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'GMA' co-host Robin Roberts on Chris Brown interview: 'I didn't think it had gone well'

Brown_roberts Chris Brown had the blogosphere -- and the water cooler -- buzzing with his outburst, which included a shattered window, after an appearance Tuesday on ABC's “Good Morning America.” So what did news anchor Robin Roberts, the woman who seems to have sparked it all, think? 

Roberts appeared Wednesday on “The Gayle King Show” on OWN. When asked by King if she thought the interview had gone well, Roberts was frank: "Oh, no. I didn’t think it had gone well,” she said. “But by no means did I feel that it didn’t go so well for him to react as he did.”

During the sit-down, Roberts pressed the singer about the legal troubles stemming from his 2009 altercation on a Los Angeles street with then-girlfriend Rihanna.

"I wasn't trying to go back down memory lane and rehash every detail ..." Roberts added, saying that her point was to note that a judge eased a restraining order regarding Rihanna and that it signaled a new beginning for him.

But she's not mad at Brown. In fact, she'd like to have him back. She told viewers on Wednesday morning's "GMA" that she and the show's producers would "love to have him back" -- and Brown is said to be "seriously considering that." ShowTrackers, think that's a good idea?

Here is more from Robert's with King:


-- Yvonne Villarreal


Photo: Robin Roberts interviews Chris Brown on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday. Credit: ABC

Video: OWN

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Please don't give this jerk any more free publicity.

Clearly this guy has anger issues and he obviously can not control them. What really surprises me is the way that GMA is handling this, almost apologizing when the story is right in their face. Someone could have been injuried yet as so many have in his past they bush it off as nothing. Maybe the next girl that he beats will apologize just like Robin because after all he may come back and visit again. Time to change the channel and no more GMA, sorry George.

Robin Roberts should have simply left it alone. Yes she was only trying to tell Brown of the judge's statement, but she failed to notice that he did not want to talk about what happened two years ago. Yet she still insisted. She's truly foolish. Remove her from the program, she is past her prime, it seems.

i think everyone needs to let chris brown be, how can he ever do better or take a step foward when people keep bringing up his past? whats done is done! Does anyone bring up the fact what rhianna did..or why what happened, happened he way it did? NO! EVERYONE is trying to pin everything on chris and its MEDIA that brings these famous people down and tears there world apart and its sad.

Quoting Robin Roberts:"I wasn't trying to go back down memory lane and rehash every detail ..." Yea! right! Robin Roberts was out of line in the way she kept badgering Chris Brown. I guess she didn’t understand that he didn’t want to talk about the past. She totally ignored him and reduced herself to buzzard journalism, picking at the last bit of meat! How sad, that someone whom God has been so merciful to would stoop to such levels to prove that she was in control. She is much older than Mr. Brown and she should have used more wisdom and treated him like a son instead of a "ratings increase." I am sure that she has issues in her past and that she doesn’t want people to keep bringing up over and over (Would she get angry, if it is revealed that her past is less than stellar?). None of us are without sin and none of us want to be badgered continuously. Let the young man get on with his life. He satisfied the requirements of the court. As a professional, I expected more out of Ms. Roberts. She should be ashamed of herself! I am disappointed in her "tabloid journalism." In her heart of hearts, she knows that she was wrong. It seems that no matter what level of success one achieves in this life the base nature of humans is to always try and focus on the failures and mistakes of others and gloat over them! I guess this incident bolstered her self-esteem! I wonder if she would have treated Charlie Sheen the same way? One thing for sure, Chris Brown won’t be judged by the way we see him, he will be judged by the way God sees him. At least he will get a fair shake from the Lord!

Brie, are you seriously suggesting that Rhianna did something that she deserved to get hit for? This misogynistic attitude is what has allowed domestic violence to be acceptable. If this is the way Chris Brown reacts to a simple question, it shows he has not learned his lesson or changed at all.

Is there any question as to why he is in the position he is in?

The guy obviously has management issues and until he gets those under control he should not be allowed anywhere near an audience or people who he can possibly harm. No one wants his music or his type. He is no longer an entertainer, but a train wreck waiting to happen. Go away, little boy, go away.

Chris Brown obviously has anger issues. Common knowledge, when you very publicly abuse someone and you have so called celebrity status, it does not just go away. He has to live with the consequences of his actions. Not only is Chris Brown extremely immature(temper tantrums are for usually reserved for small children), He also seems to have quite a bit of unresolved anger (breaking out a window because someone asked you a question you didn't want to answer) I don't care how talented his fans think he is - he is an idiot.

Chris Brown needs to go look at Michael Vick and learn from him. He is constantly pressed about his past, and if PETA has their way he will always be answering questions on past decisions. Chris Brown, as an entertainer, faces the same scrutiny. People who believe that "Robin Roberts should have known better" are being disingenuous at best. She is a reporter, she asks questions. Some questions make us uncomfortable, but good reporters ask them anyways. Until he can face these questions, and does not become angry enough to destroy his dressing room there will always be questions about whether he has dealt with his anger management issues. He can't pretend this didn't happen, he has to face it and face it every day for the rest of his life. And if that is the attitude he takes, and his actions follow his words, people will eventually stop talking about it, but he doesn't get to decide when that is...

Chris Brown is a no-talent, no-class, angry abusive jerk. He offers nothing to the world. Please quit putting him in the spotlight; that way he can slink back into obscurity.

Chris shouldn't have agreed to answer questions related to his past....but when she asked the first question and he answered and she asked the second question, he had every right to get mad. It's about him promoting his album, not about him and Rhi. It was badgering him and trying to make headlines.

How long does a person has to pay for their mistakes??
He satisfied his the sentence handed down to him by a court of law and that should have been that Robin should and does know better. She should have looked beyond his past troubles and talk to him about what he came there for in the first place.

You know what, nobody really knows what happened in that car together and on top of that neither him OR "rhi" is all that innocent ok.. I mean she's been going through dudes like a hot knife through butter since leaving him so...

Robin Roberts went too far by pushing Chris Brown. He was there to promote his new album, he repeated it gracefully and Robin kept pushing. I was mad watching it. It is over, journalists need to stop rehashing things and let things die. Was he given the question before the interview to approve or disapprove? I doubt it. Whether he threw the chair or someone else did or not, it may not have meant to hit the window. Everybody is so quick to judge Chris Brown and not think that it might have been an accident. I would not have even performed the way he was pushed if I were Mr. Brown. I think he is owed an apology by Robin and she owes his fans an apology. It was pretty much forgotten and he paid his dues. Leave the guy alone. He has alot of talent and doesn't need a journalist pushing and pushing when he was there for a specific reason. I have lost alot of respect for Robin Roberts and maybe ABC and GMA produers or execs should talk to her and train her to see that she is barking up the wrong tree and starting to upset a GUEST on the show. Chris Brown had great restraint, still sang, but I feel he was bullied on GMA. Until there is an apology by Robin Roberts for extremely poor judgement and causing a spectacle for Chris Brown again by all the journalists that feed off of this crap, late night, ET, etc., I will no longer watch GMA and limit my watching of any ABC shows because of the way they are handling this worst interview I have ever seen and I am 49 yrs old as of yesterday. Poor, poor judgement and harrassing interview. Sad day for Chris Brown which should have been a new start. Shame on Robin, GMA, and ABC. :(

Shame on you Robin you push too far once he answer and you went back he said he wanted to go on with the CD you went back again then you have Gayle who holds alot of weight o but her and Oprah was on Ri Ri side to cover you... Girl stop and then your Black it looked bad really really bad... U push and I don't think he should ever trust u again I won't not saying i am important to u but you will not be so important to me u Push the pipe and it BUST DAM we all made mistakes.

It is not normal to just push your past under the carpet like so many C.B. supporters are doing. It is obvious that he has not learned from his past...that is why it keeps coming up! Pure karma.

Oh yeah. And what is done is not done. Rihanna will have emotional scars for the rest of her life.

If we keep up that sentiment we might as well start letting criminals out of jail, because what is done is done.

Ok, we know this guy has anger issues. Any "Man" that "lays hands" on a woman has issues & maybe even has a chemical imbalance or is deficient mentally. However, remember long before he assaulted & battered Rhianna (we could even say she was falsely imprisoned in the car, but thats another story)Brown appeared on Ashton Kutcher's "punked". He assaulted the waiter but did not batter him & Ashton came out and stopped the prank because it was clear Brown was incapable of remaining calm. Google the episode & see for yourself. Therefore, a pattern is there & this behavior is prevalent-so send him to anger management, counsel this brother & pray for him...He needs help! I just hope his anger issues don't one day result in an event that will have lifelong consequences for him.....

It doesn't keep coming up. Miss Roberts brought it up. Noone knows what happened in the car with the "princess" or the dressing room. He paid his dues. Everyone deserves a second chance and not to be bullied during an interview. It was uncomfortable watching it. I was saying in my home to leave him alone already. GMA has lost it's touch. All the good people are gone. The "journalists" need to go back through training and learn to read a guest or the signs on the guests face that they are irritated or they are not there to discuss whatever the journalists want to. The guests are there to promote albums and movies. leave it alone. It was wrong. Robin was way out of line. And Chris Brown did take it. Enough is enough. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. The Bible says we should not judge. Would you like to be in Chris's shoes right now?? It's over. Go on Chris. Hold your head high and do your thing. Don't listen to the haters that call themselves journalists.


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