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Charlie Sheen interview gives ABC the highest ratings in more than two years for a newsmagazine

Sheenabc3 Do viewers want to see even more Charlie Sheen? That's like asking if the star of "Two and a Half Men" runs on tiger blood. 

Tuesday's "Charlie Sheen: In His Own Words," ABC News' special edition of "20/20," delivered an average of 9.3 million total viewers for a solid No. 2, behind CBS' "The Good Wife" (11.3 million), according to the Nielsen Co.

In the key adults 18 to 49 demographic, reporter Andrea Canning's sit-down with Sheen easily won the 10 p.m. hour with a 3.2 rating/9 share. That made it the highest-rated newsmagazine (without an artificial boost from a sports lead-in) on any network in more than two years.

Of course, the interview would have done even better had Sheen not spoiled ABC's scoop by deciding to go on a media blitz Monday to explain himself after CBS and Warner Bros. decided to pull the plug on this season of his comedy. The move came after Sheen publicly attacked his bosses last week.


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-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Charlie Sheen talks with ABC's Andrea Canning. Credit: ABC News/Associated Press.

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Yea, That was SOME interview... Charlie Sheen is cool but ABC made him look C-R-A-Z-Y... I saw his Ex Wive had the cops take the 2 boys away the morning after this Interview aired (March 2nd 2011) and she now has a restraining order against Charlie... NOT GOOD for Sheen... He'll probably loose custody now.

I don't know what Charlie Sheen was thinking doing that interview. I mean he should know how Hollywood is, they love to crucify people and well that interview made Sheen look pretty darn crazy to me.

I have not read or watched this interview with Sheen yet... I do have it Tivo'd tho... but I have seen little snippets of his comments and I have only this to say:
YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Charlie, Charlie. Charlie... nobody is THAT freaking special!! Some might be pretty special to our moms etc..., but, come on, it's truly time for either a reality check or to seek some help. I am not trying to be funny there either dude... you need to slow waaaaaay down and take a good long look.
You are not so special or unique; there are many, many, many fabulous actors, comedians with impeccable timing, even some with that 'bad boy' thing going on with good looks to boot! We all can see that you are aging and I know...most of us know.. that it sucks, but it is what it is and there is little to be done about it in reality. The young 'up & coming' are a threat, I get that, but they will be in this boat too one day soon... nobody is immune sweetie.
You certain are not special or unique as an abuser either; they are a dime a cheap dozen! Men who treat women like you do are nothing but common.... just plain common and just plain wrong! Now, the ones who treat women with love, tenderness and respect... ahhh, they are special! They are unique! They are our protectors, our mates, partners, wonderful fathers to our precious children and trustworthy enough to stand side by side with as we go thru this life.
If you can't budget yourself to 2 million an episode then you have a real problem! Why don't you demand that a million dollars an episode be donated to feed America's hungry kids? Or maybe to an organization like St. Jude's... at least then it would make some sense and not make you look like a selfish, over indulged, aging brat! Reality is really only perception... think about how you are being perceived....scary, my dear, scary. Really, nobody thinks you are that special and your fellow stars of your show don't deserve for you to "steal" their income from them! Shame on you "Special Boy"!!
And, FYI, your show is one of our very favorite shows! We love it!! But, we don't have too much love left for you. 'Grow up' are words you probably hear all too often... there is a reason for that.. it is the best advice you're going to get. I don't care if you sink 3 million (or one episode to you) into the best shrink in the freaking world!!! "Growing up will cure you, I promise"!!!!

true, however, Charlie also stated that he doesn't care how he's percieved, he's just an honest guy., he tells it like it is. I say "hats off" to him. Let him live his life the way he wants as along as he doesn't kill himself doing it. If i lived down the street from him, i'd probably knock on his door looking to chat. I think he's great.
Charlie? keep up the good fight. all of these people who are judging you?, they have scarey skeletons in their closet too, they just don't have the gonads to let them out!!

I can't believe the idiots who say this guy is anything more than a sad nutcase. he'd fried his brain off. And all you idiots who think "good on him", well if you think he's that great go get some coke and bourbon and there you have it. It's not hard, not an accomplishment to be an ass. While the country deals with a recession and california economy i sin the dumps, this guy makes millions of dollars he wastes on drugs and sex. He's not someone to look up to. I am concerned about the America that reveres this guy. There are scientists, writers, doctors, teachers, philantriphists working to help society and humanity and you guys revere a sad drug addict who is clearly insane. Shame.

Renee and Todd, you are both right on. Exactly what Todd said, I can't say it any better.

No one reveres Charlie Sheen as a drug addict. You can't call any actor or celebrity out on their private life. The point is that these people take on a role in our lives and submit to it tirelessly. If you don't like his show now, just wait he'll come out with something else meainingful that will touch thousands of people, because he is a great actor.

We are not debating whether or not any of us can predict the future. We are talking about a manic-depressive that is neither hopeless nor self-loathing. We are talking about how remarkable it is for someone that is manic-depressive to come out and say, I self-medicated and I now realize that this is not helping me or my family and I want to change. The fact that he want to take his affliction and put it in the lime-light and say, let's prove all of you people wrong is remarkable. He's not saying, I have a great doctor she isn't an actor but she gives me something that almost makes me feel. He's saying that anyone that seeks psychological assistance is selling out in order to be validated as "normal".

For anyone that is in these science fields, or analytical fields he is saying it's okay to be what you are mentally and don't follow in my footsteps as a drug abuser. He is saying that he realized that he is what he gets high on and he spoke outwardly about that. That's a positive message.

I am sorry that no everyone is a saint, but to call someone out and say there is a better person for our kids to learn from is ridiculous. Who? What celebrity are we going to trust that we should give money to and hope that they don't turn around and spend it on drugs and sex? I think that supporting someone that wants to be honest about their lifestyle is a much safer strategy than to give a chance to another individual that has not come to grips with how out of control their lives have become.

For all the people that think that he is crazy, just listen to him for awhile. He certainly is smart & coherent - he is just trying to let everyone know how bizarre things are in the entertainment business, and that he does not really care what people think of him.

He is speaking the truth of himself - that he is different than most & more importantly, that he is a little fed up with the world making his private life their business.

How would a 'normal' person react, constantly reading & hearing about themselves where there is mostly lies & just a little truth. Think about it.

Go Charlie !

You know I have to agree with the last person.... Charlie is putting himself out there... Hes talking to the reporters and calling the shots. Hes not waiting for these magazines and shows to put the story out their in their "anyway to sell more mags" sort of way. Charlie beat them all to it and he came out and told the honest story about all/everything in his life.. the CBS story about his show! This is a first for an actor! Kudos to him! Also, I can see alot of peoply envying his lifestyle! He goes to work - does an oscar worthy job - then comes home and parties like every other millionaire does! He seems pretty smart - a little full of himself - but he seems to still have his head together!! I don't think I'd ridicule him too much. Hes an actor and he has the cool, outgoing, trip of a personality. I know alot of people that would love to hang out with him!! Just hope he really does stay clean!! I wouldn't want to see what happened to the other OD'd actors/actresses happen to him! Hes too great of an actor to lose so young! Prayers go out to you Charlie! Stay strong!

Charlie Sheen is the example of living. I'm not saying go out and do drugs. What I'm saying is most people are robots, they live and die and nothing more. They follow rules only because thats what they know. They are told what makes them happy and they are told what is wrong by people that aren't even around any more. The whole world follows this silent code til death. Really think about the amount of people that live on this earth and that have lived on this earth. Only a handful have made a name for themselves in history while the majority have faded into nothing. We follow a code that leads us nowhere but to the grave. It makes you think who and what are we living for. All in all my point is, live for you because if you hide you from you then you might as well fade into the dust like everyone before you.

I can't stand the continuous plastic righteousness Andrea Canning's has during the interview; she's speaking with an overly opinionated & judgmental perspective of every mother that strives to overly protect their child from the realities of men, and at the same time is truly in this for the business of media spotlight and revenue. If she and ABC were really concerned with this influence, would they simply not do the interview and air it? No, of course not, the business is too profitable. The synthetic judgmental expressions she carries during the interview, seemingly in hopes of representing the 'normal public', is a good example and representation, at least for me, at how our society has become so effeminately oppressive over our recent history. How many mothers would like a new mother law of some sort, how about hmmm, "a law that doesn't allow drug users to be actors because they will be a bad influence on our children". Doesn't that seem to be the general vibe from the disgust on her face? How about we remember we're a dam free country that includes freedom of being who you are and how you want to live your life, period. The truth is Andrea, men will always use drugs recreationally because we like experimenting with altered states of consciousness and others with altered states of a physical body, there it is, the truth. Of course many women also are open and free towards that perspective. Unfortunately, the way some people are wired and within the expectations of our normalized psychiatric mindset generally speaking as a society, some people truly cannot handle using drugs recreationally and they either die of addiction of some stupid combination or dosage. But you can't hold judgment and oppression over those who are intelligent enough to use them properly when the recreational use feels right to them through out their lives.

And to Todd Skewer's post, scientists, writers, doctors, teachers, philanthropists..guess what? A fair percentage of them use drugs recreationally through out their profession too, not just intelligent actors in a creative field. The lesson is that it's a pleasure to allow people to be free and who they are without oppressing them with our expectations, sure you can waste your time formulating a popular opinion, but don't drive into that to seriously, because nobody really cares about your personal opinion when it comes to their freedom.

Have we forgot how to think freely as Americans? Does anyone realize there are countries that demonstrate a higher sense of freedom in intellectual and collective thought in their societies than what this ridiculous 3rd grade interview demonstrates?

I am bipolar and am able to see the need for continued support of my doctors. Charlie seems to be spreading the notion that we can all heal our own brains. That would be lovely but, sometimes if we have a chemical imbalance we do need medicine to correct that imbalance. I think that he is not thinking straight because he is so frustrated with his own life. Life is tough for everyone! Get some help and set an example for a change!

I have always loved Charlie in his 2 & 1/2 men series, but it always seemed he was playing his true personaliaty on his show. It's so heart breaking to see such a talented person as he, completely lose controll of his life and throw it down the drain. I wish he was only 16 years old, and his family could have more contol in helping him to turn around his run-away lifestyle. Unfortunately his demise will be a result of his own personal choices and his free agency to make those choices. Having said that, I hope he can develop self dicipline to live up to his God giving potencial. I hope he can realise there is no such thing as a Charlie Sheen drug, his actions are only a result of a self indugant life style and sence of entitlement . He may be 45 years old but his actions are those of a 6 year old school yard bully, encouraged by his so called goddesses. I hope he comes to know his goodness are useing him as much as he's using them. Time to grow up Charlie, middle age comes to all of us. Unfortualtely, your middle age crisis is playing out for all the world to see and to pity!

This Man Is Not Someone To be Proud of , and Bring Into The Lime Light.

He's a Seriously Mentally Ill Person.

His Actions and Out Burst's Show Just How UnStable He Truely Is.

I Think His Dad Need's To Commit Charlie into a Locked Door Mental Facility and Dry The Man Out.

He's a Danger to Himself and Anyone That Comes in Contact With Him.

I Feel Bad for His 5 Kid's. He's Not The Kind of Father They rightfully Should Have.

Bet He's Dead By Halloween. The Drug's and Booze Will Get Him.

I am Surprised He Doesn't have an Serious STD with All The Trash He Buy's.
Aid's Run's Wild in The Porono Industry along with alot of Other Nasty Sexual Disease's.

charlie sheen is an idiot!!! DO SOME MORE DRUGS!!!!


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