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Charlie Sheen to 'Two and a Half Men's' Chuck Lorre: 'Where ya hiding, silly clown?'

Picture 27 Perhaps the most epic revelation to come out of the Charlie Sheen brouhaha is this: The guy has an extraordinary sense of smell.  No, really. Blame it on the tiger blood, if you wish, but he has declared that the “carnage” that  “Two and a Half Men” co-creator Chuck Lorre “created” smells like malaria. And that, dear readers, is winning. Or, perhaps, just another sad glimpse of a troubled actor as he publicly unravels.

Sheen continued his media saturation Tuesday night on his Ustream show, "Sheen's Korner," to address his termination from “Two and a Half Men.”  It was the fourth installment for the actor.

Those who tuned in -- and the number counter kept ticking on the screen -- were first greeted with close-up shots of the book cover for “The Art of War: Great Commanders of the Ancient and Medieval World 1600 BC-AD 1600" (sure to be a higher honor than being selected for Oprah’s book club) and shots of the so-called tiger blood. 

And then Sheen unleashed an incoherent rant clocking in at around eight minutes. 

“Good evening,” he began, “What occurred yesterday was completely and entirely illegal.  Unconscionable.  And to quote my lawyer really ... suck suck.”

The move to fire Sheen came after several weeks of public battling between the actor and CBS, Warner Bros. and Lorre.

The embattled actor went on to list guests he’d like to appear on “Sheen’s Korner.” At No. 4 was “Chuck-E-Cheese ball,’ by which one can only assume he means Lorre. What followed was this:

“Where ya hiding, silly clown? Behind your narcissism, your greed, your hatred of yourself or women? …
Think of me often, loser, during your most quiet moments.  All alone in the world, staring into the mirror, your least favorite activity. Think of me as you pray to the silly God of AA. …

Can you smell your soul? Can you smell the rotting dog ... ? The fermented puke that is your viscera? Can you smell the lies? Can you smell the carnage you created?  Can you smell the imposter living within? Can you smell your mother's tears from some distant memory as she scattered her pathetic creation asking all around her why this feeble abortion survived? Can you smell it, Chuck? It smells like malaria in case you were wondering.”

ShowTrackers, did you tune-in? What did you think of Sheen’s tirade? 

-- Yvonne Villarreal



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Photo: Screen shot from UStream of Charlie Sheen's latest appearance on "Sheen's Korner."

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This man is mentally ill AND completely destroying himself with drugs (most likely methamphetamine). As long as media outlets such as this one displays and profits from this sad, pathetic spectacle, those same outlets are culpable in the inevitable death of this disturbed man. ENOUGH.

Without Charlie Sheen There Is No two and A half Men.He can't be Replaced..Tell Chuck Lorre To get Over It. Charlie Sheen Is Charlie Sheen. The Show will Die Without Him..

this evil twit needs to be placed on the "do not hire list" in the entertainment industry. It is time this evil numbskull be shut up permanently by the media ignoring him. I will never watch anything in the theater or TV if this numbskull is playing in it.

Stop giving this clown the attention he so desperately craves. What a dope!

Sheen is a gifted poet.

I agree with Desert Cat. Very scary indeed.

sheen is brilliant, and a poet. those who are saying he's "crazy" are most likely typical mainstream sheep. Chuck Lorre is a fool and CBS monday nights are going to crumble without Charlie. Oh ya, can't wait for MAJOR LEAGUE 3!!! #WINNING

The show's going to tank without Sheen. See all Charlie Sheen’s winning quotes at www.livingthesheen.com

I think a great replacement for Charlie Harper would be Herb. Charlie could be written out of the story by going to NY City to write music for a play or something, Judith could kick Herb out, and he could move in with Allen and Jake. Charlie is impossible to replace,so take the show in a different direction.

I will not be watching CBS or Two and half men without charlie Sheen

I love it. For once someone is being "themselves" and people can't handle it. Why can't Charlie get in front of a camera and say whatever he wants and become a real person? It's odd how you scorn him for saying what's on his mind then refer to him as clown dope and numbskull. It's really very simple people, if you don't like what you see then don't watch. As for me I will be winning in Sheen's Korner.

Charlie Sheen broke through the matrix! ...
Drug-Free, Fearless, Winning, Honest and with TigerBlood
Love him!!

While Sheen may be destroying himself publicly he is not mentally ill. He suffers from several addictions, and while he may appear to be mentally ill it is due to the effects of drugs and alcohol. However, to fire him from a show that is based on an alcoholic is hypocritical. His character in the show only depicts how is showing himself to currently be. And, without him this show will certainly die. So if he must be fired then the show must end as well, because there is no Two and A Half Men without Sheen.

The 72 people found dead at a Mexican ranch near the U.S. border may have been killed by the Zetas drug cartel, government officials say. The bodies of 58 men and 14 ..

Thanks Charlie and the rest of you drug using folks out there!

wow ... Charlie needs to watch that scene in Hook where Robin Williams smacks down the head Lost Boy, Rufio, via verbal barbs (ending with, "don't mess with me man, I'm a lawyer") to see how it's done effectively.

Meanwhile, Chuck Lorre is happily breathing in eau de malaria while Charlie continues to provide support for the decision to fire him.

Wow, take some time to write a book of poetry Mr. Sheen. I can see that you must have felt stifled by the repetitive dispassionate scripts of your sit com. Fortunately you don't really need another job in your life to be a winner. As long you can keep staying alive.

Kurtz wasn't able to live with himself even though he kept winning it his way. He ended up being terribly depressed. But the war he fought was forced upon him. It's wrong to visit wars on our self because no one else can appreciate them and it ends up being a lonely occupation. It's much better to live at seven tenths. So lighten up because there are many years ahead, and others will always blur the fine line that exists between a Brag-assed renegade and a Soldier.

George, those people were probably killed by Minutemen just like 9 year old Brisenia Flores was. Keep your propaganda out of this forum please.

This is so bizarre it almost seems like a publicity stunt. I do Hope Charlie gets the help he needs. I can see a future for 2 and 1/2 Men, not all with the contenders they showed on gma, but I got some really great contenders in mind.

who cares charlie is charlie they knew who they were hiring Two and a half men will die without him if can afford to party that way and live so be it if it was anyone other than charlie or some other big star would any of you really care i dont think so these guys need to kiss and make up or shut up

This is a friggin' publicity stunt. There's no way it is for real. He is reading from a prompter in those videos you can see it easily. If he was so strung out, do you think he would actually sit down and write that and read it so well? He is acting. And why hasn't Martin Sheen or Emilio Estevez or any of his other famous family said a word about any of it?


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