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Ellen Degeneres' campaign against 'Celebrity Apprentice' and other supersized reality shows

It’s the silent epidemic. But Ellen DeGeneres is finally lending her star power to put an end to it.

Reality shows, watch out. You know who you are. You’re the ones who think so much of yourself that you clock in at 120 minutes.

“I’m talking to you, ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ ” she says in her mock public service announcement. “You’ve assembled the craziest cast ever, but what’s crazier than that is making me spend two hours of my Sunday watching your show ….”

The Biggest Loser” and “Survivor” are also called out in her crusade against two-hour reality shows.

But why stop there? We'd like for Ms. Degeneres to consider adding those three-part Bravo reunion specials to her campaign against the unnecessarily overinflated programming.

Show Trackers, do you join Ellen in this campaign? Or do you like the supersized versions of your favorite reality shows?

— Yvonne Villarreal


Video credit: "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

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I am so sick of Ellen.

Survivor is only one hour but actually could be improved by another hour per week. If she doesn't want to watch, then she shouldn't watch.

I agree. They could trim all of these shows instead of milking them. Too uch filler. Especially, the Idol results show. It should only be 30 minutes.

Ellen, while I agree with you about the most of reality shows - Celebrity Apprentice, a group of has-beens and never-weres led by one of the biggest egomaniacs alive. The Housewives of (pick your city) - turn off the cameras none of them are worth the time or the money spent on camera crews or the electricity for the lights. Jersey Shore another group of do nothing, no talent frauds, they aren't even from Jersey and they give a bad name to the entire state. I have never been a fan of Survivor or Amazing Race. Biggest Loser has its good moments and I have learned some thing from that show.

You said, you are forced to watch the show on Sunday night, talking about Celebrity Apprentice - I have a question for you ~ are your fingers on both hands broken? If you don't like it change the damn channel! If you want to see the board room, switch back for the last 10 minutes. Its people like you who keep these shows on. You bitch and complain about how bad and worthless they are but you keep watching them.
If people stop watching they will go away.

Ellen , If you don't like the shows, do what a lot of us do ... use your remote and change the channel. No one is forcing you to watch the reality shows.
There are plenty of good shows and movies on the tube.

And Ellen's show is not in real time and hence a reality show? Ellen should do some introspecting and see how boring she really is. I'd pick Donald any day over Ellen.

I am also so sick of Ellen.

I am tired of Ellen. I wish she will just shut up.

Gosh Ellen, if you don't like it change the channel!! It's not all about you! Do what the rest of us viewers do if we don't like something....DON'T WATCH IT!!

Ellen made me laugh. Everyone should realize that this was just a joke.

Ellen's PSA made me laugh. It was just a joke by a comedian.

What? As opposed to the reality show that she used to be one ---that split their TWO and a HALF!!!!! hours into three nights?


Pretty funny from a woman whose show is on tv 5 hours per week.

You are so right Ellen. That is why you are so loved and respected because of your honesty and bluntness. These reality shows are just too much to b on for 2 hours and especially on a Sunday. So yes i am one who supports your campaign. One because you are so right and two because i just LOVE Ellen!


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