploit and rape actresses and actors (Hollywood is bisexual in its sexual exploitation, and many, if not most directors and producers engage in bisexual amorous adventures with their captive employees and prospective employees, regularly dangling parts or the prospect of unemployability before their victims' eyes as a lure to compliance), and it is high time for the federal government and California's government to put its foot down on these jerks and put them in the slammer each and every time they pull this crud!

We HATE being used! Women hate you! Hate you! Hate what you do to us onscreen! Leave out all the nudity, the violence against women, the sexploitation! We want you in JAIL! We don't want to see your dirty, scummy movies! That is the MAIN reason that G rated movies do so much better than any other kind of movie! Women just plain don't want to see your sexploitation on movies, on television, or anywhere else! Go to jail, pigs!

Uhh it feels uncomfortable because you're not supposed to get naked in front of strangers...Big Kate W fan, but come on, how many more women are going to take their clothes off for movies under the impression that it's some empowering act or accomplishment for women??? Bottom line you got naked and showed your privates for money because perverted Men (or equally delusional women) told you to do so "For The Art." All you did is reduce yourself, objectify women (a thing most celebs claim they hate) and make yourself out to be nothing more than hookers, but I guess you can hold on to the fact that you get paid more than them...Funny thing is Men are recognized for their acting while women, who claim to want their talents recognized equally, and all they do is get naked...Halle Berry does porn in a God awful movie (Monster's Ball) and she thinks she scored some big accomplishment for black women of the past who kept their clothes on and acted with class and integrity yet never won an Oscar because of their skin color. Halle does Porn and wins because the directors actually found someone stupid enough to take the role and she thought she was doing talented black women some type of justice. Kate Winslet is a great actress, but seriously, keep your clothes on, the Men do. There’s no talent in taking your clothes off or having a "Nice" body...Don't kid yourself or be fooled. Women don’t understand how much power they actually have in the entertainment business. There’d be no sex scenes, titty bar scenes, rape scenes etc. in movies if women stopped taking these degrading roles hoping their 5 minute boob shot opens up this huge career where they can then choose their roles. How on earth do you teach your daughters to have integrity, self-worth, or to be strong minded women when mommy takes her clothes off and humps some strange man who isn’t her father for 10 million dollars? There is a difference between the average woman and those who are above average. The average women hugely outnumber the women that are above average, and I have to tell you the average woman makes me want to puke. Get a backbone ladies, you are not the weaker less intelligent se, start acting like it!


Your post is so far from the truth it's ridiculous. There is nothing "sinful" or "evil" about the naked human body. It IS a work of art, and it IS beautiful. What is wrong with hollywood, and our society, is not nudity, it's the portrayal of how people treat each other in so many of these current TV programs - especially geared towards teens - cruelty, one-upmanship, backstabbing, popularity, emphasizing superficiality and looks. THis is what is hurting our society, not nudity.

I am surprised there are americans coming out against nudity. I thought we were a live and let live culture.

As for Ms. Woods, didn't she get naked in other movies like Across the Universe? Or is this really graphic sex and/or violence scene truly reminiscent of HBO shows?


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