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About (Late) Last Night: Britney Spears launches her comeback on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' [Video]

It must be said: Whoever's managing Britney Spears these days is doing a pretty great job. The pop princess, whose extraordinary public meltdown culminated three years ago when she lost custody of her children and was involuntarily committed to the hospital, seems poised to make the unlikeliest of comebacks. As any embattled celebrity can tell you, two things are essential to a successful image revitalization: Be willing to make fun of yourself and look darn good while doing it. On Tuesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Spears did both.

First, she appeared in a funny skit with Kimmel, in which he revealed his enormous new "Britney Spears" tattoo (see clip above). Then, guest Johnny Knoxville introduced a "deleted scene" from "Jackass 3D," one which involved Spears and a bungee-mounted Porta Potti.


Spears did more than enough to prove herself a good sport. Now there was one final challenge: singing. In the show's final segment, Spears took to the stage to perform her catchy new single, "Till the World Ends." Though the performance may have lacked giant snakes and lesbian kisses, it represented a fine return to form for the singer, and will help many of us erase the memory of her disastrous 2008 VMA performance.

Britney, it's good to have you back.


-- Meredith Blake


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I thought she was so funny and her performance was waaaaaaay better than the GMA performance earlier in the day. Britney is here to stay through ups and downs we'll love her always!!!!!

She was so funny and her performance was pretty great. She looked beautiful too!! LOVE BRIT!

i dont think anyone should judge her she is the one up there in front of thousands not u who is sitting in front of ur tv

She looks beautiful. I love her new sound and she seems comfortable in her skin again.

I don't think that was her in the porta potti... you couldn't see her face in it, and you couldn't see her face running out, plus you can compare her arms before and after and the girl running out had thinner, more muscular arms...wow love her but that was fake

I loved the show!!! Great job, Britney! The tattoo skit was my favorite.

She cant dance and is so thick. She acts like a 50 year old woman...madonna has more pep in her step than this tweaked zombie. The song could be from anyone...its house music....so what! She needs to learn how to dance again. Why is she so fat??? at her age...ugh...thats what happens when you start out with no talent.

I am hoping that when the Jackass guys do another movie, they sing “Ooops I Did It Again” with that stunt…but this time they put Jimmy Kimmel in there. How Lucky would be to see that?

What was the writer watching. She was ok in the skit which didn't require much. And how can you comment on singing when she can't even lip synch ? She wkex around, sat down, and flapped her fat legs and arms. She sucked. If anyone else did that they would have been ripped apart. She looks lime a fat, pathetic aging stripper doing a routine for a$10 dance.

wow, Meredith, um...no. she doesnt look great, she looks just okay nothing special...she didnt sing the song, she had the track played over the loudspeakers like at a listening party. and she cant dance anymore. i was dumbfounded once at her for airing a Showtime live concert where she danced and never sang live, just played the audio track, now she cant even dance? this is a comeback? i do not know what Meredith Blake is writing about!

also, britney looked out of it, on both sketches, talk about a lack of enthusiasm or spark. she appears sedated or something...
perhaps diehard Britney fans are celebrating her "comeback" i dont think the rest of America gives a d*mn anymore, Yawn....

Fake but still funny...

LOL of course it's fake. it was funny and she is prettttty
i also like her new song a lot


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