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Bravo to air live 'Real Housewives' reunion special

It’s rare to watch a train wreck happen in real time — unless, of course, you’re watching Charlie Sheen’s Ustream channel.

But viewers who like a good cat fight are now in luck. Bravo will air its first live (LIVE!) "Real Housewives" reunion in a special edition of “Watch What Happens: Live Miami Housewives Reunion.” Wow, Bravo, way to cram it in with that title.

Host Andy Cohen will, per usual, moderate the affair that will see cast mates Lea Black, Marysol Patton, Adriana DeMoura, Alexia Echevarria, Cristy Rice and Larsa Pippen reunite. No mention on whether mama Elsa will make an appearance, but we’re crossing our fingers!

Also, no pigs are expected to be hurt when the special airs at 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 5.

— Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: The cast of "The Real Housewives of Miami." Credit: Bravo.

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I love you Andy, I think you are funny, smart, kind and most of all fair. I just have a comment...I don't understand why Bravo continues to participate in shows were you have MEAN, UGLY and bullying ladies making money from these shows..OC Housewives, Atlanta Housewives. Tamara and Vickie ... karma comes back. These two are just horrible people. Nene thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. She is just ghetto!!

Miami is a sexy classy place we need better than those bad wives, too much competition those women are so immature and behave as high school kids.

Leah is the only class act.
Larsa is an air head and a gold digger always happing on how pretty she is.
Christy is too ghetto , very jealous AND ALWAYS CRITIZING EVERYTHING.
MarySol AND Adrianna are just desperate to be house wives, how embassing for women in this day and age.Adrianna how sad your performance in that hotel room. the guy was not amused.
Alexia is OK I like her.

Perhaps the live reunion show will redeem an awful Housewives series....

I don,t mean to be disrespectful,but what is wrong with Elsa? Her head looks like it was trasplanted from another body.She is so difficult to look at I don,t understand why they include her in the show.

I've wanted to comment on Elsa also, but didn't want to appear disrespectful. But it seems that she may have had some botox because her head/face look swollen; scary even. She's funny though with a quick wit which I think intrigues Andy.

Ix don't know which was worse, the housewives of D.C. or Miami. It's hard to keep the Miami ones straight as to who is who, except for Scotty Pippin'awife and Marysol's mother. Otherwise they are so much alike and mutually annoying. Scotty PIPPINs wife, Daniel from N.J., Tamara and Vicy of the orange co. series and Alexis from N.Y. are so far the most annoying. Mrs.Pippin, is even more annoying than Camille Grammar and that's saying something. I do believe these programs about all the housewives have run their course and would advise Bravo to look around for some
different programing.

oh my gosh. I don't watch this show. But from what I have seen it is so ugly. The mother and daugter. oh my. looks like monsters..ugly!!!!


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