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Chris Brown has meltdown after 'Good Morning America' asks about Rihanna

Chrisbrown Chris Brown got a little more than he bargained for during a promotional stop Tuesday for his new album. During a sit-down on ABC's "Good Morning America," Robin Roberts pressed the singer about the legal troubles stemming from his 2009 altercation on a Los Angeles street with then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown was accused of savagely beating the pop star and eventually pled guilty to felony assault and was placed on five years probation.

Roberts began the interview by noting that Brown's restraining order against Rihanna had been relaxed and wondering whether the two still saw each other.

"I mean, not really," he said. "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. I think today's the album day, so that's what I'm focused on. Everybody go get that album."

The exchange went downhill from there, as Roberts made perfunctory mention of the album and then sidled back to the Rihanna incident as Brown grew visibly upset:


But that wasn't all. After performing his new song "Yeah 3x," Brown stormed off the set and back to his dressing room, according to ABC. The show's staff heard loud noises coming from the room and called security. When Brown and his entourage departed a short time later, the staff discovered that a window in the dressing room had been smashed.

An ABC spokeswoman said that the network did not plan to press charges against Brown over the damage, which might have affected his probation if police had gotten involved.

Show Trackers, what do you think of Brown's latest incident? Is he entitled to move on, or has the Rihanna altercation forever marred his career? 


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-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Chris Brown interviewed by Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America." Credit: Ida Mae Astute / Associated Press

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I really think that all the attention that is being put into him hitting Rhianna is a bit much. Do I think it's right for a man to hit a woman? No, but come on people this happened 2 years ago... Get over it already. I myself have been hit by a man, & he went thru none of the constant ridicule that Chris went thru. Is it more serious because Rihanna is a celebrity & I'm not. Don't think so!!!!! I feel more offended by that than anything as if 1 individual's life is of more importance than another because of money or fame. Everybody knows it's a touchy subject for the man so y keep antagonizing him? Why keep putting fuel on the fire. Know why isn't it such an aww that Charlie Sheen was offered his job back, millions watched his melt down as well & his children lived amongst that crap. Where is Americas priorities? Smh

While I can understand the frustration that Chris Brown may have felt when asked that question, I still do not condone his behavior on the GMA Set. It has to be both frustrating and annoying for him to repeatedly have to defend and relive something that he has "paid his dues for".

I think its time that people move on and past what he did in the past. His behavior today dictates that he still has unresolved issues and he should seek the counsel of professionals before his anger ruins his career as well as his life.

Chris Brown is no saint but neither are we...everyone has skeletons in thier closets and I for one think that everyone should MOVE ON and allow him to deal with his demons of violence with professionals.

I have so much more to say on this subject but for now will leave the comment as it stands. Chris Brown needs prayer and intervetion and quick. He is walking time bomb.

I Dont Think She Should Have Brought It Up . That Was Two Years Ago . Everyone Has MOVED Passed That . He's Changed . People Make Mistakes . So Lets MOVE ON From That .. I <3 You CHRIS BROWN .

love u Chris but i hate what u did to Ree-Ree. i hope she forgive u and did you get upset.

That was considered a "Meltdown". Did I miss something? I thought he did a good job a redirecting to what his focus was and didn't play into "senationalism". And I don't even care!

In My Opinion, Good Morning America was wrong for thier interview. Chris Brown tried to turn the interview in another direction, but Roberts did not see it. As a veteran reporter, she should have followed suit and directed the interview back to his music. Roberts already interviewed him on that subject a long time ago.
Yes his situation with Rhianna was not good;however time will heal all wounds and he his trying to recover from it. He has a lot to learn for he is still young. Maybe if Good Morning America had spoken with him before hand and told him that they were going to mention the past, maybe he could have prepared himself for the interview a little bit better.
Brown needs a mentor. Other artists may need to step up and give him pointers on how to handle tough situations. He is a good Artist and I feel that it wasn't fair to Railroad him when he clearly tried to change the subject back to His NEW ALBUM! I guarantee that he would not have came on the show if he had known that they were going to try to talk more about Rhianna than his Album. Brown has served his debt to society, he has apologized, and he is trying to move on. PLEASE LET THIS GO! Pray for him, Pray for his situation to get better! JUST LET IT GO!

yaw need to leave chris alone. that woman shouldnt have brought that subject up thats his past so leave him alone about it and it aint none of yaw business

both, its like a celeb starring in a certain fole, like sarah jessica parker, she'll be forever remembered as carrie, the same was chris brown will always be remembered for the rhianna thing, i'm not saying that it will be the only thing, but it'll be one of the tops, and i think he does have the right to move on, he should pull one of those prissy celeb requests on interviews and say: "i will not do the interview if these subjects are brought up" i just wish people would let it go. i feel sorry for him really.

Most of the people defending him are probably women. Lolololol.

I think its a shame the Good Morning America has such little regard for people. Chris Brown has done his time and made his peace with Rihanna. The interview should of simply been about his new album and his music, not what happen 2 years ago. LET IT GO. Yet again Chris Brown must suffer so MEDIA can get good ratings.
As far as Chris Browns reaction in his dressing room what did they expect. How rediculous to assume that he has some sort of anger issues still when clearly he was prevocked for that sack of the network and the show.

In no way does two years make abuse "irrelevant" anymore. Beating up a girlfriend is not a little misdemeanor. Need a quick refresher? Just look up pictures of her bruised black and purple swollen face. Now it is possible to look over the past when people have changed but it seems as if Chris Brown has not with his violence in the dressing room recently. It was not the reporter's fault for asking that question more than once. Usually it's a reporter's job to push buttons. Chris should have known that question was coming and should expect it to still be brought up for many years to come whether he has changed or not. He should know how to answer the people who bring up the hurtful past and how to get off the subject without saying "it's not a really big deal." Listen up Chris Brown, it's going to take a while for you to get past that especially in the celebrity world. So don't even try. Just own up to it and that will show us you're growing up.

And what's with the Sisqo look anyway?

The past is the past and Robin was wrong for digging into his Achilles heel.
How many people really want to talk about an ex-relationship especially if it went really bad. I am fully grown and not a young adult. I do not listen to Chris Brown, but I do realize the Rihanna has moved on and her lyrics are quite unbecoming--she is not the lady she is being credited as the media would like us to believe. I suggest that the media finds a new story

I think that if Ri let it go why wont anybody else!That man is human just like the rest of us so why in the hell would she just keep going back and forth with the same thing she asked and he answered so why just keep going and now they say he could have killed people by throwing a chair at least he didnt lash out on her ass i think it was wrong and i dont care what anybody else has to say about it.No hitting on a woman is not cool because i am a woman .....LET THAT MAN BE DAMN HE PAID FOR HIS MISTAKES

I feel that the situation of Chris, is his business and not anyone else. It's been two years and people need to move on with life and stop riding him. It's more serious stuff going on in the world. That lady shouldn't have question him like that when clearly he was on the show to promote his album. I would have been mad too. Just people need to let go and worry about themselves and not celebrities because they surely not thinking of people who dislike them.

Yeah, he was being 'tweaked' by a questioning scheme that would push anyone's buttons. But he just showed that he's still a violent guy. Great role model.

She's the devil... Pressing his buttons. They SET THAT UP to piss him off. The media is evil. Chris don't let them get you.

And if you don't approve that comment... You're evil too... YOU GUYS know what's really going on. Puppets.

Sad thing is he learned nothing about contolling his anger. What a waste of talent. Get over yourself Chris.

Give Chris Brown what he deserves:


I WON'T SUBSIDIZE A WOMAN BEATER--and PLEASE don't tell me "he's changed", he's "cured" etc--you hit a woman once YOU'LL DO IT AGAIN.


It is clear that CB has some issues with his temper; however people forget how young he is and he really needs a strong male model to guide him. He has paid his debt with her. Leave him alone! I don't agree with what happened to her, but he is trying to get past this with every step he is taking. A person can only be punished for a crime for so long. Chris has changed and so has Rihanna. Neither walk a perfect path. Let's talk about the troubles over seas or the ozone; this is old news.

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