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'Glee' recap: Kurt and Blaine's 'Original' kiss


Tuesday night's "Glee" brought Kurt and Blaine fans -- by which I guess I mean pretty much every single "Glee" watcher -- the moment they'd been waiting for.

"Kurt, there is a moment when you say to yourself, 'Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you forever,' " Blaine says, scooting his chair a little closer, putting his hand on Kurt's hand, before continuing. "Watching you do 'Blackbird' this week, that was a moment for me. About you. You move me, Kurt. And this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you."

And with that, my patient friends, Blaine and Kurt kissed. Tenderly. Passionately.  More than once.


To paraphrase the song that's stuck in my head, the song that awakened Blaine to his true feelings for Kurt, all this season, we were only waiting for this moment to arise.

The episode also brought us several other long-anticipated moments -- and several more we only wish we'd thought to anticipate. Among them:

Rachel writes a song worthy of her voice: Like Brittany, I'm a fan, after a fashion, of Rachel's "My Headband." (I differ with Finn; I think it's much better than her follow-up effort, "Only Child.") But Rachel finally got it right with her emotional self-penned power ballad "Get It Right." And from the softening look on Finn's face as he watched her (another moment we'd been waiting for), it appeared she was starting to get things right on that front, too.

Rachel and Quinn confront each other over Finn … and fate: It actually wasn't the confrontation we'd been led to expect. In claiming that she'd be the one to keep Finn, Quinn conceded that Rachel was destined for bigger, better things than smalltown life in Ohio. Quinn imagined a far humbler future for herself: "Do you want to know how this story plays out? I get Finn; you get heartbroken," she tells Rachel. "And then Finn and I stay here and start a family. I'll become a successful real estate agent and Finn will take over Kurt's dad's tire shop. You don't belong here, Rachel, and you can't hate me for helping to send you on your way." Well, she can, actually. But Quinn's honesty may help the rest of us forgive her, at least a little bit, for her current prom-queen obsession. Even though, you know, prom queens do live -- on average -- five years longer than the rest of us.

The original songs in "Original Songs" weren't half bad: From Santana's ode to poor, horrified Sam, "Trouty Mouth," to Puck's tribute to Lauren, "Big Ass Heart," to Mercedes' self-celebrating "Hell to the No," the original songs on this episode were funny and revealing. And rousing Regionals-winning anthem "Loser Like Me" landed like an exuberant slushy in the face (and I mean that in the best way). I loved the audience's giant foam "Loser" hands -- perhaps even more than the glowing candles they waved in the air during the Warblers' turn onstage. Fun.

Kathy Griffin, funnyish; Loretta Divine, funnier: It wouldn't be Regionals without a highly amusing, completely unpredictable panel of judges. And while Kathy Griffin was sight-gag funny as local "tea party" candidate Tammy Jean Albertson (a scary mix of Sarah Palin and Christine "Not a witch" O'Donnell), her lines fell a bit flat. Not so Rod "Can I add a dash of Rod to this lady soup?" Remington. Or Loretta Divine's stripper-turned-nun Sister Mary Constance, whose question about Dalton -- "Is that a gay school or a school that appears gay?" -- totally hit the bull's-eye.  

Kurt and Blaine's Regionals duet: It was lovely to see Kurt get his in-competition turn onstage -- and to watch Kurt and Blaine face each other and sing "Candles" by Hey Monday before a rapt (hilariously candle-waving) audience. It wasn't quite "Baby, It's Cold Outside," but I'll take what I can get. Plus, Darren Criss singing Pink's "Raise Your Glass" right after that was a musical highlight. Among the Warblers' best.

Rachel's MVP moment: So after New Directions (albeit hideously costumed) delivered a knockout punch (followed, literally, by a knockout punch, courtesy of Sue) at Regionals, Rachel is hailed as MVP by the group. I'm always disappointed when an episode of "Glee" ends with a group hug. But since Blaine's words about life being about more than just winning a trophy is still ringing in my ears -- the vision of Kurt and Blaine walking hand in hand still dancing in my memory –- I'll forgive.

Do you think the episode worked? Do you think Sue's onstage violence will have consequences? What were the best lines? (I loved Brittany, after the cascade of dirt Sue put into her locker, saying, "I don't even remember putting that in there.") And most importantly, how on Earth are we all going to make it through until "Glee" returns from hiatus on April 12? Group hug?

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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: New Directions perform at Regionals in Tuesday's "Original Song" episode of "Glee." Credit: Adam Rose / Fox

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I loved "Original Song". You are so right about "THE KISS". It was so sweet, so tender and so passionate all at the same time. Felt absolutely real. I hope the writers don't infuse the kind of "does he love me/love me not" drama into Klaine that they've infused into Finchel (Finn and Rachel). Kurt already has enough drama in his life, he needs some happiness.

I agree all the songs were perfect. Whether perfectly good ("Raise Your Glass" was the best) to perfectly horrible ("Trouty mouth" - OK, we get the point that Santana is in love with Brittany and not with love Sam. Hopefully Sam will figure this out and dump her).

I love season two of Glee. Season one was so much fun but season two has really deepened the stories. Especially Kurt's, of course. But others have changed too. I love what they are doing with Puck. One of my personal favorite moments was seeing Puck's reaction to the Kurt/Blaine "Candles" duet. He was in tears. I loved that. I don't know what it means but I sure hope the writers don't just drop it.

If this group of kids are on Glee for three years then that is a good three year fun. Season one was like the first Star Wars movie (the ones with Luke, Han and Lea), full of silly fun. In season two, the plot thickens. Villains deepen.

As a 50 year-old gay man, I did not think I would live long enough to see a sentence like "pretty much every single "Glee" watcher -- the moment they'd been waiting for. " describing a male-on-male passionate kiss appear in the LA Times. Things sure have changed!

This episode knocked my socks off, and brought tears, by the gallons, to my eyes.

The kiss was the revisionist dream of every gay adult in America. First stop if they ever invent a time machine: Dalton Academy. We have finally arrived in the media as real people, and Primetime on Fox, no less. Who would have thought.

The Original songs were a perfect fit for the characters and plot, something that has been a bit off at times with the covers.

I have to admit, I am glad Sue only punched the pol's wife, it looked like she had murder on her mind.

Loved it!

Watched this episode with husband and 22-year-old daughter, and we were just thrilled. We couldn't turn away from it -- Loved the songs, loved the story lines, and LOVED the way they got Blaine and Kurt together.

Sometimes (OFTEN!) you wait and wait for two favorite characters to get together, and the show writers drag it out ad nauseum until you don't even care anymore (Bones, anyone?). Or they just do it stupidly -- either awkwardly or half-assed or by accident or even a little violently. Not here. This was perfect. Sweet and lovely and real.

Glee can be weird and goofy and off-track. But this time, they were perfect.

Nice recap. I liked the episode, but thought the guest star judges were a big misfire. I agree, though, that the songs weren't half bad. I'd listen to them on the radio, for sure. Check out my full review at my blog!

They need to figure out a way to dress up the GLEE kids during their competitions. Their outfits were absolutely buglee! I get they need to uhm...accommodate Lauren and her full figure but geez, if they throw another mumu-type top on her, I'm going to scream! I really think the stylists could work a little harder in putting Lauren in a matching outfit that doesn't just drape over her like a drop cloth.

And yeah, I teared up when Blaine kissed Kurt.

I was a bit afraid that they wouldn't be able to pull off this episode, but, overall, they managed to top themselves. I found that there were more hillarious moments in this episode than in others. Sue's final "punch" may have been a little too much, but I couldn't help LOL. A recently converted Gleek, L.

This was such a good episode. With great songs! I liked the song Kurt and Blaine sang as a duet, but I wanted a better song for them. I have waiting for them to get together since Blaine came on to the scene!! That kiss was great! I command Darren Criss for playing his role so well. I believed that kiss 100% and it felt so honest and pure between the two. Not to mention I loved heartfelt speech about finally seeing Kurt.

I too liked the little funny songs that everyone came up with. The orginial songs were soo good. This episode just really reminded me of why I love this show. I hated those outfits the girls wore at regionals, but oh well. And I must say, I love the top 40 songs...but Glee just makes them so much better.

But I have a question...did anyone else feel like for some reason that the bird Pavaratti didn't die like Kurt said it did? I kept feeling like Kurt was hiding some secret or something..I don't know why. But I am glad that wasn't the case. haha and i am going to be dying until April 12 comes around!

The blain and kurt kiss made me tear up. Im a straight 22 year old woman and even i am deeply touched by how times are changeing and i even squealed. Also,i thought it was cool that they used orignal songs. They were catchy and fun.

Last night's episode was absolutely great in more ways than one. First, the Kurt and Blaine, yes, finally it happened. I've wanted it to happen for a while, and just when I was almost losing hope --- BAM. There it was. I love how they got together, and how they developed a deep friendship and strong bond before getting in a relationship. All I wanted for Kurt's boyfriend storyline was for Kurt to find someone who deeply cares for him, and we got that, but I never expected to care for Kurt's boyfriend as much as I do. They really made me care for Blaine, the silly, smiling boy with his head in the clouds and his heart on his sleeve.

I really can't wait to see what awaits them after the hiatus. I can see them going through drama in the future, but I think their drama might be something they go through together, unlike the other couples. I want to see them stand strong and struggle through all of their difficulties, from things that come easy to other couples but won't be easy for them, like slow dancing at prom, to things that are hard for everyone, like their parents meeting The First Boyfriend.

The original songs were a great part of this episode! Love love love Loser Like Me, and I know it was a joke, but Trouty Mouth was A+.

I am in love eith this episode!! I think it is amazing how sooo many people can be excitied about a kiss between two male characters! It really shows how the country is chaning and it is amazing!! As a glee fan, it was probably one of my favorite episodes and not just becasue of Kurt/Blaine. I didn't think they could pull of original songs, but they did. My favorite of the night had to be candles though. All in all, it was a great episode!!!

I thought the original songs were good (a nice change). I love when Rachel sings from the heart. Did Puck's Big Ass Heart sound very similar to the Brian Setzer Orchestra? Personally I think Puck has a much stronger voice than Finn and would love to see him take over male lead at Nationals. Yes, I thought Quinn was being pretty sneaking/deceitful trying to be Rachel's new best friend but there is a tiny itsy bitsy part of me that understands why. Quinn, knows the chances getting out of Lima/state of Ohio are pretty slim but for Rachel, her talent will allow her to see the world (or at least NY). Quinn is fighting tooth & nail to hold onto something and that is Finn. Ugh, I know it is a “television show” and not reality, but Quinn could apply to colleges outside the state of Ohio. Or stay in Ohio, apply to Ohio State in Columbus and date Ohio State Buckeye football player. And btw.......are the kids Sophomores or Juniors?

Mercedes needs to be utilized a little bit more. I feel her frustration when she knows she has a great powerful voice but always regulated in the background. She is not a back-up singer, she is the lead. She is Effie. And yes, Mercedes needs some loving too! Writers are you listening? She is the only one who has not had a long interest. Heck, one of the very cute adorable Warblers would be great for her. Kurt could set them up and they can go on a double date.

It was nice to see Loretta Devine (she never disappoints) but I thought it was sort of a waste. Personally, I think she would have been PERFECT as Mercedes' mother. I hope FINALLY we get to see Cheyenne Jackson in two weeks and have a sing off with Will.

I've been slowly losing interest in Glee. Yesterday's episode with Kurt and Blaine kissing really turned me. I will admit I'm conservative. It's fine that homosexuals have their unions but I don't want it thrown at my face. If Glee came on at 10pm its not so bad. All the story lines are getting crazy anyway. One less Glee fan.

I love the show,HOWEVER, it's becoming a little too homosexual for me. Lets see: Kurt is gay as is his boyfriend, Santana is gay. Brittany is bisexual, and that one football player is gay. I understand that the creator of the show is gay as is at least one other exec. on the show. When Kurt and that other dude kissed I said thats it! No more Glee! Loved Season 1 but I really cannot watch anymore nor will my young children.

Glee forgot its target audience - 7 year olds. When the kiss happened my daughter looked at me with a whole lot of question in her eyes. She even said, "Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?" I'm fine with a gay story line, but all of this Blaine/Kurt and Santana/Brittany stuff is too much. Come on, Glee! Right the ship.

Glee's child audience???? What child audience? The show's topics have including beating up people who are different, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, unplanned pregnancy, lots and lots and LOTS of premarital sex, and the one thing that you're disturbed about is a kiss between two people who care deeply about each other? Takes all kinds, I guess.

OK, CHH... Let me break this down for you. I don't believe Glee's target audience is seven year olds, really. Bravo to Glee and EVERYONE in that cast because what they are teaching is tolerance, acceptance, and that LOVE comes in all forms. Gay, Straight or Bi. Maybe, instead of you being so worried about having to explain to your daughter (oh the horror) that their are gay people... you know boys who "like" other boys, or girls who "like" other girls. Really not that hard to explain to a child, because a child you see, is the purest form of love... they don't come into this world with prejudice, that, "mommy" they learn from you. As far as your child's "am i seeing...." looks like you missed your opportunity to educate. I feel bad for her, and you for that matter...

Loved the episode, loved the songs, (especially Rachel's, Mercedes's and of course Loser Like Me) but the perfect over the top moment was Blaine and Kurt. I was so glad to see Kurt finally in love with someone who loved him back, I whooped and cheered, rewound the scene, played it again and whooped some more. Bless that sweet character's heart, he deserves someone as nice as he is.

When I was little, the only gay characters on stage usually hated themselves so much they committed suicide in the last act. Being foolish and straight, I was an adolescent until I understood what drove all these poor frustrated souls to end their own lives. I'm so glad acceptance and tolerance have started to turn the tide both for straight and gay people in fiction and in real life. Like Kurt's solo, it's about time.

thought the episode was fine, but like this whole season, was a little disappointing to me.

imo, the show has forgotten its focus. in the big picture, that's the music, and for most of this season (the episode 'duets' excepted), the writers seem to have forgotten that. last year, the journey medley seemed superior to aural intensity's offering and vocal adrenaline's bohemian rhapsody; there was a sense that new directions had gotten cheated. but this time, the win seemed like a foregone conclusion, even though i thought their songs were not substantially superior to the warblers'. and aural intensity's performance was just a pandering loser.

plot focus has been lacking as well. we had no build up to regionals. they won at sectionals, then apparently didn't practice or prepare AT ALL for regionals until this episode. they did kinda fall into a potential song for regionals (in 'comeback'), then didn't use it. wasn't that compelling anyway.

and finally, i'm not a prude, but the focus on sex has been ridiculous. yes, these are teenagers, so some sexual stuff makes sense, but the show is about THE MUSIC. oh, that they could get back to that...

As a parent I am shocked other parents didn't see the show as inappropriate for children many, many episodes ago. I am disappointed my 3 year-old no longer gets to dance to the music. However, Glee is only touching on topics that are real for teenagers today. There was no problem with last night's natural crescendo to the flirtation between Blaine & Kurt. It was only provocative in its passion & congruency, not because of the gender. My discomfort with the kiss is more about me than about Fox crossing any lines of propiety. I am a conservative, thirty-something mother of two. As I adjust to the reality of love coming in many forms, I am pushed outside my comfort zone. That is a good thing. As a Christian, my response should be in love, not fear or hate. I love the characters of Kurt & Blaine. I love Glee for providing an accurate look at high school & the search for identity. I hope one day to find the accurate response of love towards homosexuals who choose to express themselves physically in public while staying true to my own beliefs. (To be honest I am not real comfortable with heterosexuals doing that either & in this episode the kiss was in private). While I figure that out, I am glad to have a show that keeps me thinking & growing.

Blessings to you all,

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