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Chris Brown has meltdown after 'Good Morning America' asks about Rihanna

Chrisbrown Chris Brown got a little more than he bargained for during a promotional stop Tuesday for his new album. During a sit-down on ABC's "Good Morning America," Robin Roberts pressed the singer about the legal troubles stemming from his 2009 altercation on a Los Angeles street with then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown was accused of savagely beating the pop star and eventually pled guilty to felony assault and was placed on five years probation.

Roberts began the interview by noting that Brown's restraining order against Rihanna had been relaxed and wondering whether the two still saw each other.

"I mean, not really," he said. "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. I think today's the album day, so that's what I'm focused on. Everybody go get that album."

The exchange went downhill from there, as Roberts made perfunctory mention of the album and then sidled back to the Rihanna incident as Brown grew visibly upset:


But that wasn't all. After performing his new song "Yeah 3x," Brown stormed off the set and back to his dressing room, according to ABC. The show's staff heard loud noises coming from the room and called security. When Brown and his entourage departed a short time later, the staff discovered that a window in the dressing room had been smashed.

An ABC spokeswoman said that the network did not plan to press charges against Brown over the damage, which might have affected his probation if police had gotten involved.

Show Trackers, what do you think of Brown's latest incident? Is he entitled to move on, or has the Rihanna altercation forever marred his career? 


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-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Chris Brown interviewed by Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America." Credit: Ida Mae Astute / Associated Press

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I think Chris Brown stills has some anger issues that his court ordered "anger management classes" did not help him with. If he can go into a dressing room and break a window after being asked a simple question on something that he did, imagine what would happen to another poor woman after she asks him a more serious question. And, yeah Chris Brown, you abusing a woman is STILL a big deal. It might not be to you but it sure is to abused women.

What a loser - and its disheartening to see all the support he still gets. He's an abusive thug. If he didn't get caught, I doubt he would have apologized in the first place. Wish he would disappear.

Show biz is just that- a business. If you want to get paid, you play the game. Life isn't fair, and the media isn't fair. Deal with it if you want the privilege and benefits of being heard on national TV.

He's been out of the spotlight for over a year. Of course, he's going to be asked about her- she's the reason he was gone so long. The true test of character, maturity and smarts is how you handle yourself under fire. Chris showed today he ain't 'bout nothin'.

Besides, his manager should have prepared him for this. Heck, they should have been doing mock interviews so he could get used to the questions and know how to act. Why didn't they do that? 'Cause they're ignorant fools. No excuse for his meltdown.

Thought that was Eminem for a second there

Stupid punk trying to sell his garbage music. Sorry woman beater, nobody wants to associate with you or buy your junk

Oh, wow! I didnt realize that he was a singer too? good for him. its a great country we live in when a woman abuser and felon can be given a chance to show the world he can sing and dance. (sic)

The seriousness of the crime committed will never leave him. He needs to be prepared to answer questions about it for the rest of his life. He obviously has an anger management problem which needs to be addressed. Glossing over it because of his celebrity is only delaying a good outcome for him. Where are the people that actually care about him? He is being steered wrong here or not steered at all. His lack of guidance and direction is what we may be witness to.

chris brown's fans defy comprehension. if any of y'all get the chance to approach him for an autograph, watch out--he may just leave his mark (literally) on your face.

Robin Roberts needs to worry more about "her" unusually high testosterone level for a "female" than attempting to advance her career through controversial badgering interviews.

The fact that GMA is not doing anything about his violent outburst really angers me. It just proves that women are treated like SECOND CLASS citizens in this country. This pig woman-beater can do whatever he wants and get off scott-free, just like his hero woman-killer, murderer O.J. ITS DISGUSTING.

This made the news... why? Unwanted attention for Chris Brown? I think so..

he obviously cant control his anger problem. he's not making his rep any better by still smashing things or ppls faces.

"An ABC spokeswoman said that the network did not plan to press charges against Brown over the damage, which might have affected his probation if police had gotten involved."

Way to go ABC. Shame on you. You wouldn't want to confront this thug or hold him accountable for his stupid, childish antics/behavior. As long as you condone this type of behavior it will continue. Just shows why your morning show lacks credibility or value. Robin couldn't even get the big finish she was looking for, so it was really a wasted interview. Chris played you like a fiddle, got to pimp his album, and for that you let him destroy your property. Class act, ABC. Who will you pander for next time?

He talks like his on meth, is it possible he tweaks? Would explain the anger problems.

A tiger never changes its stripes.

I do not foresee a happy ending for Chris Brown.

The next Charlie Sheen. I can't believe people spend money on this strung-out loser who only "cares about the fans." He only "cares about himself." Chris, you can count me in among your "FAME'S"

I think of Chris Brown as a loose cannon. One day day he is going to explode and hurt someone once again. I don't think he deserves the chance to appear in DWS.

There are bigger issues in the world for Robin Roberts to talk about but yet she chose to grill Chris Brown on something old and not that major. He is trying to get away from that image but the media still bring up rumors and other things to make him backtrack. It seems like people cannot have mistakes and learn from them. Smh.!

LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE!!! people make mistakes and people struggle. So do they never get a second chance?? Bill Clinton got one. Now we know he was a GREAT pres. Mike Vick got one, and hes blazing through the NFL. People should be focused on the music and album which is what today is about to an artist. I cant imagine how he felt that hes excited and promoting his album today and he gets thrown under the bus!!!!1

Watched the video. Wow. Brown is a real jerk, huh. It's all about him. He sees his beating of Rihanna as a painful period mainly for himself, and he doesn't say anything about her. He really hasn't taken faced up to and taken responsibility for his own actions. Roberts was really gentle in the way she asked questions that any responsible journalist would have to ask, but Brown couldn't handle even that. Stay away from him. He's going to hurt more people, including himself, before this is over.

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