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Chris Brown has meltdown after 'Good Morning America' asks about Rihanna

Chrisbrown Chris Brown got a little more than he bargained for during a promotional stop Tuesday for his new album. During a sit-down on ABC's "Good Morning America," Robin Roberts pressed the singer about the legal troubles stemming from his 2009 altercation on a Los Angeles street with then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown was accused of savagely beating the pop star and eventually pled guilty to felony assault and was placed on five years probation.

Roberts began the interview by noting that Brown's restraining order against Rihanna had been relaxed and wondering whether the two still saw each other.

"I mean, not really," he said. "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. I think today's the album day, so that's what I'm focused on. Everybody go get that album."

The exchange went downhill from there, as Roberts made perfunctory mention of the album and then sidled back to the Rihanna incident as Brown grew visibly upset:


But that wasn't all. After performing his new song "Yeah 3x," Brown stormed off the set and back to his dressing room, according to ABC. The show's staff heard loud noises coming from the room and called security. When Brown and his entourage departed a short time later, the staff discovered that a window in the dressing room had been smashed.

An ABC spokeswoman said that the network did not plan to press charges against Brown over the damage, which might have affected his probation if police had gotten involved.

Show Trackers, what do you think of Brown's latest incident? Is he entitled to move on, or has the Rihanna altercation forever marred his career? 


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-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Chris Brown interviewed by Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America." Credit: Ida Mae Astute / Associated Press

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I think Chris Brown is immature and needs to grow up. We all make me mistakes and have to live with them, they will die down. Until then be man ans suck it up, it was your bad. and if think if he keeps displaying ugly angry behavior it will effect his career and no one will want to touch him or be near him!

I think everyone should drop this situation. Nobody every asks Rihanna about it so why ask Chris? Like he said it was two years ago. We can't live in the past. He made a mistake and he seriously paid for it. Let him move on and not keep bringing it up just to get a reaction and headlines.

When you beat a woman, you should never be let to forget it. I have been married for 23 years and my wife has said things over those years that made me want to rip her head off and play soccer with it, but I'm a MAN, so I didn't. Chris Brown is not a man, and he is obviously not under control. His idea of 'moving on' seems to be for nobody to talk about it, and for him to handle it poorly if they do.

Any woman who says 'awww, leave Chris alone' obviously never got her head beat in by one.

Grow up, Chris, and get some therapy. Admit you have problems controlling yourself before you end up in 'Charlie Sheen-ville' or worse. The next woman you put your hands on might just get you back for it in more ways than one. What goes around comes around and Karma is a bitch.

If I was Chris Brown I would have gotten angry as well. I come on a show to talk about what I feel is a great accomplishment in my life, putting out a new album but instead you focus on my downfalls and shortcomings and someone that not at all has just contributed to his success. If you wanted to talk about Rhianna do it at a time where he is not promoting his CD. The Rhianna situation happened he has been punished and ridiculed beyond belief while she is praise after admitting she hit him as well. No sin is greater than another and if she doesn't have to be constantly reminded why should he?

I think that even though he may say he's over it he may be to a certain extent. It may be a sensitive part for he to talk about && then being pressured to talk about it . I probably would of reacted the same way. Well enough said I love chris and you will always be my favorite artist . (:

I think it was irresponsible of ABC not to press charges for the behavior, destruction of property, and potential harm to employees and the public that could have been injured on the sidewalk and in the workplace. He should have been treated like anyone else who is on probation for domestic violence.

I think a lot of you are focusing on the fact that Chris Brown is a male and Rhianna is female. Thats where most of the vitriol is coming from--I know this because I keep reading statements barely on the first page about how he's a man and its totally unacceptable-- (I won't even go to the second page of because humans are so predictably conditioned nowadays in what they think and what comes out their mouths) and it is...but not because he's a man. Violence is wrong, period. When we perpetuate this idea that male to female violence is so insidious---as a course of action. Repeatedly dredging up this female as victim theme--its not only -not- empowering for women, it only perpetuates the false stereotype that men only abuse women and that is the only unacceptable form of domestic abuse.

It is sorely unacceptable because he's a public figure (of sorts--I would consider your town mayor or a pastor more of a public figure). He's an example for young men, for sure--and even young girls on what to expect/accept from men. That being said, baiting him like this for the obvious purpose of humiliating him is cruel and just immature. Seriously though, he's there to promote his new album, yet they want to talk about his disgraceful actions--to the point of repeatedly, purposefully, rearing the convo back to it?

I'm pretty sure he should be able to sue them for this. Especially if he was on the show for. that.purpose.

"So what?" you say? "he should have it put in his face because he did it"? his apology wasn't enough? Losing over half of his fanbase wasn't enough? You have to constantly remind him of his MISTAKE (yes, some mistakes even take days to plan, ask an ex-convict). I could see if he was on some close to psychotic diatribe ala Charlie Sheen...but this is just f'd up. People, grow up.
And remember you all screw up, repeatedly.

I'm with him and she should have left it alone when he showed that he was done with it. Not to say that it was okay to smash things in his dressing room that clearly are not his. However, I just hope he can learn some control.

Chris I still love you, I'm a fan and can allow you to move on from the Rihanna situation. Its over as far as I'm concerned. Welcome back!

I'm glad Roberts pushed the envelope. What Brown showed me was he's not really sorry what he did to Rihana and may I remind some viewers, yes people do make mistakes, but what he did to Rihana shouldn't just be swept under the carpet and forgottten (no jail time just probation). Brown can actually move on when he can answer the Roberts question with sincerity and from the heart. Something we'll never see because all Brown cares about is himself. He's an I guy, nothing matters but Chris Brown and his record sales. Aren't you glad it wasn't your daughter (sister, mother,friend or loved one) that he beat like a pinata.

Really? After that stupid interview even I would get pissed off... Leave the past in the past! He went to talk about his album and his personal life is his own business!!! There is a reason is called 'personal' life!!!! Robin Roberts, how about you just learned how to interview a singer about their album not about problem from 2yrs ago!

Chris Brown should get some counseling. He has obviously NOT moved on or changed his behavior. He seems to view the Rhianna assault he committed as a minor episode and is irritated by anyone referring to it.

Give me a break!!! He is a violent, spoiled, obnoxious brat who will probably wind up spending some time in prison. Or at least he should, in my opinion. I am sick of the music industry glorifying abusers. Men who beat women don't change without lots of therapy. He isn't doing the therapy "thing". May his next victim, I mean girlfriend, be warned.

You can call ABC and it's staff shameless journalists for the setup all day long and you are absolutely correct.

That doesn't excuse how Chris Brown CHOSE to respond to it. Yes he chose how he would respond - he was in control. He could have made the interview a non issue if he could have calmly responded with any reasonable and common sense answer. Yes ABC could have asked 4 times but they would have looked like even bigger fools if they couldn't provoke him.

You can try to justify what he did as ABC's fault but at the end of the day he chose violence once again - and he was bone-headed enough to once again do it in a public forum that everyone would know about.

There can only be 2 reasons for it both of which are very bad - 1) he can't control his anger or 2) he is MORE shameless than ABC and using it for publicity. Would like to think it's #1 since #2 would demonstrate he'd lie and cheat to get ahead if needed.

wow at first i was so excited, then when i saw where the interview was going I a mother of 5, part of DV was sad that GMA allow a black woman who herself had been through a lot dip back into this young man's life how can we tell and preach to the young people that God forgives all and the past is the past, then keep bring up everyones flaw, I ador Chris the first time I heard him and I continue to support him because unless u were there drop it, no it is never ok to do some of the things we do in life but guess what we do it, sorry whites have done it for years, black, brown yellow get over it unless u r willing to make every man and woman face the past day after day let it go, and let that young man live his life.

Stick to the Facts. Show Staff heard loud noises but did not see. After Chris Brown and his entourage departed, they discovered that a window was broken. Did anyone see who was making the loud noises or who broke the window? Don't believe everything the Media put out. It is only for ratings. And yes, if Robin continued to ask me about Rihanna, which was not the reason for me being on the Show. I would be agitated too.

I think he handled the situation badly, he will always be marked as the "Rhianna beater" he just has to find a way to look at it in a positive way so he no longer gets upset when someone mentions it. The media will never forget his past, Celebrities are more famous for their faults then accomplishment, Chris Brown needs to control his anger and except the past and remain positive about the remarks people give him.

I laughed when she said " after beating his ex- girlfriend Rihanna", then got a visual of him punching her in the face for saying that.lol

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