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Bret Michaels sues CBS and Tony Awards over 2009 stage injury

Bretmichaels Bret Michaels has filed a lawsuit against CBS and the Tony Awards in connection with his stage accident during the 2009 ceremony.

Michaels, best-known for his work with the rock group Poison, was hit in the head by an enormous piece of descending scenery and knocked to the ground right after he had finished performing a number during the telecast. Video of the incident quickly made its way around the Internet.

The suit, filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, says producers never informed Michaels of the scenery or the hazards it presented. "Quite the opposite, Michaels specifically asked for instructions regarding how to exit after his performance and was just told to walk off the rear of the stage -- in what was ultimately the danger zone," the legal papers say.

Michaels subsequently suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a form of stroke that can lead to disability and death. Michaels recovered and has returned to work, although he had to cancel numerous dates, according to the suit. Attempts to reach a private settlement over the Tonys incident failed, the papers say, and Michaels is now seeking unspecified damages.

CBS declined to comment on the suit.

Here is video of the original incident:



Bret Michaels returns to VH1 with new series

-- Scott Collins (twitter.com/scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Bret Michaels arriving at the 2009 Tony Awards. Credit: Peter Kramer/Associated Press



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There is a video on YouTube of the dress rehearsal of the 2009 Tonys showing Bret Michaels walking off of the stage and clearing the descending piece of scenery. He did not look confused about how or where to exit and he sustained no injury.

And then on the footage of the actual telecast, you can see that the other members of Poison ran off the stage without incident and that Mr. Michaels stayed onstage longer "vamping" and then slowly walked off, obviously not caring about timing or cues. And you can also see in the video that the piece of scenery did not "fall" on Mr. Michaels so much as he ran into it.

I agree with Jennifer. This is clearly a case of ambitious lawyers convincing someone that there's serious money to be made and a lawsuit is the best plan of action. If it was up to Bret himself, I think he'd just be thankful he's still alive and let this go.

Jennifer, all performers should be given a clear entrance and exit as to NOT be able to run into anything that will harm them! The liability clearly rests with the studio. And "vamping" is what lead singers and stars of any genre do! This was an accident and the studio is negligent for not supplying a safe route for the performers. Thankfully, Bret Michaels was not killed nor any other performers injured.

If the video here was all anyone had to decide with, I would favor him...however I am SOOO sick of overpaid celebrities and musicians-- there is NEVER enough for them..and their excesses..then they use their "stage" to promote their own political views or the media to report their "generousity"..ie:- most recently, Sarah Bullock's donation of 1 mil to Japan-- if they really cared they would help also the many people here who are struggling just to stay warm/eat/keep their homes/etc. and BE QUIET about it not broadcast it-- but then again, it is really always about THEM!

I'm confused, Sally2you: By your reasoning, just because someone is a celebrity doesn't entitle them to expect to be safe at work and to be offered some compensation when he employers don't supply that safety?? That's ridiculous, we should all be able to go to work and expect to be safe, unless perhaps you work in an industry where injuries come with the territory. I hardly think an entertainment career qualifies as a dangerous job generally.

what a sissy...my four-year-old grandaughter hits me harder than that every day...Michaels should be ashamed of himself... who's his attorney, Gloria Allred?...do you think his drug use could have had something to do with the accident and the stroke?...well, maybe he has Obama-care Gold Plan!!!


hahahahahahahhahahahaahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahah. what world do u live in? how entitled do u think u r?

Wheres OSHA? Everyone has a right to a SAFE WORKPLACE....Good luck Bret

It appears in the video that Mr. Michaels was definitely cold-cocked by the descending scenery. The fact that he subsequently suffered a deadly brain hemorrhage might not be connected to the head blow he received but it is clearly something that should be litigated. I would settle with the man if I was CBS. Dennis Quaid and his wife were justified in suing Cedars Sinai over the outrageous medication mistake inflicted on their twin infants. Moral outrage and financial settlements are not just for the poor and moderate income people - they send a mesaage to those responsible to keep their ship in order.

When is this guys 15 minutes of fame going to be over...

Bret Michaels is a major-league wuss. His next reality show should allow real guys to knock his lights out. And with most of us, it would take merely one punch. No, one good jab to his fragile, made-up face. I can already feel the greasy eye makeup clinging to my knuckles.

Bret is always running into calamaties. It seems!!!


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