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Charlie Sheen on 'The Dan Patrick Show': 'This could be my final interview'

Sheen Of all the amazing claims that Charlie Sheen has made over the past few weeks, about Adonis DNA and mercury surfboards and AA Nazis and lions and tiger blood and bears, this one might be the most surprising: On Wednesday, he called into "The Dan Patrick Show" to announce, "This could be my final interview."

Three weeks have passed since Sheen first contacted the radio program, launching an unexpected press tour that's included a number of radio stations, morning-show interviews, late-night talk-show appearances and his own self-produced Ustream show, "Sheen's Korner." ("Hey, it's must-see TV," he quipped, sounding a little exhausted.) Earlier Wednesday morning, he even appeared on KRTH-FM (101.1) in Los Angeles. But Sheen later told Patrick, "[This] is where it all began and where it all ends, you know?"

Asked what brought such an abrupt end to his interviews, he said, "All they do is glad-hand me to get into my home, then they vilify me. ... At the end of the day, it's about ratings and commerce. They act concerned, but their behavior is completely the opposite." Sheen said that made him feel "bitter."

Patrick, however, seemed genuinely concerned about the actor. "Are you OK?" he asked Sheen.

"I'm better than OK," Sheen insisted. "I'm me. I'm winning." But he didn't sound convinced.

Patrick also asked if he was personally responsible for Sheen's very troubled interviews. "I wouldn't say you caused all of it," Sheen deadpanned. "Maybe 97%."

The actor also denied accusations that he'd been "flubbing my lines" or doing cocaine on the set of "Two and a Half Men." But he accepted that heds been axed from the show, and he said he thought that John Stamos and Rob Lowe, both rumored as possible replacements for his character, would be fine substitutions. (He'd previously slammed Stamos in the press.) "I think they're both fabulous," he said, "and my apologies to John. I was rude to him earlier, John Stamos. That was unnecessary. And Rob's an old friend, a brilliant actor, a beautiful man."

The interview sounded a bit like a downbeat closing statement for Sheen -- until the very end, when he slightly amended the terms of his retirement from the press tour. "I won’t do any interviews except you," he told Patrick. "How 'bout that?"

-- Melissa Maerz


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Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Ed Andrieski / Associated Press

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Good for him. He is finally putting his foot down by not letting the media exploit his personal life.

not ace face rob lowe or stamos.. the show needs jeff goldblum. then the show goes beddy bye gracefully.

This sounds like the inevitable crash is coming from his hyper-manic state over the last two weeks. Once the crash occurs, he'll probably starting using again just to get that 'high' feeling back.

Close to the end now.

If Rob Lowe would work; then why didn't they use Lowe to begin with given that Sheen has known "issues".

This is about life imitating art. Sheen began to live the characters he was portraying on screen.

Sheen is a fabulous personality. It's too bad that it ended in drug abuse. I had the same problems earlier in life but was able to overcome them. Hopefully Charlie can as well.

From the tone, he might be giving up on life, or at least thinking about it. Charlie's acted the Hollywood bad boy role but is tiring of the part, so maybe he'll do a self-assessment and back off from the edge, not turn into a real-life bad guy. True the media exploited him, but he revelled in the exploitation for awhile, upfront in the spotlight. Hope he doesn't give up and draw the curtains. Hope he's OK.

BRAD PITT: I am a God in a speedo. I eat Trolls for breakfast and poop tiger d.n.a before dinner

CHARLIE SHEEN: You must be me. Winning!

BRAD PITT: Look in the mirror Troll I'm about to eat you

CHARLIE SHEEN: That's not a mirror it's a window Loser, and I'm already gone.
Winning! duh

Looking at Charlie's life from the outside, it seems it may have all begun when he had a child when he was 19 with his then girlfriend. That year (1984) he had his first big film debut in Red Dawn as well. Having a child that young (which I am sure was not planned) suddenly thrust him into the role of a parent when he was not really yet grown up himself.

Having fatherhood and the start of his stardom begin in the same year must have been difficult to balance. If he did not have a child, I am sure he would have lived through his wild days and then calmed down by now. Being thrust into the responsibilty of an adult before he was 20 probably led to his heavy drinking and other things when he was young. This led to him being put into AA in his early 20's, probably when he was 23 since he said recently he was in AA for 22 years.

His father is also a strong personality and I am sure had a hand in both trying to get Charlie to be a good father and also enroll in AA.

So from early on Charlie had three things forcing themselves on him. Fatherhood, AA and his Father. Nothing against his Father. I am sure he was trying to do the best thing for Charlie and the situation.

The need to become your own person is very powerful, and I think these influences made him feel in a straight jacket of how he had to act and he never felt like he was really allowed to be himself.

There are many paths to finding yourself. It is important to be able to find your own path. I think the above three influences probably kept him from feeling he could become the person he wanted.

Over the years he developed a reputation as a womanizer and party person. This became what he was known for and became his identity because it was his. It was something he did himself. It was not forced on him by a situation, an agenda by an organization,
or an agenda of another person. It was his. It was his creation. The need to be your own person is very powerful, and it may lead down very crooked paths just to feel you are your own person.

Charlie had developed this reputation and the show 2 1/2 Men made it into a characarture of himself. This lifestyle provided him with a sense of his own identity, and eventually also became a big paycheck for him. So in the end I think he thought so this
is what people want and expect of him so he was going to do it to the extreme.

This is a very big oversimplification of a life, especially for someone I do not know personally. It just seems a tragic tale which is even worse because it is carried out in public where things are blown completely out of proportion and only add to the misery.

What I think Charlie probably needs is time to reset himself. He needs a timeout to assess where he has been and where he is going. A break from public life is necessary. I think a break from private relationships may also be good so he can look at his situation objectively without others throwing in their agendas and confusing the situtation. If he could go somewhere where there are positive
non judgmental people who will just more or less listen for awhile and let him work through these things, I think he will be a much happier stable person.

Hey mortgage rates - it was Sheen that shot his mouth off and just wouldn't shut up - how do you think this wacko drug addict was exploited?

"This could be my final interview"

Yeah, I'll say. More final than you think, from the looks of things. Get some help, Charlie.

"Morgtage rates", you're kidding, right? I sure hope that's sarcasm. He's arranging these interviews and photo ops with the media HIMSELF, so "exploiting his personal life" is laughable. Your personal life ceases to become personal when you've been on every tv and radio show on the dial in the past two weeks BY CHOICE!

I think maybe the constant abuse of drugs etc over the years has definately changed the chemical balance in his brain. He seems to be showing all the signs of being bi polar, and hes coming down from his high. Someone needs to intervene somewhere, weather he likes it or not or he will wind up dead sooner than later.


"At the end of the day, it's about ratings and commerce. They act concerned, but their behavior is completely the opposite."

He actually made sense and had a valid point. WOW!

Sad that Charlie has no REAL friends to help him out of this funk. He has obviously surrounded himself with "yes men" (and women) whom are only egging on this behavior (and mooching his $, drugs and success). God bless ya Charlie, and may you be strong enough to get the help you need buddy.

Nut ball if finally just beginning to realize that he did a few things wrong. Too little, too late. Most smart people don't care about him and know he doesn't care about anyone but himself... all why crying and whining about everything like a spoiled 5 year old.

His parents raised his first child because he was already a heavy user.

Good luck Charlie..you can turn this all around

I don't think that anyone should watch two and 1/2 men untill Charlie sheen comes back! Forget John stamos and Emilio estevez! There no Charlie, and he's what made the show!

I was listening when he called in.
He did not sound down. Typical negative writer.
He called in as 'Charlie from LA' and caught Patrick off guard.
He sounded fine and is playing this like a fiddle.
He will get millions from the show for the rest of his life.

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