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Charlie Sheen viewed unfavorably by Americans after this week's media blitz, survey finds

Sheenabc This may be hard to believe, but Charlie Sheen's media tour the last few days has made people view him less favorably.

Impossible, you say? Well, a new study conducted by HCD, a marketing and consumer research company, suggests that Sheen's efforts to tell his side of the story in his battle with his employers over CBS' hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men" may be working against him.

After viewing video of Sheen's appearances this week on ABC's "Good Morning America," 85% of the 748 Americans polled by HCD said they did not think Sheen could remain drug-free. The number of people who said it was appropriate for CBS to shut down "Two and a Half Men" for the rest of the season after Sheen's outbursts rose 10 percentage points (from 54% to 64%) after they saw Sheen's remarks on ABC. Viewers also downgraded him on likability, believability and sincerity after seeing the video.

On the other hand, Sheen is a big hit on Twitter, where in just one day he has collected nearly 1 million followers.

Remember, he's winning! And defeat is not an option.

What did you think of Sheen's interviews?

-- Scott Collins


Photo: Charlie Sheen with ABC reporter Andrea Canning. Credit: ABC

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Charlie Sheen reminds me of heroin addict ... very self-important, unreliable, eratic and inconsistent. It is incredibly disturbing to see his downfall so publicly portrayed, especially to see interviewers fall over themselves to interview Charlie Sheen and even more so, to have some justify his behaviour. Charlie Sheen is in considerable trouble. I cannot watch his public humiliation anymore.

I have viewed the interviews this week and I am absolutely certain that Charlie Sheen is exhibiting signs of mania, which is a part of bipolar disorder. He is really a nice guy, and I don't feel it is fair to try to understand him right now. He will be in denial of what I am saying, but trust the source, I too suffer from this dreaded disorder, and have had similari

I would like for Charlie Sheen's to E-mail Me back. I have some great ideas for him. But the biggest thing is how to move on with his career and his life. Plus help out the rest of his cast.

"He is really a nice guy"

Is he, really? He has a very long history of physically and verbally assaulting women. He's even been to jail for that. How's that for a nice guy?

Aside from that, he's delusional and in complete denial. In one of the interviews he said he wished he wasn't a smoker, but 25 years of two packs/day and he has the lungs of a non-smoker. Maybe it's the tiger blood and Adonis DNA that's insulating him from the effects booze, drugs, and smokes would have on all of us inferior (to him) humans.

I hope his Twitter following is only due to the public's morbidity. If this society is admiring and supporting this scum, then there's a much larger problem.

Charlie Sheen is delusional. $3M per episode for a 22 minute TV show? His brian is obviously fried. The show doesn't just star Charlie Sheen, his other 2 co-stars are a big reason the show is popular. Charlie Sheen is nothing but a spoiled brat! I hope CBS never has him in another show and I won't watch any thing more he is in.

Charlie Sheen NEEDS HELP!!

I hope he get the help is obviously needs!

Get help Charlie you OBVIOUSLY need it. I like 3 and a half men but $3M an episode? You are way out of line and showing just how conceited and spoiled you are to think that the shows success is only because of you. You are not cured of your drug addictions no matter how adamant you are. Your actions say otherwise!

Personally when I watch the interviews I see a person who has been pushed to the edge and is angry.

I don't get the vibe that he is an addict destroying his life though. He seems perfectly rational and happy with his choice there. He strikes me as a man who is taking control of a situation that has left him for many years with a bad taste in his mouth.

I am more disturbed by Martin Sheen's comments. He seems to be enjoying all the attention a little too much.

I question whether Charlie Sheen is a child of a Narcissist. He is displaying a great many attributes of someone who has prolonged contact with a Narcisstic parent.

It is no surprise to me that newshounds are tripping over themselves to witness this trainwreck of a person. Anybody remember Anna Nicole?

Just goes to show how stupid TV viewers really are. The guy attacks his wife in Colorado and puts a knife to her neck and people still flock to watch his garbage tv show, but he starts saying crazy things and his show gets axed for the rest of the season and all of a sudden he's viewed unfavorably. If CBS brought the show back next week his approval rating would go through the roof. All these people want is to sit in front of the tv and watch Sheen's show and have more and more of their brain cells die one after the other.

The media blitz regarding Mr. Sheen is very similar to a feeding frenzy at Sea World. The man obviously has problems and the various media organizations are making sure the public sees every twitch and spasm as he continues to melt down. I find that the public (and the media) are ghouls--it wasn't that long ago that the travesty of Anna Nicole Smith was front and center--I certainly do not want to watch enough tragedy unfold just to boost ratings. If anything, I feel sorry for someone who is obviously in dire mental duress and repulsed by the lack of human compassion.

People are talking about him and at this point, that's what matters the most.
Perhaps this situation will truly hit rock bottom, he will pull back from the public eye for a while and re-establish his career. Others have done it-look at Robert Downey Jr.

It took a "study" to figure out that Charlie Sheen is "viewed unfavorably" by the public?? I sure hope those folks didn't waste any of my tax dollars to conduct this "study". Watta a racket...

I agree with Al that Charlie needs help. I also think like Michael Cornell that he is exhibiting signs of mania....whether he is bipolar or it is drug-induced (or a combination of both). He is obviously a danger to himself and to his own children. Why on earth Denise Richards would allow her girls to stay in his presence right now is beyond me? I thought she had her head on straight, but maybe I was wrong. His ex is obviously just as screwed up as he is, and the girls that are staying with him now...just sad.

However, the media needs to quit exploiting this man's disease and take him out of the limelight. Maybe if he quits getting so much attention, he will finally hit rock bottom and get help. He doesn't just need rehab, he needs intense psychiatric help...maybe a good dose of lithium.

So, based on all the hens who watch GMA, they don't like Sheen. What a shock. That's a pretty poor sample to base a poll on.

He has spoken down to the public. I will never watch any of his work again.

The media should just forget about Sheen. He graves the attention and without it he will fall into the abyss where he belongs.

This is the face of drug addiction. He’s sick in a high profile industry that feeds on gossip. It’s not news and the amount of time devoted to the rantings of someone who’s lost their mind is sad. Nobody finds the behaviour of a sick addict ‘favourable’ - there’s something so pathetic about the media and public feeding off this story.

I think it's unfair for people to judge Charlie Sheen at this point in time. If he is in fact bipolar, which he seriously seems to be, then there's another side to this story. I too live with bipolar disorder and if I was a celebrity I would be viewed as a self-destructive, violent lunatic if people witnessed my "finer moments". As for his violence against women: his actions could be a symptom of the disorder as well. Bipolar can make a person do things that they would NEVER EVER do when they weren't having an episode, and it's not about self-control; it's a disorder that people need to learn more about.

Also, a manic episode causes a person to be grandiose, self-obsessed and aggressive; it can become a psychotic break. The man is obviously ill. Would you pass such judgment on a schizophrenic? Probably not, because most people know that schizophrenics cannot control how their brain works. But unlike schizophrenia which causes such dramatic symptoms as hallucinations and "hearing voices", bipolar can be written off as someone simply being a bad person. And if, like Charlie Sheen, you function in a world such as Hollywood that allows for eccentricity and embraces off-the-wall behavior, then the condition can go untreated for a long time without causing too much disruption in ones life. On top of that, he's self-medicated with narcotics for so long, that he's just exacerbated the condition.

So before everyone rushes to judgment, we should all realize that sometimes there's more to things than meets the eye.

I am watching Charlie Sheen's interview on NBC tonight (3/4/2011); and hoping for the best...

OMG! Charlie is awful -- awful looking -- (he looks like he's 55 -- not even stage makeup could save him); his voice is raspy awful; he is NOT making any sense for a 'clean' person...and his picture belongs next to the word NARCISIST in the dictionary...

...Charlie thinks his acting during the past few episodes of 2-1/2 Men was beyond reproach...omg, it was awful...he looked terrible, and his voice was all wrong...

I quit 2-1/2 Men this week, and I am already feeling better...

When there is no division between entertainment TV and the reality of a person's life...the humor/comedy gets LOST...

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