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CBS wants more 'Survivor' and Jeff Probst

Probst The Tribal Council at CBS has spoken: Two more editions of "Survivor" are in our near future.

The network has ordered a 23rd and 24th edition of the long-running reality competition series to be broadcast during the 2011-2012 season.

And Mr. Survivor himself, Jeff Probst, has signed a new agreement to return as host and executive producer.

This season, the series moved from its Thursday home to Wednesdays. The current edition, "Survivor: Redemption Island," up against Fox's juggernaut "American Idol," averages 11.70 million viewers, according to the network.

But who can even think about the future with Wednesday night's episode -- Russell versus Matt!!-- looming? 

Show Trackers, have you had your fill of "Survivor"?  Are you glad Probst is sticking with it?  Could you imagine the show without him?

 -- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Jeff Probst. Credit: Getty Images

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I love this show!

I have watched every episode beginning with Richard Hatch. Have never questioned my loyality, but anxiously await show each week. Looking forward to 23 & 24.

I am so mad that russell is out. I think he is the best player ever. I have watched this show from day 1. I hate the people on his tribe they are stupid.

Please let me come to the final show so i can let russell know he is the best player. I just don't think people understand him. He was never in it for the money he justs loves to play the game. Can't people see that ? I know his passion. We all have something that we are passionate about.

This show could not exist without its grandmaster, Jeff Probst. I'm just thrilled they are continuing it with him.

russell hantz is best all time player on survivor. forget Boston Rob, he can't compare to russell, period!!!!! it was "let's get rid of russell" show. love show but never be the same without russell, or jeff probst. best show on TV!!!

I am thrilled that there will be 2 more survivors I love this show and Jeff Probst. I am very glad that Russel was sent home... couldn't stand him before either. I love watching Boston Rob. I sure hope he makes it this time. I do wish the show was back on Thursdays though.

I am very happy that there will be a 23rd and 24th show ... and hopefully after that they may to make a few more.
I make sure I am home for all the Survivor shows, and yes I did see Richard Hatch running around naked too ... YUCK!!!
This show wouldn't be the same without Jeff Probst, he is the main person tying together both the tribes in every show.
Thank you CBS for keeping a wonderful show on the air!

Russel is the most valuable player ever on the show. I really looked forward to watching this season especially. I have watched Survivor every season and by far he is the most excited and interesting person ever.
I was looking looking forward to a showdown of Boston Rob and Russel. What a dramatic dual that would have been!
Russel knew how to play the game-strategically, mentally and physically. better than anyone, bar none.
Jeff Probst and Russel are the 2 most valuable people on Survivor
I think he should have a second life and come back using "Lost" ideas. Just reappear floating in off the ocean on a raft, whatever. ................

We've been watching Survivor since the beginning. It's the best show. And, yes, Jeff Probst must stay.

I love Survivor and Jeff Probst, but if they bring Russell and Rob back one more time, I am done!

I love Survivor. I have watched every episode since day one. Survivor would not last without Jeff Probst. Jeff is the one and only host for the show. Russell has to be the ultimate Survivor. He played Survivor exactly like it was to be played. The show is great. Just wish they could move away from the tropical settings. Survivor - Alaska. Now that would be a great one.

I"ve been watching Survivor since the beginning and love it. And love Jeff Probst, too. He has to be there! Hate Russel, always have - too much of a liar and no conscience. I agree he plays the game well, but so do many others who deserve to be there more. Would like to see more of a variety of players. Most are ditzy skinny blonds - good for the guys to watch, but not interesting at all!


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