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Chris Brown apologizes -- sort of -- about 'Good Morning America' tantrum

Chrisb Chris Brown issued an apology of sorts for his backstage outburst Tuesday at "Good Morning America" after anchor Robin Roberts questioned him during an interview about the continuing aftermath of his assault two years ago of former girlfriend Rihanna.

In an appearance on BET's "106th & Park," Brown said he was sorry if he startled anyone at ABC with his behavior, adding that he was "disappointed" in his actions. He said he was "thrown off" by Roberts' questions about Rihanna when he thought he was there only to promote his new album.

He said he felt deceived and that the producers primarily wanted "to exploit me" whereas he wanted to focus on the "positivity and creativity" of the album. He later "let off steam" in the back, noting that he didn't physically attack anyone.

A "Good Morning America" representative said Brown trashed a dressing room and broke a window.

Brown said he had heard fans had sent threats to Roberts and advised them to be more positive.

-- Greg Braxton


'GMA' co-host Robin Roberts on Chris Brown interview: 'I didn't think it had gone well'

Chris Brown has meltdown after 'Good Morning America' asks about Rihanna

Photo: Chris Brown talks to Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America." Credit: Ida Mae Astute / ABC/Associated Press

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This album is the first big public thing he's done since his beating up Rihanna. When you go out there and are public again, it is in our minds that "hey! that's the guy who beat up his girlfriend" and then collectively we hope to see that he has grown.

The questions were appropriate because it allows you as a celebrity figure to address it in a mature way, to say "yeah, I did that, it was wrong, I'm going to pay for it for a long time, but hopefully I can show everyone that that's not who I am anymore and that I can grow". That's what you're supposed to say and then as an audience we go "okay, we can forgive you, keep growing".

Him and his handlers should know this, but judging from his lame-ass behavior on GMA, he hasn't shown any maturity. Is it just me, or is this another O.J. in waiting?

I feel like that this situation has gotten blown out of control like everything else has about any superstar.. He's a good kid with a lot of good talent's that people just want open there eye's to see because of one bad mistake... Get over it and leave him alone.. I love his music because he touches young and old and everyone in it.. Let him do what he does best and that's make music because he's good at it and stop making him always feel bad for one mistake.. We let more people get away with a lot more than what he did in our everyday live's you don't hear no one taking you down every chance they get.... Let him be please so can keep making good music for his fans... Keep your head up Chris Brown....

I watch GMA every day and honestly from what I read, Robin says that she discussed the questions before the interview , so he knew what to expect. He needs to step up and be a man now. It's hard to erase your past, when his actions clearly show he needs another round of anger management. It's a shame because he is so talented and has so much to share with his fans. I love his music, but as a parent, he has a problem if someone cannot ask him a question with respect to his past which involves an extremely high profile celebrity. It's obvious this prior incident is still a sore spot.

Still an idiot. Grow up Chris, seriously.

per glenn grab,
"he's a tough guy, around women and furniture!!!...you'll never see him hit a man....."

That is totally true, but I think you might see him duck, or run away.

Chris Brown=immature loser punk. Hey, Chris...Hopefully GMA won't ever invite you back, and all the other shows should follow suit. No one needs you or wants you, and to be given an opportunity to plug your junk on national television and then behave that way, you are cuttin' off yer nose, fool. And maybe that's just as well...

I do not blame Chris for the way he acted! Enough is enough. They need to leave that man and his personal life the hell alone. He actual is a good man because if I were in his shoes, I would've hit her with a chair. I bet people will reconsider their questions before they ask them now or be prepared to DUCK!!!

I agree that Robin's interview was a strong example of "gotcha journalism" but seriously -- Chris Brown should prepare to answer for the Rihanna incident for a loooong time now that he's shown that a.) he still can't control his temper and b.) he thinks HE's a victim in all of this.

Understand we live in a world where if you are of color, you are to do nothing wrong,make no mistakes. If you do, it is hung over your head for years on end...... All the moralistic hypocrites pretending they dot every I and cross every T want to see the death of Chris Brown while they run out and buy their Charlie Sheen tickets to his sold out shows at Radio City Music Hall. These so called people don't give a darn about Rihanna nor what he did at ABC. If ABC forgives him, what business is it of yours. They only sit and wait for a person to make any type of mistake, big or small,so they can unleash their imbedded hatred and pretend it's all in the name of what's right and what's wrong. Listen to them when they write in, you can almost feel the hatred stemming from their keystrokes. As if behind closed doors they are so righteous. Only difference is that they don't have cameras on their every move because they are not known to the world. Go Charlie, Burn Chris,right. And people of color need to wake up and vent their disappointment behind closed dooors like they do. There are enough against colored people, the last thing we need is colored people chiming in, cause it couldbe your own child and the hatred be the same agaiinst your own. Wake up colored people. But I know you won't. Always looking for a pat on the head thinking someone will love you if you speak against your own. He was wrong, yes, but forgive him as they forgive their own. Example, Martha Stewart was found GUILTY, yet they never took off her show, stopped her products from being sold in Kmart, etc.... Why do you think. Wake up!!!!!!!! Charlie Sheen told his producers to kiss his behind and what do they do, offer him his job back and he sells out shows at radio city from the same people purchasing the tickets that are trash mouthing Chris. Don't you get it? Will you ever get it?? Of course not. Of course some hate filled person will come on here defending their hatred while they laugh at Charlie and buy Martha Stewart's towels but will not buy Wrigleys gum if Chris does the commercial. Hypocrites!!

Why do u guyz misspell wurdz on poorpiss, it makez U look stoopid, I no spelling iz in da past but u steel have 2 spell gud 4 Chris Brown honur. Reel tawk.

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