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About (Late) Last Night: Jane Lynch has pot (or maybe not) [Video]

March 15, 2011 |  9:33 am

Jane Lynch of "Glee" sat down with Jay Leno to explain how the rumor got started in Hollywood that she had marijuana at Elton John's post-Oscar party. It wasn't hers, she said. It belonged to the person next to her.


She said that she's actually at work on a book about her previous problems with substance abuse, and that she no longer drinks alcohol or smokes anything -- marijuana included. In fact, she shared with the audience a picture of herself from the 1980s, with a can of beer in front of her -- on Christmas morning.

For the Gleeks out there, she divulged some sweet gossip: Sir Elton wants to be on the show. John told her that he's a big fan of "Glee," and has actually had a meeting with the show's honchos, trying to do a guest spot. The role might include him being the lover of Sue Sylvester. 

-- Rick Rojas