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HBO releases new 'Game of Thrones' poster

Thrones HBO has unveiled a new poster for “Game of Thrones,” so draw your sword! Or ... look melancholy alongside it like Lord Eddard here.

“Game of Thrones” is based on the George R.R. Martin novels set in the mythical land of Westeros. The medieval fantasy drama centers on the Stark family who become entangled in high-court drama when patriarch Eddard, played by Sean Bean, becomes the king’s top advisor.

The poster release is just another way to stir interest about the series. The network also launched an interactive marketing campaign, "The Maester's Path," an interactive puzzle.

"Games of Thrones" premieres April 17 on HBO.

ShowTrackers, what do you think of the poster? Are you anticipating the premiere?

For those who need more than just a picture to hold them over until then, here's a peek at the pilot:

--Yvonne Villarreal


Photo credit: HBO

Video credit: HBO



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Has potential.
I love the books.
I just hope it doesn't devolve away from the source material like
"The Seeker" did and basically become another Xena.
Nothing wrong with Xena, for what it is, but its nice to see a full story
arc with true character and event changes and development.

Did you just mention Game of Thrones in the same sentence as Legend of the Seeker!?! I'm aware the TV series was a horrible bastardization of the novels, but even the books were inane drek compared to A Song of Ice and Fire. At least, the first half of the first one was, that's as far as I could get.

No, this will be quite different. Think of the best television show you've ever seen. This is better, in the worst possible way.


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