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'All My Children' getting the ax? Help us dream up how our favorite Pine Valley characters make their exit.

Lucci Susan Lucci out of a job after 41 years?? “All My Children” getting yanked?

That’s the buzz after Deadline.com reported Monday that ABC was looking to reduce its daytime drama lineup from three to two hours, with “All My Children” as the likely victim due to flailing ratings.

But what about our favorite Pine Valley characters?! Well, they’ll be replaced with a new talk show, according to Deadline.

Should the daytime drama, which launched in 1970, be headed for doomsville, it will join three other canned soaps: CBS’ “The Guiding Light” and "As the World Turns” and NBC’s “Passions.”

Talk of “All My Children’s” end is nothing new. Reports surfaced in 2009 that the 41-year-old soap narrowly escaped cancellation — which the network denied at the time.

And the network is once again downplaying the rumors.

When Show Tracker reached out to the network about whether the recent rumors of cancellation were true, an ABC representative had this to say: “Our response is that the Deadline.com piece is just the latest in a long line of stories about this same topic.”

Um, is that a yes or a no?

Show Trackers, what do you think of the rumors? Are you surprised? If true, how should Erica Kane and the rest of the Pine Valley characters say goodbye?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Actress Susan Lucci attends the 7th Annual ABC & SOAPnet Salute Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDs Benefit closing celebration in New York City. Credit:  Jemal Countess / Getty Images

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@Benjumathi - stop exaggerating! You did NOT move all the way from India just to watch a silly soap opera. That would be really pathetic.

Erica get married to jack and they leave to start their lives in a different country instead of killing them off bring back some of the old characters who made all my children as well like a reunion,everyone goes their seperate ways. Grinley and ryan has twin boys and leave pine valley, Jessee and Angie go somewhere different where they can find a cure for her. Tad finds out that his sister never died she was kidnapped bring back the original Jenny oh that would be a hot story. Jesse son gets another job in another state, Oppal win lotter and travels around the country and doing psycic work as well helping others, but first shes reuinited with her daughter Jenny.

As much as I so do not want this to be canceled we all know that something big has to happen to Erica if it does....

Sad day... Watched AMC as a teen and then in college we watched it, even the guys.. Haven't seen it in a long time but their is comfort in knowing it was there. As far as what they should do is make it campy, and bring back the dead people. It's like J.C. Pennys or Sears, I don't like shopping there, but I don't want them to go away.

Look I'am a 60 man and I have been watching AMC for as long as I can remember. It's the only soap that I watch, so for GOD"S sake keep it on and DON'T give us another game show. OR talk show you have to many talk shows as is .So give this old VET. a brake long live AMC.

I hope you don't dump AMC Bobbie is the No. 1 FOX on anytime TV

This is a tragedy!!! I am saddened to hear that my favorite soap may be cancelling and it is my one thing I use to escape daily stresses. I really hope things turn around and who the heck wants to watch a talk show? Don't we have enough of those???

I am really heart broken come on "AMC" fans we have to stop ABC from cancelling the best loved Soap on TV. I can't imagine turning my TV SET ON at 1pm and not seeing "AMC" what is ABC thinking?

Please DO NOT cancel another Soap Opera...I love to watch the soaps. I am so tired of all the talk and reality shows. What does it take to keep the soaps on?

I really want soaps to continue to entertain us during the day. They are a nice break from the real craziness taking place in the world. It is fun to just watch and get away to Pine Valley or P.C. for a little while anyway.

I do hope they find a way to keep these long time shows that have and still entertain many viewers even today.


I don't see a 60+++ Susan Lucci shining in a prime time role. Her heyday has come and gone a long time ago. Possibly the worst actress ever - how did she EVER get nominated?? As for everyone else, I haven't watched in quite some time, but I still have a soft spot for Brooke, Erica's perennial runner up, Dixie, who was let go for wanting to broaden her horizons. And waht about Billy Clyde Tuggle and 'Stelle? He made the show for years, as did Phoebe and Tater Spud. Greg and Jenny were o.k., but give me Greenlee and Ryan anyday. AH, we'll miss you, all my children . . .

I have been watching AMC since I was 15 years old. So we are talking three decades here. I've seen Erica grow into her wise older woman status and carry the show. I've seen Tad, Jesse, and Angie grow up. I think they might have faired better if they had put more minority characters on the show instead of young kids. As a social worker, I can say that Latino women and African-American women are more addicted than I am. I suppose though if you are hiring young writers, you get what you pay for. Reality shows are so stupid, I'd much rather watch a soap opera anyday. Perhaps TV is just on the brink of collapsing period. I mean some of these evening dramas are so poorly written. I download British tv series from Netflix where I get much better acting, writing, and great scenery!

Zach will be alive (ya think?) and reunite with Kendall just as she's trying to decide which of the two new men in her life she wants. Tad will fall in love with Cara only to have her die caught in the crossfire from her brother & the Bad Reverand. But alas, Dixie comes back because Evil Dr. David also was keeping her alive like he did with Greenlee (yeah, I know ... we watched her die ... but we also watched Jessie die!). Then Tad & Dixie will live happily ever after and the viewers will be delighted. J.R. & Marissa will get back together because they deserve each other. Adam & Brooke will return and have a double wedding with Erica and Jack and they all ride off into the sunset living happily ever after. Caleb & Crystal decide to start a romance. Angie will get her sight back right as she gives birth. Frankie & Randi will announce their pregnancy. Ryan joins a religious cult that will allow him to have more than one wife ... hence, Madison and Annie will join Greenlee. Liza & Evil Dr. David will have a hot, tumultuous love/hate affair. The rest of them I simply don't care about anymore. The final ending should be Erica in bed with someone we can't quite figure out who while flashbacks of the show occur and she awakens and sits up and claims she had a wild dream. The person next to her turns over and it's Opal!! ... (fade to black)

NO - please, please don't take AMC away from me - it keeps me sane. If I can't have AMC - I will end up at Oak Haven - I just KNOW it!!!

I stopped watching when Trevor and Janet got the ax. I loved them and I also loved Noah and Julia. The showed stopped being good around the mid 90's.

What a shame. So they cancel an historic long running entertaining show with what.....another talk show. Let me guess 5 women sitting around a table with mugs spewing whatever comes into their heads. Oh maybe to be "different" and "original" they'll make it 5 "men" or wait one more.. how about 5 "ex-daytime"soap actors sitting around a table with a mug in their hand!!! Original!?

Remember when Tad got caught with the weed???!!!! lol!!

This sucks another soap off the air. These shows are like Bob Barker they are iconic. I been watching for probably 30 years, these knew reality shows won't be as sucessfull as the soaps... The reason why there isn't as many viewers is because there is more mothers working instead off staying home with there children because this economy...

It cracks me up when people blame the death of soaps on the fact that there are less stay-at-home moms these days. Haven't you all heard of VCRs? They have been around since the 80's and now we got DVRs, fancast and such that don't require people to stay at homr to view soaps! Most of the viewers got hooked in their teens or 20's as students and once they got their first jobs, started recording the shows and watching them at night. The REAL problem with soaps comes down to profits! Creating a hour of new programming everyday and carrying large casts required for soaps cost a huge amount of money. Talk shows cost about half as much, don't reqiure a large cast and can air re-runs several weeks a year without losing their audience the ways soap would if they ran frequent repeats. In the end, it's profits that will bring down soaps not societal changes.

Please, please, please don't take AMC away. Take General Hospital. All the violence is pathetic. My whole family and all of my friends, in fact I know of no one that watches GH anymore. Since Sonny and the mafia crap started, you lost me. AMC and OLTL are the best soaps left. Do we really need one more stupid talk show?? Give me a break!! Daytime tv is getting sooo bad.Ellen, AMC, and OLTL is all I watch anymore. Sometimes the Doctors. Dr. Phil is getting old. Oprah was good at the beginning, but through the years, she tried to become to much of a therapist instead of telling the story and letting the professionals take over.
But AMC??? Please don't. Bring Brooke and Jaime back. Get rid of Erica, she is so fake. All the newcomers are from soaps that were cancelled, I loved Passions. OLTL has some cancelled ex-soapsters on it also. That's all good. But to take AMC off for a talk show would be like taking Grey Anatomy off to watch Michael Vick's dog fights. Sooo sad, pathetic, and unneccassary. I love Ryan and Greenlee!!! Emma is going to go nuts like mommy. If they need a writer for more ideas to step it up, email me. I love to write. I have lots of ideas, I would give you cliffhanger Fridays, get the family and children back with some new villian regulars. Give Angie her sight back, get Tempo Magazine up and running again, and get rid of Rev Torres and Diana. That story is too strung out and we all know what is going to happen. Kendal will get with Gorgeous Grif, and let's shake things up a little and see if Amanda can take after mommy, now that Annie is gone for a while. She is not that great to watch. You kinda know exactly what you are going to get everytime she is in a scene. Erica is too thin, her hair is thinning, her neck and chest show her age (60's), and to have her with handsome Jackson is a terrible fit. Let her go back to the mountain with Caleb and let Jack and Krystals on screen chemistry set a firestorm of love on that show that is long overdue. I am 49 yrs old (yesterday 3/22) and I can't remember not watching AMC when I wasn't in school or at the beach. I usually waited and still do wait until my shows are over to do anything. I even schedule dr appts around them, and I dvr them as I watch them. I also have Dish so I get soapnet and watch them there. You will have to bury me if you cancel AMC. No more talk shows. The view is like watching seagulls on the beach. They keep squeaking and gawking and you can't hear anything because they talk over each other. it drives me crazy. I like Barbara and Whoopie, can't stand Elisabeth, oh my!!! They dropped the ball on that one. Is that what we are in for ? More talk shows with nothing to say? I will start writing and you can edit or change them a little if you keep AMC on. And you should have the years available for diehard fans on DVD's. Both OLTL and AMC have stepped it up, but GH, just the commercials are the same thing, different day. How much violence and mafia crap can you put into a show that was once about the HOSPITAL!!! The cast comes and goes, comes and goes, geez, it's annoying!!! I love you all on AMC, please don't pull the plug, not for a talk show especially. How lame. Email me. I'll help keep it going. new ideas, new roles, get rid of one or two characters that can't act or overact and have been on too long. Booorrrinngg!! The rest is great. Try another time frame. Get rid of another soap. Anything to save AMC................I am dead serious email me!!!!!!

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