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Chris Brown has meltdown after 'Good Morning America' asks about Rihanna

Chrisbrown Chris Brown got a little more than he bargained for during a promotional stop Tuesday for his new album. During a sit-down on ABC's "Good Morning America," Robin Roberts pressed the singer about the legal troubles stemming from his 2009 altercation on a Los Angeles street with then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown was accused of savagely beating the pop star and eventually pled guilty to felony assault and was placed on five years probation.

Roberts began the interview by noting that Brown's restraining order against Rihanna had been relaxed and wondering whether the two still saw each other.

"I mean, not really," he said. "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. I think today's the album day, so that's what I'm focused on. Everybody go get that album."

The exchange went downhill from there, as Roberts made perfunctory mention of the album and then sidled back to the Rihanna incident as Brown grew visibly upset:


But that wasn't all. After performing his new song "Yeah 3x," Brown stormed off the set and back to his dressing room, according to ABC. The show's staff heard loud noises coming from the room and called security. When Brown and his entourage departed a short time later, the staff discovered that a window in the dressing room had been smashed.

An ABC spokeswoman said that the network did not plan to press charges against Brown over the damage, which might have affected his probation if police had gotten involved.

Show Trackers, what do you think of Brown's latest incident? Is he entitled to move on, or has the Rihanna altercation forever marred his career? 


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-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Chris Brown interviewed by Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America." Credit: Ida Mae Astute / Associated Press

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I think that the past should be the past and the future should be the future. If people continue to look at the yesterday, it would be hard to get to the tomorrow. What im saying is that with out closure ,it is hard to move forward in life. So people need to get off that man back about the situation and let him move on with his life. Everyone make mistakes and he made one, GET OVER IT! That is his personal.

Good Morning America will not be invited into my living room if they continue to have a band that grags their crotch. When ever anything comes up on the news about Michael Jackson the channel is immediately changed. That started when he grabbed his crotch. I think it is offensive as a viewer and I wouldn't allow my children to watch such filth.

1st Yes, the past should be the past and he should be allowed to move on like other people have, i.e. Michael Vick who has restored his situation and we have embraced him again, for the most part.
2nd If you are in an interview and happen to be asked about it often within the interview, it might be a good idea NOT to then get violently upset, storm off screaming and yelling, and throw chairs through windows. You have to be some kind of idiot to be trying to distance yourself from anger issues you've had in the past, especially hitting a woman, and then throw a tantrum in public and throw a chair through a window...that should help to show you have moved on and are not that person anymore.....this is the equivalent of Michael Vick kicking a Cat on the street....not smart….

He's immature for smashing the window instead of just asking Robin to ease up on the Rihanna questions. However we can still blame the media as she was persistent on starting past troubles.

I think everyone should just leave him alone about Rihanna. He's trying to move on with his life and career and people just wont let it go. Things happen in life and sometimes we make bad choices but that doesn't mean were bad. No one is perfect and I like Chris Brown I love his music and I think he is very talented. I know he will make better choices in life because he's a very respectful person of his fans that care.

Why is it ok for other public figures to have break downs and it doesn't affect their career and it's impacting this kid's future? I think that the whole situation needs to be left alone. But that's just my opinion who am I? Just a regular tax paying citizen who don't worship celebs..shrugs shoulders. Yea I'm a nobody. Gosh I hate this country.

He needs to answer to these questions, since he has avoided answering any questions about the BEATING incident thus far. He should have got time in prison for beating a young lady. A criminal will beat a woman, not a real man.

Chris Brown hasn't gotten into any trouble (i dont think) since the Rihanna incident. I can see why he would get upset when he's trying to move past that and promote his album while GMA picks on him. He's being condemmed over and over meanwhile others are getting more fame acting foolish on drugs...Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan...WINNING! Leave the young man alone so he can grow up and grow out of the anger temper tantrum years.

i think that lady should not have asked him bout her cause that day was just for him and releasing his album. She not on the show and everybody is jealous of how far he has got since he got out. he made a mistake just forgive him

FAME = Ferociously Attacked My Ex !!!

As Robin stated, he knew ahead of time what they were going to talk about. First of all, why would he get so mad knowing it was going to be brought up? And, clearly he still has anger issues that need to be addressed. All he had to do was tell her he didn't want to talk about that.

I think Chris Brown should always be asked about his abuse of women. Abusers hardly ever change. His off-air outrage shows that he is still an immature man who is not taking responsibility for his actions. Come on...you don't need to smash a window because you were asked a question. Uncomfortable about the question? Too bad. He is no different than any other person out there in the public eye. Everything is scrutinized

It’s the same thing that they have been doing to Whitney Houston that they are now doing to Chris Brown. - sensationalize and overemphasize his one negativity for personal gains and ratings.
People are so harsh to one another. Don’t you think that these people know what their shortfalls were/are? Why do we have to continuously try to play God by repeated punishing them? What gave us that right? Even God exercise forgiveness.
Besides didn’t thousands of people just died in Japan and the country is a total disaster and in dire need of assistance? Chris Brown/Rihanna is sudden that important- stoups……………..

Chris Brown is pathetic excuse of a man. Its very very sad to see these girls sitting there and supporting him by saying rihanna deserved it...Really a woman is saying another woman deserves to be hit by a man? Those women are just as wrong as him if not even more pathetic. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS GIRLS YOU WILL NOT BE WITH CHRIS BROWN JUST BECAUSE YOU SIT THERE AND SIDE WITH HIM!!! A guy actually said he saw where chris brown was coming from because he and his older sisters fight but that doesnt mean they dont love each other. So hes ok with a man hitting his sisters?? NICE!!! Very good AMERICA!

I think people are too critical of celebrities, they are human beings too. I am sure that whenever we make mistakes we dont want it thrown back up in our faces over and over again. CB is the one that has to live with himself and people handle downfalls differently, so just because he doesnt appear sorry doesn't mean he isnt so let him do what everybody body else is trying to do and thats live their lives and furthermore; let he without sins cast the first stone and I am sure that nobody on here is, passing judgements and all..

Ok yes he has a bad history... but who doesn't have things hiding in their closet...he is a celebrity so his info doesn't stay in the "closet" as our info does being that were normal people! Forgive the guy he screwed up in his life and if someone through it in your face every 2 seconds you would be upset too! Just for the record i still purchased F.A.M.E and I'm enjoying it!

It's my understanding that celebs know what questions will be asked prior to the interview. If certain topics were off limits, Chris should have made that clear prior to the interview. Having said that, it was apparent he was irritated by the questions. Although I like Robin Roberts and have every respect for her, if I could pick up on it, she should have picked up on it and backed off.

"Chris Brown expressed aggression in private, away from everybody, and didn't hurt anyone. He must never be allowed to forget what he did and he can never be forgiven for what he did. His past must constantly be shoved in his face."

This is what I'm reading in the comments. You people disgust me. It happened two years ago. That ship has sailed. Stop judging the man for something he did two years ago and judge him on his actions now. He hasn't done anything worthy of condemnation. If he beats another girlfriend? Sure, crucify him. But until that happens, treat him as a man who has made amends for a past transgression.

Why don't we get the President to send in the troops to capture and target him like a WAR CRIMINAL? And let's make the Chris Brown Law- Once you make a mistake you're marked and outcast for life. And everybody who has bad words and unforgiveness for Chris Brown can get their Angel Wings for being perfect and smart!

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