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'All My Children' getting the ax? Help us dream up how our favorite Pine Valley characters make their exit.

Lucci Susan Lucci out of a job after 41 years?? “All My Children” getting yanked?

That’s the buzz after Deadline.com reported Monday that ABC was looking to reduce its daytime drama lineup from three to two hours, with “All My Children” as the likely victim due to flailing ratings.

But what about our favorite Pine Valley characters?! Well, they’ll be replaced with a new talk show, according to Deadline.

Should the daytime drama, which launched in 1970, be headed for doomsville, it will join three other canned soaps: CBS’ “The Guiding Light” and "As the World Turns” and NBC’s “Passions.”

Talk of “All My Children’s” end is nothing new. Reports surfaced in 2009 that the 41-year-old soap narrowly escaped cancellation — which the network denied at the time.

And the network is once again downplaying the rumors.

When Show Tracker reached out to the network about whether the recent rumors of cancellation were true, an ABC representative had this to say: “Our response is that the Deadline.com piece is just the latest in a long line of stories about this same topic.”

Um, is that a yes or a no?

Show Trackers, what do you think of the rumors? Are you surprised? If true, how should Erica Kane and the rest of the Pine Valley characters say goodbye?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Actress Susan Lucci attends the 7th Annual ABC & SOAPnet Salute Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDs Benefit closing celebration in New York City. Credit:  Jemal Countess / Getty Images

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I have been watch all my children since I was very young , and I watch it still today and my soap line up will not be complete if it was to be cancelled. Please keep it alive.

Please do not cancel AMC - my mom has been watching since the beginning and got me hooked I have been watching for 30 some years. I have had to tape some and I have had to skip some shows, but I always come back and always catch up. If I miss during the day I can now catch up on Soap Net. I am a stay at home mom. The only program I have time or make time to watch during the day is AMC. My children even stop to listen to the theme song. Please do not cancel AMC for any reason especially a talk show. Yuck. I love AMC and the actors. Please reconsider this decision. Thank you.

It's breaking my heart to see All My Children leave the air. I, too, have watched it from the beginning. If it has to go, Erica and Jack should go on their planned honeymoon; Bianca and Reese should get back together, in Paris; Annie should stay in Oak Haven forever; Ryan & Greenlee should live happily ever after with the kids; Tad should divorce Cara and re-marry Crystal; Cara should be allowed to live in the states and remain at the hospital; David should contract a fatal disease and finally die; then everyone else could live without stress, especially the Hubbards. J.R. should strive to be a person with a brain; and I don't know what to do with the rest of the cast. I'm really going to miss this show. Best of luck to all.

Just when the story line is getting more interesting they decide to cancel! Have watched from day 1 & lately has been dragging, but still watch. The Griffin, Ricky, Kendall story is good. PLEASE dont cancel.

Don't cancel all my children! We certainly don't need anymore talk shows. The soap operas are all going by the way side, just like video stores, home phones, and writing letters. Yea, Im getting old and I, too, remember watching the soaps in the 80s. Never mind being a "housewife", I was a 2nd shift worker for a while and then kept up at night on soap channel. You can skip months and still catch up!LOL!
P.S. Hazel is on antenna TV, maybe the soaps will be on them or TVland...we watch repeats of them. How crazy is that?

Cancelling AMC? Say it isn't so....

Don't think we need another talk show, I've watched it since the beginning... maybe if they just allow Erica to age (she looks 60, she should start acting 60) and get a new star it can go on. Let go Susan, age gracefully.

If the cancellation of AMC is true and Katie Couric is going to be a replacement, let me be the first to let you know that not only will I never, ever turn on ABC again - for anything (and I'm one of the last people watching your 11pm news and Nightline). In fact, my greatest wish is that Katie Couric is re-united with her long gone husband - so do I detest her. She is worthless, boring and terribly full of herself (for God knows what reason).

The networks are really stupid. No wonder my real favorite, FOX, is whipping your asses.

Give me soaps over reality any day!!!!!! At least the soaps don't try to pass it off as being "reality!" This really sucks!!!!!! Another soap opera cancelled. AAARRGGHHH!!!! Why not cancel Jersey Shore or some other "non-acting" show!!! At least on the soaps they have REAL actors and REAL scripts. Do you know how many of our FINEST actors have started on the soaps???? I want to see how many of these REALITY actors go on to star in blockbuster movies!!!!

Cancel all My Children ? Please don't ; I have watched that show from the very begining; I actually base my life on the actors; sometimes I see things on that show that I be going through myself; and just by watching the show as long as I have been I can get a grip on how to deal with my soap opera life; some of those scenes are happening out here in the real world; and the fashion; yes I use what the actresses are wearing and make my wardrode similiar to theirs; When erica dresses up for a business meeting; I look to see what kind of outfit she is wearing and then I match up my outfit to hers and wear that to my school and other important meetings; I get comments on how good I look; so please please please don't cancel the show; what will a working mother, a full time student and a busy house wife as myself will do?

I have watched this since day one and the show is dated. Is Marissa and Bionca on their way to an affair. Lesbianism has been done. Jack and Erica married again?????? Exactly when does she or JR go to AA meetings?????? Cara and her brother are a little incestuous if you ask me! Tad & Liza and Cara????? Jake and Amanda are the most boring of the couples. How many times can David get his Dr. License back? Zack was the one and only good thing about this show. He didn't wimp out like the rest of the male Pine Valley unic (sc). The "Kane" women are going to fight some 80 pound French girl over custody of 2 children who are biologically not hers and don't live in the same country. Oh and Greenlee has the magical powers to fly from Pine Valley to California in a matter of a commrcial break. The writers insult the intelligence of the audience. Get rid of the stupid minister. Annie is the only authentic girl on. So I have mixed feelings. Can Ryan knock up maybe 3 more women acciently just so we have a more well rounded ending?????

I watched "All My Children" for years until I went back to work full time. I did record it for a few years, but found I couldn't keep up with it so stopped the recordings. Now I find that I don't miss it at all. It was good for a long time, but I just don't have a connection with the cast members anymore.

Also, many of the long time actors ARE getting a little long in the tooth now. It just isn't the same.

Having said that, I DO NOT want to see another talk show. Most of them are borrring, and I don't have the patience to watch any of them. If you watch one, it is the same as all of them.

Reality shows are also boring (just my opinion). I guess I'd rather watch reruns of old shows than try to get into what is offered now on T.V.

They just don't hold my interest. Maybe some of us just outgrow different genres. Don't know.

Please reconsider on keeping All MY Children on the air. We honestly do not need another dumb talk show, court show and especially a reality show. Canceling AMC will make many many people sad, angry and not watch any ABC shows. You probably need to hire new writers to maybe replace the older ones before they retire. Besides all the stories from the show are not finished. Bottom line is DO NOT CANCEL All My Children.
Go ahead and cancel General Hospital has many people lost as how the mob and all these killings etc... have come to daytime TV. It really doesn't have anything to do with a hospital setting environment anymore. And Sonny OMG get rid of him. It's almost like watching Scarface, stupid show. Ugh

No No dont do that why not do a public vote on weather to keep the show on,ive watched erica and watched tadd grow how could you even think about doing such a thing

why would ALL MY CHILDREN get cancelled? it's a great soap. i've been watching it since it came on the air. my GOD millions of people watch amc. it's the best soap on tv!

I, as an avid watcher of this show, would like to request that it not be taken off the air. I watch everyday at lunch and it would make me so sad to not see it again. My mother and I watched this show all my life, it so reminds me of her.

I've been watching All My Children since the day it started. One Life To Live, too. Gave up on GH a long time ago...Too much Sonny and Carly. Awful without all the familiar faces of long ago. The demise of AMC is the loss of the same--the backbone of the show, the wonderful original characters and long standing ones along with the ridiculous move to CA. How very sad.
Please reconsider. Goes to show as listed earlier, everything is about the youth and this reality TV garbage!

PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE DON'T TAKE ALL MY CHILDREN AWAY!!!!!!!! I LOVEEEEE THIS SHOW. IT'S THE ONLY SOAP I WATCH. I'VE WATCHED IT SINCE IT FIRST CAME ON!!!!!!!! Susan Lucci can go on down the road and take Jack with her, but..... I love this show! Finally when it looks like there are going to be some new story lines, like with Caleb, Dr.'s Castillo (both), they think about axing the show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!! PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!!.....

Do not cancel AMC. It is the best Soap on TV. They tackle difficult topics with genuine grace. The actors/actresses are the best. How could anyone get rid of "Erica", "Kendall" "Tad" "Opal" "Crystal" "JR" "Ryan" "Griff" "Cara" "Jake" "Amanda" "Jessie" "Angie" what a terrible mistake. If budget is too high, maybe some of the actors will take less for awhile to get over the "hump". I've watched since it's inception and couldn't imagine a day without it. We have too many talk show with boring people.

If the show is cancelled, I hope it does not end with Erica married to Caleb, she need to be with Jack...I will stop watching even it does not cancel if she does marry him***

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