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'Fringe' quotes

No new episode of "Fringe" on Friday, but to hold you over until next week, the producers have put together a new promo. Only five media outlets got their hands on this early. You can tell why if you pay close attention to the different critics they quote (hint: they save the best for last).

Speaking of "Fringe" and quotations. I thought it would be fun to list a few of my favorite "Fringe" lines of this season:

-- Walter: Aha, the beguiling Olivia Dunham beguiles.

-- Walter: Ummm ... I feel nauseated.
-- Peter: Yeah, this is pretty disgusting, even by our standards.
-- Walter: I'm not talking about the body; I fear I may have broken wind inside my suit.

-- Walter: You're just saying that to see if I'm high.

-- Walter: In the '70s, I innocently wandered in the wrong home and it was three days before I realized my mistake. And unlike Olivia, the woman I was sharing a bed with didn't look like my wife at all.

-- Walter: And I have no idea how to bring our Olivia back. It's all because of that temptress. She tricked my son with her carnal manipulation, and he fell right into her vagenda.

-- Walter (to Peter): Fine, if you end up breaking the universe, this time it's on your head.

-- Peter: With a basement lab at Harvard, Walter was able to open a wormhole into another dimension that essentially shredded all the laws of science. I can't wait to see what he's capable of doing with a multibillion-dollar corporation.

-- Walter: 10th street, I frequented a massage parlor just around the corner. I used to get off right here.
-- Peter: I sure hope you're talking about the station, Walter.

Let me know if there are any great quotations I'm missing.


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-- Andrew Hanson

Video credit: Fox

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I *love* FRINGE. Please renew it for another season, FOX.


Yes, FOX, be nice and renew Fringe! TV doesn't get better than this. You'll look back one day and say to your grandchildren ''we made TV history''

My favorite show on television. I never miss it! Love Peter and Olivia.

Okay,this is a little late and a little long, but one of my favorite Fringe quotes:
Astrid: It also gave him four extra nipples.
Peter: Maybe he mutated into an opossum.
Walter: No, opossum's have 15 mammaries, unlike most mammals, who have an even number of nipples. Hence, the one half rule regarding nipples.
Astrid: The one half nipple rule?
Peter: You just had to ask, didn't you?
Walter: The typical number of young in the litter is usually equal to half the number nipples on the animal. The number of nipples being the maximum litter size. Humans, for example, one child is the typical. Maximum, twins. Barring extraordinary cases when the young exceed the number of nipples.
Peter: God, I hope I never have to hear him say the word "nipple" again.


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