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Charlie Sheen on 'The Dan Patrick Show': 'This could be my final interview'

Sheen Of all the amazing claims that Charlie Sheen has made over the past few weeks, about Adonis DNA and mercury surfboards and AA Nazis and lions and tiger blood and bears, this one might be the most surprising: On Wednesday, he called into "The Dan Patrick Show" to announce, "This could be my final interview."

Three weeks have passed since Sheen first contacted the radio program, launching an unexpected press tour that's included a number of radio stations, morning-show interviews, late-night talk-show appearances and his own self-produced Ustream show, "Sheen's Korner." ("Hey, it's must-see TV," he quipped, sounding a little exhausted.) Earlier Wednesday morning, he even appeared on KRTH-FM (101.1) in Los Angeles. But Sheen later told Patrick, "[This] is where it all began and where it all ends, you know?"

Asked what brought such an abrupt end to his interviews, he said, "All they do is glad-hand me to get into my home, then they vilify me. ... At the end of the day, it's about ratings and commerce. They act concerned, but their behavior is completely the opposite." Sheen said that made him feel "bitter."

Patrick, however, seemed genuinely concerned about the actor. "Are you OK?" he asked Sheen.

"I'm better than OK," Sheen insisted. "I'm me. I'm winning." But he didn't sound convinced.

Patrick also asked if he was personally responsible for Sheen's very troubled interviews. "I wouldn't say you caused all of it," Sheen deadpanned. "Maybe 97%."

The actor also denied accusations that he'd been "flubbing my lines" or doing cocaine on the set of "Two and a Half Men." But he accepted that heds been axed from the show, and he said he thought that John Stamos and Rob Lowe, both rumored as possible replacements for his character, would be fine substitutions. (He'd previously slammed Stamos in the press.) "I think they're both fabulous," he said, "and my apologies to John. I was rude to him earlier, John Stamos. That was unnecessary. And Rob's an old friend, a brilliant actor, a beautiful man."

The interview sounded a bit like a downbeat closing statement for Sheen -- until the very end, when he slightly amended the terms of his retirement from the press tour. "I won’t do any interviews except you," he told Patrick. "How 'bout that?"

-- Melissa Maerz


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Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Ed Andrieski / Associated Press

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Every single decent human being on the planet should be saddened by what is happening to Charlie Sheen. I don't condone any of his actions. I would not let my children watch his sex based show. But he is a person, a creation of God who has gotten out of control. When he said regarding producers and writers, "They act concerned, but their behavior is completely the opposite". He spoke the truth. Every entertainment show that has thrown any morals to the wind and continued to harass and capitalize on this man, should be ashamed. But they will not be, because Hollywood (in general) has no conscience. I said a prayer for Charlie, because frankly, he needs help from the one who created him.

Last interview. We can't get that lucky!

I'd like to see Miguel cabrera replace sheen on the show.

I for one am so sick of Charlie Sheen, If C.B.S takes him back they show they have no self respect. This a man who had it all and decide on his own to become a druggie and a loser. No one is to blame for his state of mind but HIM. Stop blaming everyone else and clean up you act. I would like to know where is his mother during all this mess. Maybe Sean Penn could take him down and let him visit Sean good friend Hugo. Just please make him go away, enough of hearing and looking at him. He choose his life, let him live or die by it.

Dont make fun. I also have Tiger blood.

Yes he needs help and do you know how hard it must be for them to stay away and stick to thier boundaries? This shows me that they left the ball in Charlies corner. I hope he does whats best for himself but I wont hold my breath, he would have to admit he has a problem. The yes men he chose to surround himself with cant be blamed~how many people who have gone before them were told to go for not telling him what he wanted to hear. I was married to a man exactly like Charlie for a long time. They are called hedonists.

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