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Charlie Sheen's 'Torpedo of Truth' tour sells out; TLC preps doc on troubled star

SheenIt's a little early in the week to already feel like a loser. But if you're a Charlie Sheen fan -- or just a train wreck-addicted voyeur -- that may be the case if you weren't quick on the draw this weekend for tickets to his two live shows coming up in Detroit and Chicago.

They sold out in under 20 minutes.

Sheen's tour, dubbed "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option," will fill Detroit's 4,800-seat Fox Theater on April 2. Tickets ranged from $35 to $80, with the vitriolic former "Two and a Half Men" star announcing on his newly launched website that he'll donate $1 from each sale to relief efforts in Japan.

(The New York Daily News disputed the sellout-in-minutes report by saying there was a straggler -- a single ticket in the mezzanine -- that wasn't snapped up until Sunday, but Show Tracker thinks that's a bit of hair splitting).

The Chicago Theatre -- capacity 3,600 -- will also be filled on April 3 for a show that Ticketmaster has listed in its "comedy" category, though there are scant details so far about what the performance will entail.

Given these numbers, there's a chance that more dates could be added. And given opportunistic human nature, there's already an EBay posting for four tickets to the Detroit show for $399.99 to see Sheen "do whatever he may do," according to the seller. The seller of a ticket on Craigslist for the Chicago show for $149 claims his schedule won't allow him to attend. He's prepared to make the best of the situation, though, noting helpfully, "prices will without a doubt skyrocket within the next few days." So snap it up now, winners!

In other Sheen news: His website was formerly "at the mercy of a decaying troll" but is now in the hands of "its Warlock owner," he says. Whew! Glad to hear that.

And even though the 45-year-old actor isn't on a series himself right now -- "Two and a Half Men," from which he's been fired, is in repeats -- there's been no shortage of his rants on TV, mostly interview, talk and news shows. TLC will add to the fray with an hour-long documentary called "Charlie Sheen: On the Brink." It will feature recaps of his chain-smoking on-screen and online diatribes of late, and words from Mackenzie Phillips about stardom, addiction and recovery. It airs March 20.

As for all the attention lavished on Sheen recently, we at Show Tracker continue to be part of the problem. We never engaged the Sheen blocker on our Internet browser (dubbed Tinted Sheen) and didn't recognize the "Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day" on Friday.

Have you shut Sheen out of your life yet, readers?


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-- T.L. Stanley

Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

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ahah, charlie sheen is a roffle machine at the moment, 18mins you say?

oh .. you said 20 .. =( trollfail

inspite of all the crap thats being written, even the negative stuff is fueling charlie's fire, and gaining him more momentum, exposure and attention in the media...

same old, same old, same old articles and un-newsworthy articles being written, go charlie!

I am seriously wondering what he is possibly going to do with his "WINNING" concert tour. Still I am curious, I may actually have to buy tickets and go just for the pure entertainment factor of it.

...I just need one more hit, one more article, one more taste of the pure juice squeezed from the loins of dirty trolls who lose.

But seriously, yes. Sadly, I'm still part of the problem.

It's interesting how through Sheen's insanity our own shortcommings are reflected.

He's donating $1 from each ticket sold (at $35 to $80 per ticket)? Big freaking whoop de doo.

I break my no-Charlie resolution every day. Gotta know how it all plays out. But I do wonder if Charlie can hold 2-3000 people's attention for an hour or so. And what will the pressure do to him? Has he ever been a *stage* actor?

I did love his cooking video, though.

All that said, I hope everything in his life eventually turns out okay. He is worrisome.

Charlie Sheen is ending his sitcom career on a better note than most. He's quickly becoming the perfect Hunter Thompson for the internet age.

I plan on attending the one in Detroit, and couldn't be happier! I have zero clue as to what he will be doing on stage - and I really do NOT care. I only bought the tickets to see what Charlie is currently up to... I want to be one to wish him well. Go Luck Charlie - - Can't wait to see you when you get to the Motor City.

@Jane, who are you to judge how much he donates to Japanese Relief? At least he is doing something. Did you donate your paycheck? Self-righteous bitch.

How nice that he's donating a few thousand dollars to the Japanese. How much did he make an episode? 2 million?

NYTimes proves they don't know that a "sold out" show necessarily doesn't mean every single ticket is sold.

Add that to the long list of things they don't understand.

Well well well .. Let us know how the show goes will ya? Never been a fan of his and would never wish ill will on anyone. However, I am curious how many writers he has on board.

What puzzles me is Why Now?
Has Charlie really changed?
I don't think so.
Wasn't he one of Hiedi's biggest clients almost 20 years ago?
This is so ridiculous.
I think the network has a problem with him being a 9/11 Truther and Birther and that he goes on InfoWars.com.
I think it urkes the Hollywood establishment and they are trying to do their best to make him look like a drug addicted jerk.
Charlie has always lived in the fast lane, and I never expected him to get off the freeway.
Your 'Winning' Charlie!!!

People will go and then want their money back once they see there's no show to be seen but the pity show.

Go Charlie : My condolences to the folks in Japan and other countries. But what about OUR country. Everyone always wants to donate to places in need of help. Why not get ourselves out of the jam our country is in?There is a lot more money he can make with his antics. I think it's great ! I feel better seeing him speak it !

Charlie who?


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