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'American Idol' finalist Casey Abrams gets a little help from his friends

March 28, 2011 |  3:06 pm

MB1_9120 Those of you who've been worried about Casey Abrams since Thursday night's exciting "American Idol" results show — in which he reacted to the judges' save by hyperventilating and swooning and plunking down on the stage steps — will be pleased to learn he's at least well enough to have returned to Twitter. 

"I am so happy I am still here. I'll make this save worth it. :)," Abrams, whom TMZ reports fell to the floor after Thursday night's show and had to be helped up and into a chair by the "Idol" staff, tweeted Saturday evening, after going radio silent on Twitter since shortly before Thursday's show.

(Asked whether TMZ's report that Casey had also had undergone yet another blood transfusion on Thursday morning and whether the shock of Thursday's results had had any lingering effects on his health, Fox had no comment.)

Casey also expressed gratitude for the support of his fans, among them, it turns out, Season 6 "Idol" finalist Melinda Doolittle and Season 9's Crystal Bowersox and Andrew Garcia, all of whom tweeted to express their shock that America had voted to eliminate Casey.

"Really? Casey Abrams? After my voting frenzy? Glad Randy, Jen, and Tyler know a good thing when they hear it..." Bowersox wrote after the show Thursday night.

"Just heard. Why is my boy Casey in the bottom 3?!?!? I'm Pissed!!!" Garcia opined.

"Really America? Casey Abrams?!?! Really? I can't even talk to you right now," Doolittle wrote, later adding, "For all those asking: I did vote! I voted for both Casey and Stefano Wednesday night because I'm starting to figure out how America thinks."

Casey responded Saturday: "@mdoolittle @crystalbowersox @andrewagarcia the fact that you got my back, means the world. Ima try to make you guys proud :)"

That tweet earned him another triple gush of love from his "Idol" predecessors:

"@CAbramsAI10 @crystalbowersox @andrewagarcia I think I can speak for all of us, Casey, when I say, you have already made us proud! ;-)," Doolittle wrote.

"@CAbramsAI10 bro you already made me and a million others proud the moment you hit that stage," Garcia offered.

And Bowersox weighed in: "@CAbramsAI10 @mdoolittle @andrewagarcia:) no matter what happens here, you'll be busy working after AI doing what you love. hang tuff, kid:)"

Casey, sounds like it's time for a repeat performance of "With a Little Help from My Friends." 

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— Amy Reiter

Photo: Casey Abrams, right with Ryan Seacrest, is saved on "American Idol" airing Thursday on Fox.  Credit: Michael Becker / Fox.