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Charlie Sheen kicks off live tour: The 'My Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat Is Not an Option Show'

Sheen Not content to simply broadcast "Sheen's Korner" from Sober Valley Lodge, Charlie Sheen has announced that he's going out on the road with a live tour he's dubbing the "My Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat Is Not an Option Show."

On Thursday, Sheen tweeted that he'll kick off the tour on April 2 at Fox Theatre Detroit. Under "show details," Ticketmaster lists this description, which looks like it was written by Sheen himself:

"My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option Show is coming for you. I'm going on the road. LIVE. Will there be surprises? Will there be guests? Will there be mayhem? Will you ask questions? Will you laugh? Will you scream? Will you know the truth? WILL THERE BE MORE?!?! 
This IS where you will hear the REAL story from the Warlock. Bring it. I dare you to keep up with me."

This has been another rough week for the actor, who was axed from "Two and a Half Men," filed a $100-million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and "Men" co-creator Chuck Lorre, and had his house raided by the LAPD.

— Melissa Maerz


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Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press.

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Please don't waste your good money on watching my brother's mental breakdown. Let's all hope he gets professional help soon. Thanks, EE

What is so disturbing here is the fact he is suffering from post acute withdrawl syndrome as well as serious mental illness. Is it his fame and antics that are important here. His doctors are failing him. He is clearly hiding behind a mask of fear using inappropriate behaviors and displaying sever abnormal behaviors. If this was a normal joe he would have been hospitalized. Charlie needs serious help. Addiction and Mental illness is not to be laughed at. Our society continues to deny and avoid reality. People nedd to not pay or feed into his behaviors. Hello he needs help anyone can detox it doesnt mean they are ok can you say dry drunk/addict. Anyone who foes to see or pays to see this is just enabling and supporting unacceptable behaviors and denying the truth. Its time Americans stand for truth and reality. look at the example he has set and what he is continuing to do with these woman. its inappropriate and deplorable. He needs help not to be coddled because he is rich thats why he is like he is. AHe can buy anything he wants Charlie get help before they find you in hotel room dead.

This is a very sick man, in need of professional psychological help. I hope he finds that somewhere, so we can stop hearing all of his delusional remarks.

I have always enjoy watching Charlie. I find it disheartening to see someone so talented and gifted on this train ride that's bound to wreck. As I watched Anna Nicole sink deeper and deeper I wondered how "her loved ones" could stand by watching and often times feeding her the drugs. There is no doubt that your family loves you. They are victims too. I'm sorry Charlie but there are more pressing issues going on around the world that concern all our futures. If you feel you have been wronged then by all means fight but it's hard to feel sorry for someone who has lived their life in excess while others of us struggle each and every day. We don't have multiple properties, our faces aren't well known and believe me we get the short end of the stick daily. Such is life. It's how you adapt and overcome. The happiness comes when laying down at night knowing you did all you could to provide for your family and you set the best possible example for your children and did all you could to help another who might be in need. Simple but very effective. I wish you would use your voice and speak for others who are not as fortunate as you. Come back Charlie. This Charlie alienates himself from the ones who have loved and supported you. With all the excesses it does not equal happiness. You have to live life not rush through it with artificial contentment which is provided by your habits. We believed in you, when are you going to truly believe in yourself without all the bravado and hoopla, because at the end of the day your skin and bones like the rest of us with feelings and needs.
I wish you all the best, you have children who need their father...not the rock star from mars nor the warlock. They need you, just you Charlie and that will be good enough. Find yourself soon.

Unfortunately it takes a lot to commit someone involuntarily. And to say that others should step in, it's difficult to do without there permission. Believe me CBS and Chuck Lorre I'm sure tried every possible way to deal with his issues considering it was the #1 comedy on TV every week and Sheen was signed for 2 more years.

If Martin could, he would commit him but he can't because he doesn't have that kind of authority unless he has a Health Power of Attorney over him, which I doubt he does.

Charlie was playing himself on the show. Unfortunately when you do so much drugs for so long you tend to develop paranoid tendencies and other issues. Right now he thinks he's bigger than G-d. When reality truly hits him, it will all come crashing down.

Shame on the ones like Howard Stern who just take advantage of watching the man crumble and are just enabling him. Even one of his "Goddesses" moved out because he was too much to handle even with all that money.

Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely and Charlie has passed that point. He is in desperate need of help and unless one of his family is willing to put up a public fight that would tear it apart, this will only get worse before it gets better.

He will either get dead or clean up. Either way, he will never be what he once was - a decent actor making top money on a sitcom. Look at what happened to Grace Butler, another sitcom actor who blew it all for drugs. People aren't made to make that kind of money and survive it unfortunately.

This gives me an idea. Could the state balance its budget by charging admission to see death row executions? At $100/head, they could pull $10million per execution at the Rose Bowl. With over a hundred on death row, that's a billion bucks. Plus there are broadcast, cable, and syndication rights. Think about it -- if we don't do it, then Texas will beat us to the punch.

Also, what about a reality show with Charlie, Lindsay, and Moammar Gadhafi -- Three's Company. We're talking boffo ratings -- at least a 28/84 points/share. Throw in an execution, and you'll have TV Magic!

john crier is the real attraction to 2 and a half men. he is so talented and sheen just walks around looking hung over but john can carry the show fine without him.

omg.....i feel so sorry for this guy. Bipolar at its best-worst. Everyone is by his side now, but when he gets really really bad, and he will, they will all be gone, because he will get mean toward everyone, and think he is God. He needs to be away for a long time with some major meds pumped into his crazy ass. Stop the madness Charlie yu r a talented guy so yu fell get hel get better and go back to work!

If Charlie is so much of a waste of time to ALL you people,Why do YOU waste your time saying anything?Prayers to Charlie.And WHY should he give money to Japan?We can use it here.And besides it's his money he worked for it he can do what he wants with it!! If this Japan stuff is such a worry to you then send your OWN money there!!Miss and best of luck to Charlie.

Thanks, Charlie. Your public meltdown helped me to see that I wasn't coping with my sobriety in a healthy way either. I was losing it and close to losing my job, too. Seeing the mayhem in your life helped me to see it in mine and gave me the strength to reach out for help.

May you find that strength in yourself before it is too late.


Are we trolls and losers going to give more money to this egomaniac?

I was as big a fan as anyone. But now it's over. Stay away. Let's get rid of this pig.

And you know this how NRTHNGRL64? I suppose you have spent time with him and came up with this ringer of an opinion which is your right, but don't make it sound like you have just put in the time as a doctor and have given the diagnosis to something I would bet you know little about. He is an actor and a good one at that, but I believe that the wrong doers to Charlie, took on a little more than they were prepared to so..... Shut your mouth and listen to the TRUTH from the WARLOCK who has fought many battles and has always came up WINNING! He never hides from the TRUTH, and is trying to impart some wisdom to the TROLLS that run the world known as HOLLYWEIRD. Police were at his house and he gave them praise. Does that sound like a nut job to you? It sounds like a man on a mission to me. There are many secrets this man can expose about HOLLYWEIRD and it is going to be fun to hear him blast the TROLLS by telling the TRUTH which I am sure many insiders fear. One TRUTH is the people he is bashing and the company he worked for made 10 billion dollars off of him. They are the truely perverted ones. Use a man for his fame, popularity and his colorful past and give him pennies on the dollar for what they make. Open your eyes and maybe you will gain a bit of TRUTH to the way the world works. But you are probably just another one of the apx 200 million SHEEPLE in this country. Take a look in your closet and you will find that I am right with that last remark! Enough said SIZZLE LOSER!

BRING IT to Kansas City, MO.!!!! We need more tiger's blood and winning around here!!!! Love you Charlie, stay sober!!!!

Really Chuck ??? All of this "charliephilosophy" is incredibly redundant. The first one - funny, entertaining. The subsequent - ho-hummm, wake me when the next one presents. All in all, the narcissistic messenger service playbook is running out of subject matter for the inquisitive. Entertainment value waining while relying on shock value overweighted. New angle needed - say, maybe truth, reality vs acceptance of marginally logical exerpts of the days brainstorm. Obscurity suggests creativity while groping for attention presents just that - groping for attention !

Lighten up people. Let Charlie be the eccentric nut he is.

charlie sheen is laughing all the way to the bank.....Duh, winner tee shirts, live tour tickets sold out in 18 minutes, and God only knows what else.

Hey, I'm on the other side of the world and nowhere near the vast fame and fortunes of those living off the values of HaHawood. What is immensely sad is the very apparent addiction to fame; the loss of shame .... and the "must-name-the-game" aptitudes. Essentially, it's all purely egotistical. Mega tit-for-tats, if not obscene at times, displayed by some once very worthy and talented adults - many of whom children and our youth admire and aspire to.

Here I am having broken my back to get a small business started over the age of 50; employed wonderful yet less privileged from a mass populace; face shams and scams daily and yet we're at it 24X7 making a paltry amount in comparison to these super-heroes. What keeps us going? Integrity, honour, belief and values. No drugs, no egos, no nonsense. On the job - for kith and kin. HaHawood sells smut, creates a false sense of accomplishment and motivates gangs, crime and fake goods and worlds. How sad to know it's about money and the last laugh. Wow.

Charlie, please get some help for your drug addiction, I am not one of those fools who thinks you have stopped taking drugs, your actions speak it loud and clear. I loved watching Two and a Half Men but now I will never watch it again. You need to get some serious help and stop blaming everyone for your problems, you created them now you need to fix them.

Sometimes it seems like a government/media plot--- keep the sheep occupied while the economy teeters on the brink. The worst oil spill in history, fishkills, birdkills, nuclear meltdowns, riots in over a dozen countries, Saudi soldiers going into Bahrain, the dollar crashing, oil peaking, unemployment setting records, inflation-- and our president is playing golf, talking basketball, going to Rio, concerned about bullying in schools.


Anyway-- go for it, Charlie. All these people trying to lock you up, shut you up.
You aren't the crazy one.

I hope all you sheeple find the man the myth the legend to doubtful to do anything. If this is the case why on god's green earth would CBS or Warner Brothers, want him back?

You are all sheeple and follow the straight garbage that is fed to you daily and eat it and drink it like you thought of it and created it. When in reality you are just sheeple and trolls of the marketing machine of capitalism! Wake up I beg you! The water is fine take a day off and go swimming anything but your normal (setting on the dryer) routine!

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