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Now that Dan and Blair are a romantic couple, who else will 'Gossip Girl' hook up?

Dan blair
Blair spent most of high school with Nate, then moved on to a tumultuous, multi-season romance with Chuck -- who has also gotten with Vanessa and (shudder) Jenny. Nate has swapped spit with Jenny and dated Vanessa (who gave it a shot with Dan) and Serena for a while. Then, of course, there's the love that dare speak its name far too often, between Dan and his stepsister, Serena.

It has become so difficult to keep the main "Gossip Girl" cast's hook-ups straight that, back in October, the CW had to provide us with a chart.

And now, the unthinkable has happened: Dan and Blair have finally kissed, despite his obsession with Serena and her lingering feelings for Chuck (although we won't find out whether they liked it or not until the show returns from hiatus April 18). With only one notable exception, every one of the show's original teenage characters has now shared a bed, or at least a lip lock, with every other cast member he or she might conceivably be attracted to. So, for the rest of "Gossip Girl's" run, the writers will either have to bring in quite a few new love interests or get very creative in throwing together the characters they already have.

With this in mind, I've imagined some of the unlikely flings that may be coming our way and how they might come to pass.

Serena and Chuck
It seems odd that the dream girl and the playboy have never spent a debauched night in each other's arms, doesn't it? Perhaps it's because his dad married her mom -- but it's not like that stopped Serena and Dan. Surely they will get together as a result of Dan and Blair's forbidden romance. Serena will walk in on her best friend and ex-boyfriend canoodling in the Brooklyn loft's living room during a routine visit to torture Dan into ruining his life just a little bit more on her behalf. She'll make a teary-eyed retreat to Manhattan, where Chuck will catch her sobbing, sexily, at a hotel bar. When Serena tells him what she's just seen, the jealous pair will make an awful, drunken mistake and never speak of their night together again.

Nate and Eric
Chuck may be the one who's already copped to fluid sexuality, but it's Nate who desperately needs a good story line. Maybe he'd be more interesting if only he'd realize he's bisexual? I imagine the pretty, big-hearted galoot would make a move on Eric the same way he recently snagged Raina -- by getting him high, playing some video games and then feeding his lover some Ben & Jerry's. (Hubby Hubby, anyone?) If it means Eric will finally get some more screen time, I'm for it.

Chuck and Georgina
The next time Chuck and Blair are at war, he and Georgina will reluctantly come together to bring down the Queen Bee. Then, one night, as they celebrate their scheme's success over some martinis in the back of Chuck's limo, they'll lock eyes. And in that moment, deep inside their twisted souls, they will realize they're destined to spend their lives together, destroying everything in their wake to satisfy their desires, like Macbeths for the 21st century. Yes, it's unlikely. But who wouldn't like to see the permanent return of Georgina Sparks?

Dan and Dorota
Once Dan and Blair come to their senses and realize that a relationship between them can never work, he drops by her place while she's out to pick up his toothbrush and back issues of the New Yorker. There, he finds Dorota. As by far the sanest person on the Upper East Side, she confesses that she thinks Mr. Dan is the best thing that ever happened to Miss Blair. Since B has been messing with his head for the last several months, Dan's self-esteem is in the gutter, and he has eyes for anyone who has a kind word to say to him. From there, it's only a short trip to B's bedroom. Too bad her minions are always watching. (Note: This scenario occurs in the parallel universe where Dorota doesn't have an adorable husband and baby.)

Lily and Nate
Nate's hooked up with every other girl on the show, and he's clearly into older women. (Remember Lady Catherine?) Lily is the hottest mom in all of Manhattan, and she might benefit from a lover too stupid to uncover her schemes. So really, all that's keeping them apart are Mama Van der Woodsen's already-weak morals. I see it happening at Chuck and Nate's after a heated business argument between Lily and her stepson. Chuck storms out, Lily sinks into the couch for a good cry, and there's sweet, handsome Nate to dull her pain. Serena, Eric, meet your new stepdad!

Which unlikely "Gossip Girl" couples do you hope to see? 


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-- Judy Berman 

Photo: Dan and Blair, the Upper East Side's most unlikely couple... for now. Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW

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Yes, Nate and Eric, for the win! Or, how about Nate and Dan? Nate and Chuck, anyone? Oh, Chuck and Eric!

Although we never saw it, Chuck and Georgina already hooked up. They've referenced it before that Chuck lost his virginity to her.

Eric, in a bi-curious moment, has a liaison with Jenny

I think you are forgetting the obvious, Vanessa & Rufus!

I actually like the idea of Lily and Nate. and Chuck and Georgina. Now after seeing how sweet and happy Blair can be with Dan and how relatable and human she is now with him. I actually DON'T want Chuck and Blair, they are boring, superfial, and done to death. Time for them to just let go and move on with other people. It may hurt, but it's what needs to be done.

Lily and Chuk, of course!! I always found the way they looked at each other a little twisted

LMAO at the nate & lily and dan & dorota options. those are hilarious. haha these all were actually pretty funny. and yea i dont care what couple gets together on the show anymore as long as blair & dan stay together. theyre like a breath of fresh air to this show. theyre the only reason im still wacthing. chuck & blair and dan& serena got so boring after the first season and chuck and serena are terrible people to be in relationships with. dan & blair are hilarious and witty and super adorable together. they have a very seth/summer pacey/joey harry/sally -esque feel to them.


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