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'Dancing With the Stars' results recap: The first cut is the deepest

123935_8332_pre Alas, with all the fun that came with two weeks of glittery ballroom dancing comes the inevitable news that one of our Season 12 stars was going to be sent packing out of the fringe-filled “DWTS” world and back into a decidedly less-sparkly existence. And this week, the dubious honor of being the first person out of the competition and the latest inductee into the Losers’ Club, with the lowest combined total of judges’ points and viewer votes, went to…

Mike Catherwood. And yes, the poor guy had the odds stacked against him. The KROQ DJ and “Loveline” cohost was definitely hampered by a smallish fan base and the unfortunate handicap of being born with two left feet. But he took this elimination like the good-humored guy that he is, heaping nothing but praise on his pro partner/sex kitten Lacey Schwimmer and likening the “elite” Losers’ Club (which includes Kenny Mayne, the Hoff and Jeffrey Ross) to the “Mount Rushmore of terrible dancers.”

Good thing Dr. Drew made it out to see his co-host’s performance last night, or he would have missed him altogether. Maybe they can talk about the elimination on the next episode of “Loveline.” But really, you could almost say that Psycho Mike was psychic about his leaving the competition: In the post-performance footage, he said that even if the jive was his last dance, he “made Len smile … and that’s saying something, right?” Also saying something: those gyrations during his final dance, which revealed that Mike was clearly not showcasing his full range of talents. Turned out the DJ had an arsenal of special dance weapons heretofore concealed before this big finale, from a Chippendales’ pelvic thrust to an arms in the air move that resembled feather-dusting a bookcase. “He’s been saving all the moves for his farewell dance!” Tom declared. Sad that our time with Mike’s humor and Dan Cortesean good looks was cut short.

123935_8134_pre In other news, the “DWTS” troupe was introduced: Oksana Dmyrenko, Irish Tristan MacMahon, Peta “heavens to” Murgatroyd, Christopher “Kiki” Nyemchek, Nicole Volynets and Ted Volynets. The Pros Lite or Baby Pros were first introduced by a bevy of Our Pros in an opening number choreographed by Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and then shimmied in fringe and had their way with the dance floor to a routine choreographed by “So You Think You Can Dance” regular Jason Gilkison. The Alterna-Pros are good and all, but Our Pros remain nearer and dearer to my beating ballroom heart.

There was a segment about the chemistry between the stars and their pro partners. Wendy Williams felt comfortable enough to burp up loud and proud and not hold back in front of Tony “Sparkletooth” Dovolani (“Wendy has raised the burping bar for us all,” said Tom). Hines winningly calls his partner “Coach Kym.” Kirstie said her chemical strategy with Maks was like any other costar: “You're madly in love with him for the extended period of the shoot, and then you kick him to the curb.” Chris Jericho fully admitted that pro Cheryl Burke wears the "flared Latin pants in the relationship."

R&B star and media mainstay Chris Brown dyed his hair from Sisqo blonde back to black and performed two numbers (sans interview). The first was “Yeah x3” from his recently released album “F.A.M.E.” that seemed to pay homage to Monday night’s performances, with mimes a  la Mark Ballas’ Panic! Number, martial arts moves a la the Karate Kid and the Flashdance-y atmosphere of a prom at the end. The second number was a redux of his hit “Forever,” featuring a futuristic light show and iridescent dancers. (Totally should have seen this futuristic theme coming when he did the robot right before commercial break.)

What do you think, ballroom fans? Did the right star dancer go home this week? Surprised to see Sugar Ray sweating under those “in jeopardy” lights? What do you think of the “DWTS” troupe? Did you enjoy Chris Brown’s performances? Are you regretting not voting for Psycho Mike after witnessing all his “special” moves at the end?

—Allyssa Lee


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Sux to be you Psycho Mike!!!!

Welcome to LOSERVILLE!!

Population: YOU!!

1)Tom Bergeron's "He's been saving all his moves for the Farewell Dance" was hilarious and the highlight of the Tuesday night first elimination show. Tom is the backbone of the show, in my opinion. It wouldn't be nearly as good without him.
2)Brooke Burke was very alluring last night. As usual.
3)This season I am resigned to the fact that the best dancer isn't necessarily going to win the contest and that anyone can be eliminated at any time. I am just going to try to enjoy the dancing, the music and the personalities this time
4)Mike Catherwood should have been the first one off the show, based upon his performance. However, his farewell dance was tremendous. Not sure what kind of dance that was though but I liked it..

Proof positive that, until the last rounds, DWTS is based on level of national celebrity. Because nobody outside a very small circle knows who Psycho Mike is, Fat Lucy.

Sadly, Mike was the right person to head home, even with my votes for him.
I never believed Sugar Ray was in danger - not at this time. Wendy probably will be the next one going hom, unless St. Tony Dovolani can pull off a miracle.
Have to say that the judging over the past two shows was questionable. What was with Len and his #5 paddle on Monday.
As one who doesn't know anything about Chris Brown, I found his dancing numbers very entertaining (wonder how it would have been rated by the judges). But don't ask me what the words of his song were, I haven't a clue what he was singing.

@Doug - this show is just like American Idol in that people vote for their "favorite" and not necessarily the best. This kind of voting obviously does not lead to the best dancer winning.

Now that Mike is off there is no need to watch the rest of the season.

Chris Brown lip-synched the whole thing-weak... great dancing though.

I think Chris Brown does have talent but I could care less when I know that he has a anger problem and low IQ. After the Rihanna news you would think that he would be on his best behavior. To do that on GMA is just stupid.
No respect therefore no interest in anything he does.

Kendra is doing a great job on DWTS. The constant mention that she was a stripper should not be said, people tend to have no respect for women who make money with bodies in two forms, prositution and stripping.
Music videos and entertainment seem to get a free pass.
Go Kendra you look beautiful and keep the history to yourself.


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