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About (Late) Last Night: Stephen Colbert, pundits fret over loss of light bulbs, Easy-Bake Oven, freedom

Who knew losing incandescent light bulbs could be so funny ... and controversial?

Call them curly-qs or pigtails, the new long-lasting bulbs have killed the Easy-Bake Oven and have the punditry all riled up about what to do without the light bulbs they've always known. "It's the end of all light-bulb-based cooking," Stephen Colbert proclaimed Tuesday night, adding, "This light-bulb ban has set off a watt riot."

Just watch and see how much whining can come from a change in light bulbs. Whether or not you agree, you must admit it's fun to watch how little it takes to get some pundits going.

Most of the late-night hosts are off this week, so we're left with Comedy Central's shows and a swerve to nerdier sensibilities. On "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart sat down with Brian Christian, the author of "The Most Human Human," about a test in which a panel of scientists has to figure off if a digital conversation is with another human ... or a computer. It's a test to see who's the most human human. It's worth watching, even though it's a little on the wonky side.

Speaking of wonks, Snooki's February interview with David Letterman was replayed last night. After an intellectual night we've just seen, it's worth reliving that wonderful interview, so we can have a healthy balance of guilty pleasure. And Snooki never fails in that department: She admits that "Jersey Shore" won't last forever -- say it ain't so! -- so she's hedged her bets with fat pink slippers surely to keep her rolling in money and partying on the shore long after the cameras have gone away.

— Rick Rojas

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thanks for that, Rick ;-)
light bulbs are surely a very visible target!

on a more serious note,
light bulb ban proponents keep saying
"Hey, this is not a ban, energy efficient incandescents like Halogens
will be allowed!"

Sure it's a ban:
Any light not meeting the standard is banned,
and Halogens, like CFLs or LEDs, have differences in construction,
light output type etc as well as in costing more, compared to
simple ordinary bulbs.

The official reason that CFLs are pushed as the main replacement is to
save energy...
the less publicised reason is their profitability:

How manufacturers and vested interests have pushed for this ban,
and lobbied for CFL favors - with happy political cooperation:
http://ceolas.net/#li1ax with documentation and copies of official


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